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1. When the Eloheim organized mortals, they organized them in the semblance of the Eloheim; they organized them in the image of their own body, male and female, and blessed them, calling them by the name Aadamah, which is interpreted as "first blood" or "the first mortals having blood in their veins." So they were called the Aadamah at the time they were organized as living souls on the earth, the footstool of the Eloheim.

2. It is I, Adam, who am writing this record, for Jehovah instructed me that there should be a Book of Remembrance kept among my people, handed down from generation to generation, in which we should record those things which transpire among us, including the powerful deeds which the Eloheim would perform in our behalf.

3. My people and I have come out from a land of great plenty, a land of beauty and peace, where Jehovah of the Eloheim had placed us. There, in a Garden of Delights, we received every good thing from the hands of our Eloheim, who required only that we tend the garden, and that we refrain from partaking of the fruit of the tree which was in the middle of the garden, lest we die. Of death we knew nothing, but we understood that if we partook, we would be driven out of the Garden, separated from the presence of the Eloheim. Nevertheless, there was in the garden a dark one, one of the satans, who sought our destruction so that we would be miserable like him. In process of time, he influenced the women, beguiling them until they partook of the fruit of the forbidden tree. When the rest of us learned what had happened, we counseled together, knowing that with the coming of the Eloheim, the women would be driven from the Garden, and our purpose in coming here would be frustrated. After much consultation, it was agreed that we would all partake of the fruit so that together we could undergo whatever awaited our little colony. We partook, and feeling for the first time ashamed of our nakedness, we made aprons of fig leaves, which we tied over our genitals, for the Light of the Eloheim had departed from us, and we were left exposed in the middle of Jehovah’s Garden.

4. When the Eloheim entered the Garden, it seemed as though the brightness of their coming would consume everything. In fear, we hid among the trees, but the Eloheim called us out to face the consequences of our transgression. The satan was cursed to crawl on his belly, eating dust for the rest of his life. To our horror, as we watched, his arms and legs withered away and, on his belly, he crawled from our presence. The women were placed under sorrow; their Priesthood was taken from them, and they were subjected to their husbands for the means of salvation. Nevertheless, they were promised joy in begetting children and eventual redemption to their former radiance. The men, too, were placed under sorrow, where we were instructed to plow the ground, which would no longer produce for us freely, as had the Garden, until we died, for death is truly the fruit of violating the instructions of the Eloheim.

5. Before we were driven from the Garden, the Eloheim taught us many sacred things, so that we could be prepared as masons to build up a Zion to the Eloheim in the middle of this world of sorrow. The Lord Jehovah also gave us coats of skins, which we were to wear as long as we remained in this world of impropriety and darkness. Thus attired, we were driven from the Garden, while cherubim and a flaming sword were placed to prevent our reentry, until we had justified our Fall to mortality. In the middle of the Garden, said the Eloheim, stood a tree which would overcome the powers of death, but we could not partake of it until we had proven ourselves faithful to the commission of the Eloheim.


1. Leaving the Garden, we traveled as we were led until we arrived at a plain, which we called Olaha Shinehah, [meaning sunlight], because here we hoped to find again the Light we had lost. We began to build homes and a community to our Gods. In this place, I built an altar on which to offer sacrifices to the Gods. We didn't understand the meaning of these sacrifices, but we did everything according to the directions we had received in the Garden. We were obedient to Jehovah in everything, following the instructions that she had given us.

2. Led by the Spirit of the Eloheim, I ascended a mountain, which rose beside the plain of Olaha Shinehah, from which I could overlook all the regions around that area. From the mountaintop, I blessed the land, dedicating it to Jehovah. I called the land Cainan [meaning gift], because Jehovah had given it to us.

3. On this mountain, which we called Ramiah, [meaning Jehovah’s High Place], I discovered a cave of many rooms. Here I placed the sacred things which we had brought out of the Garden: an apron of fig leaves, a branch from a tree whose blossoms never withered, and a stone of many colors, which radiated Light in the darkness. These I placed in a stone box, which we called the Testimony, and above it we carved representations of the cherubim, which guard the entrance to the Garden. We called this cave the Cave of Treasures, and here we resorted often to commune with Jehovah, and to reenact those sacred rites that the Eloheim had taught us in the Garden.


1. In this manner, our lives progressed from day to day, as we plowed the ground, built homes, made clothing and other implements for our comfort and pleasure, and learned to live in this new world to which Jehovah had led us.

2. Some time had passed, when one day we were at the altar, offering up a lamb, according to the pattern which had been shown us. As we did this, an angel of Jehovah appeared to me. "Why do you offer sacrifices to the Gods?" asked the angel. "I don't know," I replied, "except that Jehovah instructed me to." Then the angel spoke to me again. "This sacrifice is in the similitude of the Only Begotten of the Father, who is full of Gifts and Truth," he explained. "Consequently, you should do all that you do in the name of the Son, and you should change your manner of life, calling on the Eloheim, in the name of the Son, forever."

3. Then Jehovah’s Spirit fell on me. "I am the Only Begotten of the Father," it said. "I have been his Son since the beginning of the physical plane, and I will continue to be his Son from this time forward, forever. Although you have fallen, you can be redeemed, and all mankind, at least as many as are willing, can be brought into my presence through the power of my atonement, for I will definitely walk on the physical plane as a mortal and give my life as a ransom for all who will come to me."

4. Then my soul rose up within me, and I blessed that God who gave me life, calling on him in the name of his Only Begotten. Jehovah’s Spirit was in me in such power that I stepped forward and prophesied concerning what would happen to my posterity until the last generation. Yes, good and evil were laid out before me, so that I saw the darkness which would cover the mortal plane, and I saw also the redemption of all mortals and the final consumption, when darkness will be swept away from this physical plane forever. I was moved to cry out in Jehovah’s Spirit, "Now I know that this same Priesthood and Order, which are in the beginning of the mortal realm, will be in the end of the mortal realm also. I have seen the Holy Order of the Eloheim on the physical plane at the end of time, when the remnant will come to carry off the divine realm triumphantly. I have seen Zion spreading her dominion among the pure in heart, so that the heavenly plane and the physical plane can be one again. Then mortals will again enter the Garden of Delights; they will bathe in the Eternal Sea, and they will dwell in the presence of the Eloheim. Then all things will become one, for the division between the heavenly plane and the physical plane will cease, and the Christ will govern the earth for a thousand years." I saw also that the earth would be redeemed, and would enter into rest. Feeling within myself the power of that redemption, I shouted, "The name of our Gods is awesome, for because of our transgression, our eyes are opened. In this life, we will know the joy of our redemption, for in our mortal condition, we will see and know the Eloheim."

5. Then Eve, also, seeing and hearing what was happening, was filled with the Spirit of Gladness. "Were it not for our transgression, we never would have had posterity, and never would have known good from evil, the joy of our redemption, nor the Eternal Life which the Eloheim give to all the obedient," she exclaimed.

6. Hearing these words, the entire congregation stood up, as one person, and burst forth in lauding the name of the Eloheim, singing and shouting praises to the Name of Names. Then the voice of the Eloheim came to me again. "I am Jehovah, your Eloheim," it said. "I organized the physical plane and produced the spirits of all mortals before the physical plane was formed. Yes, I am the Lord of Spirits, the Governor over all who will descend to the mortal plane. Adam, if you want to return to me, listen to my voice. Believe in my name and in the name of my Only Begotten. Forsake all your improprieties, changing your manner of life, and be immersed in water, in the name of my Only Begotten Son, who is Jesus Christ, the only name which will be given under the heavenly realm through which salvation will come to mortals. If you do these things, you will receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit. In the same way, I will give this gift to everyone who comes to me and learns to live by the principles contained in my ordinances. If you will let this gift grow in you, the time will come when you will ask all things in the name of the Son, and whatever you ask will be given to you. This promise I also give, through you, to all who will remain within its conditions."

7. Then I ventured to question Jehovah. "Why is it that mortals must change their manner of life and be immersed in water?" I asked.

8. Jehovah’s word came to me, saying, "I have forgiven you for your transgression in the Garden of Eden. Nevertheless, since your children are conceived in a world of darkness, in the same manner, when they begin to grow up, darkness conceives in their hearts, and they taste the bitter so that they can know to value the good. The ability is given them to know right from wrong; through this ability, they are made agents to themselves. I gave you principles when I placed you in the Garden, but you violated those holy principles, and for so doing have been driven out. Nevertheless, I have given to you another set of principles; I am giving it to you now. Therefore, teach your children that all mortals, everywhere, must change their manner of life, or there is no way that they can inherit the realm of the Eloheim, for no unclean thing can enter their realm, neither can an unclean mortal dwell in their presence. Is not Man of Holiness my name? My Only Begotten is the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, the Appropriate Evaluator, who will come in the Meridian of Time to save all those who believe in his name, follow his instructions, and receive his ordinances within themselves. This is the reason I have instructed you to teach these things freely to your children, showing them that just as the Fall has come upon you because of your transgression, so does every mortal fall within himself through failure to follow the holy instructions they receive. In the same way, just as death has come into the physical realm through your Fall, every mortal perpetuates that spiritual death through his own inappropriate choices. Therefore, since you are born into the mortal realm through water, blood, and the spirit, which I have made, and in this way become from the elements a living soul, in the same manner you must be born again into the heavenly realm through water, and the Spirit, being cleansed by blood, the blood of my Only Begotten, so that you, being sanctified from all darkness, can enjoy the words of Eternal Life in this world, and Eternal Life itself in the world that is coming, which is Immortal Light. Yes, by the water, you follow my instructions; by the Spirit you are justified, and by the blood you are sanctified. Therefore, the Record of Heaven is given to abide in you. This is the Comforter, which testifies of the peaceable things of Immortal Light, revealing the Truth which underlies all things, that which gives Life to all things, and sustains them in Life. This Comforter knows all things and has all power, according to Wisdom, Mercy, Truth, Justice, and Evaluation. Beloved, I tell you that this is the Plan of Salvation for all mortals through the blood of my Only Begotten, who will come in the Meridian of Time. All things have their likeness, and all things are created or made to bear record of me, both things which are physical, and things which are spiritual, things which are in the heavenly realm, things which are in the physical realm, things which are in the earth, and things which are under the earth. Yes, all things, both above and beneath, bear record of me and call on mortals to change their manner of life and come to me, their Creator, so that they can be saved."

9. Then I cried out to Jehovah in the ecstasy of my soul, and being filled with Light, I led my people to the water's edge, where we knelt in prayer to the Eloheim. Many hours we prayed and praised the Eloheim in song, dance, and ecstatic utterances, until the Light, which surrounded us, burst into flame, and a Being of Light stood before us, clothed in Light, who uttered Eternal words, which filled our souls with power. Calling me by name, he led me into the water, but the water was to me a Sea of Light, in which I was immersed into unity with the Son of the Highest Gods. As I came out of the water, divided tongues of Fire fell on me, and I was filled with the Light of Eternity. I felt the presence of the Eloheim, and I knew that I was returning to that holy state from which I had fallen. In ecstasy, I summoned the others who, one by one, entered the water to receive the same blessings. All that day, and all that night, we rejoiced in the Light, for it was all like daylight to us, as we were in the presence of the Eloheim, where darkness never comes. When we returned to our homes, we did not cease to call on Jehovah, and to offer up our praises for the Light and the new Life that had entered us.


1. Eight times since our leaving the Garden, the moon had become new, when a son was born to my wife Lilith. We all rejoiced at his appearing, and on the eighth day, when I dedicated him to Jehovah, I called him Cain [meaning acquisition]. "I have named him this," I explained, "because we have acquired this child from Jehovah." The appearance of my son Cain was not like ours, for he seemed to have the mark of the satans on him, although this was not clearly visible to the physical eye. Despite this, I rejoiced in my son and tried to raise him up to Jehovah.

2. Other sons and daughters also began to be born to us, and soon the laughter and cries of children filled our community. As our children grew, however, we saw evidence of darkness in them. This was a cause of great sorrow to us, for our nature was to do good. Consequently, accompanied by my wife Eve, I ascended to the Cave of Treasures, where we worshiped before Jehovah, calling on her holy name, and even the Name of Names, so that she would reveal herself to us.

3. Jehovah did speak to us. "Since your children are conceived in a world of darkness, darkness conceives in their hearts," she explained. "They will experience bitterness, so that they will value what is sweet. Nevertheless, if they will accept me, Jesus Christ, as their Savior, they will be born again, just as you have been, so that they can be filled with Light. Adam, Eve, this is the purpose of your leaving the Garden; it was so that you could raise up a posterity centered in propriety, a holy progeny to my name." Rejoicing in this revelation, Eve was again led to exclaim, "Were it not for our transgression, we never would have had posterity, and never would have known the joy of redemption." We rejoiced together before Jehovah.


1. Four years after Cain’s birth, a child was born to my wife Eve, a son whom we named Abel, [meaning transitory]. "He will have this name because we see in our children the transitory nature of mortal life, and the power of darkness and depravity," I explained. Nevertheless, our son Abel was a source of joy to us, for he was filled with the Love of the Eloheim, and acted with integrity to the dedication with which we consecrated him to Jehovah. After eight years, he was immersed and entered the Covenant. This caused us to rejoice, for we knew that, even in his youth, he had been born of the Eloheim. From that time, the gifts of the Spirit were manifested in him, and he began to minister, in the power of the word, to his brothers and sisters. Many of them rejected his words, criticizing him, laughing at him, and ridiculing him, but Abel went on in the integrity of his soul, bearing witness to Truth and gathering into the Body of the Anointed all those who would accept the word of the Eloheim, forsake their improprieties, changing their manner of life, and come to the Masters to be immersed, so that the effects of the illusion of separateness could be reversed in them by the power of the blood of Christ, for as yet, none of our children had received the holy Priesthood.

2. When Abel reached the age of twelve, he was accepted into the Holy Order of the Eloheim, and at the age of fourteen, the Priesthood of Elias was conferred on him, so that he could begin to serve the people in the authority of the Highest Gods. Two years later, he was ordained a priest and began to assist at the sacrifices.

3. From his childhood, Abel spent much time with the animals that had become attached to our community. He was gifted in working with them, understanding and caring for their needs, for he could communicate with them better than the remainder of the people, whose minds had been closed to the communication of the animals when we left the Garden. In Abel, this gift remained to a great degree; even the wild animals, which feared us, loved Abel, and would frolic with him when he was alone. We often marveled at this evidence that the Light of the Creators had not completely departed from us and our children.

4. Abel continued to grow from one gift to another. He was a joy to all of us who had come from the Garden, and others of our children began to follow his example, turning to the Holy Order of the Eloheim, and growing in the Light of the Anointed. Often they would ascend together to the altar, which we had placed at the entrance to the Cave of Treasures, to offer sacrifices to the Gods and to worship in Jehovah's praise. We rejoiced in the growth of another generation dedicated to the service of the Almighty Ones and carrying on the traditions which we had brought from the Garden.

5. The remainder of our children followed Cain, who had entered into a covenant with the satans, through which he had become Perdition, the Master of the Lie, that great secret by which they murder and commit all manner of detestable deeds to get illegitimate gain. These had so perverted Truth as to offer sacrifices to Jehovah in the name of the satans, taking the fruit of the ground and offering it up in an unholy parody of the sacred ordinance. But the Eloheim would accept no such offerings, and the souls of Cain's people became continually more corrupt, more firmly chained to the powers of darkness and evil. In their perversity, they envied the joy of Abel and the Children of Light, turning their hatred against them because they lived at peace with the Eloheim and all the holy angels.

6. In his twenty-ninth year, Abel received that More Sure Word of Prophecy, through which he knew that he was approved by the Eloheim, being accepted into the Order of the Ancients, the Fellowship of the Masters, so that he could officiate in the Cave of Treasures. He was numbered among the Eloheim, having received from the fullness of the Parents, through the gifts of their Only Begotten. This was a time of great joy for us, as we contemplated the growth of Zion among our children, and the expansion of the Holy Order of the Eloheim. When we considered Cain and his cohorts, however, our hearts were filled with sorrow, for they were lost in depravity and darkness of every kind that the human heart could create or the satans inspire.

7. Our sorrow reached its nadir in the sixtieth year after our departure from the Garden. One day, Abel and all his brothers and sisters, our children who followed the Way of the Anointed, gathered before the Cave of Treasures to offer sacrifices, and rejoice in Jehovah’s mercies. Abel, himself, officiated at the altar; then he entered the Holy of Holies to pray before the Testimony, where Jehovah’s Presence dwells between the cherubim. During this solemn time, while all knelt in silent meditation, the air was suddenly rent by savage yells, as Cain and his cohorts, who were centered in darkness, descended on the worshipers, their heads shaved and their faces painted in the image of darkness. Brandishing weapons of horror, they fell on them, murdering them as their prayers ascended to the heavenly plane, spilling their innocent blood on the ground, a silent witness to the utter depravity of the Sons of Perdition. Cain, himself, rushed into the Holy of Holies, polluting that sacred ground by his very presence, and fell on Abel as he ministered before the Testimony, shedding his innocent blood before the cherubim.

8. Then Jehovah’s anger was ignited, and he spoke from between the cherubim. "What have you done?" he demanded. "Why does your brother's blood cry from under the altar against you? Look at yourself; is that not his blood on your body, a mark that will not be eradicated until the end of time? You miscreant, Cain; you are Perdition, and your deeds will follow you. From you will flow murder and bloodshed, wars and contentions, until the earth will hide her face from the improprieties and pollutions of mankind. Depart from before my face, for your existence is a pollutant to the sanctity of this spot. Nevertheless, no mortal will slay you, for you will live to see the full measure flowing from your wickedness until the final destruction of the darkness of this realm." Then a horrible shadow fell on Cain, so that he fled from the cave like a madman, fleeing Jehovah’s presence, and his companions in darkness followed him to a land east of Eden, which they called the Land of Nod, [meaning wandering]. "We have fled from Jehovah’s presence to wander in this foreign land!" exclaimed Cain.

9. When our children did not return from the Cave of Treasures, we ascended the mountain, seeking our loved ones, our heirs in the Covenant. On that holy spot where we had found such joy and happiness in Jehovah, we were met with a scene of total devastation. Every one of those who had been true to the Covenant lay on the ground, their blood spattered on all the holy instruments, staining even the altar of the Eloheim. Our cries rent the atmosphere, as we felt the anguish of a fallen world encompassing us, drawing us down into the blackness of despair.

10. How long we lay in the horror of loss, we didn't know, but gradually Light dawned on our weary souls, and the voice of the Eloheim spoke peacefully to us. "Hold your heads up and rejoice!" instructed Jehovah’s word. "These have died in their innocence, being sanctified by the blood of my Only Begotten, and they are resting today in Paradise, the first of your children to enter my Rest. Just as your children have been taken by the powers of darkness, so will my Son be lifted up on the cross. This will happen in the Meridian of Time, but out of defeat, I create victory, says the Lord Jehovah. Just as your children have opened Paradise for the abode of those who are centered in propriety, so will my Son open the prison for the release of those who will accept his salvation. I am a God over everything, and everything will submit to me, both Light and darkness, at the time which I deem to be appropriate, says the Lord Jehovah." The air was filled with singing, and angels ministered to us until our souls rejoiced in the Light of the Highest Gods. Then we were able to get up and bury our dead to Jehovah. Returning to our lonely homes, we mourned our dead, but our mourning was swallowed up in the victory of Jesus Christ over death, for we had seen the power of the resurrection over the cross, and we understood the cross as the Way of Life.

11. Thus we walked in Light, but Cain and his companions walked in darkness and anguish of soul. Cain wrestled within himself, for Jehovah’s voice continued to call out to him, "Where is your brother whose blood cries to me from the ground for vengeance?" "Am I my brother's keeper?" Cain retorted. Nevertheless, he knew that he was lost in darkness, and his mind was blighted. He became a fugitive, wandering over the mortal plane, always fleeing his memories, and the darkness that pursued him and grew within him. Amen.


1. Among our little ones who still remained with us was our son Timnor, who was blessed with great wisdom to understand the physical laws by which machines could be created and governed. Timnor's sister Ammah was also blessed with understanding, for she investigated the nature of life, unlocking the mysteries of life itself.

2. When Timnor was eighteen years old, he took Ammah, who was fifteen, as his wife. Although the Lord Jehovah had blessed these two greatly with wisdom and understanding concerning the secrets of her creation, they did not follow the ways of Jehovah their Eloheim, for they took personal credit for their accomplishments, failing to acknowledge that the Source of their power was in the heavenly realm.

3. In the one hundredth year, Timnor and Ammah led a group of our children who, like themselves, worshiped the workmanship of their own hands and the power of their own minds, out of the Land of Cainan. They traveled northward to a valley that they denominated the Land of Haner [meaning rebellion]. "Here we will cast aside the ways of our Progenitors and follow our own wills," they declared.

4. The people of Haner prospered in the land, building strong cities in which they dedicated themselves to the fulfillment of every physical desire, but their souls were empty because they did not know the Lord Jehovah nor did they call on her holy name. Timnor built great engines with which to deface his Mother Earth, defiling her for his unholy purposes. With other machines of his contriving, his people flew through the air like birds and explored the depths of the lakes and rivers. He also created great instruments of destruction with which his people attacked the people of Cain, driving them into the mountains and dense forests, so that they could take their land for an inheritance. Thus did the evils of private ownership of the land lead to war and destruction, in which one people would destroy another to inherit their land and their goods, and the God-given abilities of mortals were turned into instruments of death and destruction.

5. Ammah was not a bit behind her husband in creating wickedness, for she manipulated the very fountain of life until she had created new forms of beings dedicated to evil and the destruction of mankind. From this time, sickness and disease began to spread among mortals, bringing sorrow and death upon them.

6. Our hearts were filled with sorrow as we watched the doings of Timnor, Ammah, and their companions, for they were led ever deeper into the depravity of a fallen world. Nevertheless, they did not come near the Land of Cainan, nor were their abominations introduced among us, for we walked in the ways of the Eloheim and strove to raise our children in Light and Truth. We taught our children the instructions we had been given by Jehovah in the Garden and led them in observing the times of worship and the fasts and feasts of Jehovah the Lord. Every seventh day, on the First Day of the week, we ascended the Hill Ramiah to the Cave of Treasures, where we worshiped before Jehovah’s face and instructed our children in the principles of her good news.

7. Thus our days passed in quiet happiness, except when we thought of Cain, Timnor, Ammah, and their companions, who walked in darkness because they would not accept Light. Then we prayed to Jehovah our Eloheim for mercy on our children, so that a remnant would be preserved who would be faithful to the Covenant we had received. Jehovah’s word came to us saying, "Your posterity will endure until the end of the earth. At the end of time, a remnant will come forth from among your posterity, who will raise up the Divine Realm triumphantly and establish my Zion, for that same Holy Order, which exists among you, will exist among them at the end of the world." Then in vision I saw the generations of our children stretching to the end of time, and I saw the remnant who would be preserved to prepare the world for the descent of the Lord in Light. Then I saw my people among them, for we rejoiced together in Jehovah’s gifts, obtained through the merits of his Only Begotten Son, through which darkness will be swept from the earth, and the earth will become the abode of the Eloheim. Our souls expanded as we saw these marvelous things, and we rejoiced before the Lord Jehovah, who is the Savior of her people, all those who put their trust in her. Amen.


1. As our children grew to maturity and spread throughout the Plain of Olaha Shinehah, the People of Cain and the People of Timnor began to come in upon them, driving off their flocks and herds, stealing the produce of their gardens and fields, and killing any who sought to oppose them. Most of our children who remained in the land followed the teachings of their Parents not to fight, even when attacked by their brothers and sisters who had gone astray and worshiped the Lie or the workmanship of their own hands. Consequently, they applied to us for relief, for neither the People of Cain nor the People of Timnor dared to come into the heart of the land to attack the Holy City where the Primal Progenitors dwelled.

2. When the supplications of our children reached us, we ascended the Hill Ramiah to the Cave of Treasures where we appeared before the Mercy Seat to seek guidance from Jehovah our Eloheim. We let our hearts and minds flow together before Jehovah so that through that union we could part the veil to receive his word. Jehovah’s word came to us saying, "Arise and take all your children who will follow you to a land which I will show you, a land of beauty, which will gladden your eyes. There you will be blessed, multiplied, and protected against the power of your enemies, for I will block their efforts so that they will not discover you as long as you remain centered in propriety. Go now! I will go before you, and I will be your rear guard. Your children will know that Jehovah’s power is able to save." Then we rejoiced before the Lord Jehovah, and we descended the hill to report this glad news to our children.

3. The moon through its phases six times while we prepared our people for this great journey, until the Day of Trumpets, the day which Jehovah had appointed, when all who would follow us had gathered together to the Holy City and were prepared to be led wherever Jehovah would guide us. Many of our children did not come, being determined to fight for their homes and their goods, but we knew it was better to follow Jehovah into the wilderness than to violate the Law of Love in order to possess our property.

4. Many days we traveled through wild virgin land until we came to a beautiful valley. There Jehovah’s Presence ceased to go before us, and his voice came to us saying, "This is the land which I have consecrated to my people so that they can dwell in it in holiness." That is the reason we called the land Shulon [meaning consecration], because it was consecrated to us by Jehovah. Then we worshiped the Lord Jehovah, praising the Light of his power, through which he preserves his people from the power of all their enemies.

5. In the one hundred thirtieth year, a son was born to us in Shulon. We named him Seth [meaning appointed] because he was appointed by the Eloheim to stand in the place of his brother Abel. Seth grew up to Jehovah, walking in the footsteps of Abel, his brother, and of his Parents who taught the Way of the Heavenly Realm. His appearance was like that of his Fathers, for he could be distinguished from me only by his age.

6. Seth did not follow the ways of the Fall, but walked in holiness from his youth, increasing the Light of the name of Jehovah his God and magnifying Jehovah in his soul. Consequently, Seth became a powerful preacher of propriety, declaring the Plan of Redemption through Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of the Eloheim. Many of his brothers and sisters began to follow him in observing the ways of the Lord Jehovah. Thus did the Holy Order of the Eloheim begin to be raised up again among our children, and the powers of the Eternal Priesthood were manifested among them. We rejoiced in the mercies of the Eloheim, in the evidence of their forbearance and patience toward mortals in leading them to the power of salvation and Endless Lives.


1. THE RECORD OF CORINT THE SCRIBE, which he wrote concerning the activities of his ancestors from the time they departed from the Land of Cainan to build a great city in the Land of Haner until Corint, himself, hearing the preaching of my Father Noah, was converted to the Lord Jehovah and came to dwell with the remnant of believers until he died firm in the faith of the Son of the Eloheim. I, Shem, have appended this record of Corint to the Book of the Generations of Adam, for it shows the power of darkness on the hearts of mortals and the Love of the Eloheim for their children, even when they are lost in darkness.

2. I, Corint, am the son of Selah, son of Arphaxad, son of Gorun of the Family of Lukas, Son of Timnor and Ammah, who came out from the Land of Cainan, the land of our First Parents, because they chose not to live according to the Order of the Ancients. In this they were left free to follow the desires of their own hearts, although their course was inappropriate in the sight of the Eloheim, for the Lord Jehovah has made each mortal free to choose good or evil, so that they can be evaluated by their own works.

3. Timnor and Ammah did not follow the Way of Propriety followed by their Parents who had come out from the Garden. Instead, they built a great city of darkness, in which they practiced detestable acts of every kind, for they acknowledged no law but that of their own creating, and they sought only to serve themselves.

4. In the course of time, six sons were born to Timnor and Ammah. Their son Teshuesh was expert in all the ways of governing mortals, keeping them subject to his will. He became a ruler over the people. Coriantumr, who sought to know the meaning of existence, led a group of the people in searching for the Unknown Gods. They were called the Mysterfiers. Gringos followed the ways of his father Timnor, for he was expert with every type of machine and created many marvelous works for the service of mankind. Tranter learned the skills of his mother Ammah. He manipulated the nature of humans and animals to create new forms that the Eloheim had not ordained. Lukas was a man learned in all the learning of his people. He traveled far abroad among all the children of the Aadamah, learning of their ways and gathering their knowledge home to his people, where he created a great center of learning to which multitudes came to inquire after the knowledge of Lukas. The sixth son of Timnor and Ammah was Samos.

5. As the people of Haner continued in their course of impropriety, the consequences of violating the Law began to fall on them. In the next generation, their lives were cut short through their inappropriate deeds, so that their days were few and full of trouble. Nevertheless, except for the Mysterfiers, who were few in number, they did not turn to the Eloheim in their time of trouble, turning instead to the presumed wisdom of their learned scholars. In the seventieth year before the Great Dispersion, the people rose up in anger because of the plagues with which they were cursed. They apprehended their ruler, Teshuesh, and killed him, because he did not free them from the plagues. Then they chose Seth, Son of Lukas, a man known for his great wisdom, to reign in his place.

6. At that time, Abamah, Son of Teshuesh, who had become one of the Mysterfiers, had been chosen as their high priest. He came out and rebuked the people. Climbing up on the large tower that was in the center of the City of Haner, he shouted to the people in a loud voice. His words were carried through their devices into every place the people were gathered. "Listen to what I say, you people of darkness," Abamah shouted, "for you do not follow the ways of the Gods of the Heavenly Realm. Your own improprieties have brought your sufferings on you. You do those things that are forbidden because they bring only death and destruction, and you boast in the greatness of your power, but your power is dust, and you would leave the whole earth desolate if Jehovah of the Eloheim were not to intervene. But Jehovah is above everything. She will bring an end to all your works, for when your iniquity is full, Jehovah will no longer be able to prevent the gods of darkness bringing in a flood on the earth. This flood will cover every manifestation of iniquity, washing the earth from all the effects of darkness. Change your manner of life, and turn to Jehovah, God of the heavenly realm and the mortal realm, so that you will not die, but will live forever through the merits of her Son. This is what our First Parents taught; they proclaimed that the Son of the Eloheim would descend to the mortal realm to redeem the people from the effects of their inappropriate choices. This is also what my master Coriantumr taught me. Coriantumr had traveled as far as the Land of Shulon to sit at the feet of Adam, our First Father, to learn the Way of Salvation, and he obtained a Priesthood, so that the powers of salvation could be among this people. Therefore, change, every one of you, forsaking your improprieties, and come forward to be immersed in the name of the Only Begotten Son of the Eloheim, for the reversal of the effects of the illusion of separateness, so that you can receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit."

7. By the time Abamah had finished speaking, the people were angry with him because he boldly testified against their improprieties. They would have killed him, but his disciples plucked him from the top of the tower and carried him away to a place of refuge. Abamah did not come again to testify among the people, but he instructed many disciples, who carried the message of salvation throughout the land, and many souls were added to the number of the believers.

8. Preeminent among the disciples of Abamah was Palai, Son of Samos, the son of Timnor and Ammah. Palai became High Priest of the Mysterfiers after Abamah’s death. It was during the time when he was High Priest that the Mysterfiers built their great temple in the City of Haner, for Palai came out of hiding to minister among the people. He even entered the presence of the ruler of the land, Coram, Son of Seth, the son of Lukas, to denounce the improprieties of the people. King Coram had decreed a great festival at which he would be proclaimed god of the universe and his people the lords of creation. Palai rebuked him saying, "You detestable minion of darkness, you will lie as though you were dead for twenty years, but you will know everything that transpires around you. Your followers will be unable to revive you, so that you will serve as a witness of the ruling of the Gods against this people." For twenty years, King Coram lay as though he were dead, and all their wise doctors could not revive him.

9. The people were divided in their opinions as to whether Coram should be retained as their ruler. Coram had a son named Abel. When Abel saw the verdict of the Gods against his father, he forsook his inappropriate lifestyle, which his father had taught him, and went to Palai to become his disciple. Eventually, Abel became high priest in Palai's place, and he went to his father's court to teach the people the Way of Life. The division and conflict among the people became more extreme, however. Canaan, Son of Phraxes, the son of Gringos, rebelled against Abel and the Mysterfiers, seeking their destruction. The forces of Canaan were great, for many of the people delighted in darkness. Twelve years before the Great Dispersion, Canaan entered the palace of Coram and killed him on his bed, where he had lain for twenty years as though he were dead, and Canaan had himself proclaimed ruler over all the land.

10. Then Abel and his people fled into the mountains, where they had prepared a city in the heart of Mount Palai. There they established a society according to the pattern of their Primal Progenitors, as is recorded in the Book of Abamah, for they held all things in common and dwelled together in Love and Peace, maintaining unity with the Angels, and increasing the Light of the Eloheim. Because the people of Abel were faithful to Jehovah’s word and dwelled apart from the rest of the people, they were spared at the time of the Great Dispersion.

11. During the time that Canaan was ruler, the impropriety of the people of Haner grew so great that everyone was against his neighbor, lovers only of themselves, and even the members of a person's own household would destroy him to make a profit or for their own pleasure. Consequently, there began to be civil strife throughout the land, and everything was in chaos. Then the Eloheim raised up prophets among the people, including Abdim, Son of Coriantumr, the son of Timnor and Ammah, Conan, Son of Peshar, the son of Lokan of the House of Morenah, and Nimrod, the son of King Canaan. The people were angry with these three because they plainly denounced their inappropriate deeds. Consequently, all the people, of whatever faction, sought to destroy them, but the power of the Eloheim preserved them through many dangers until they had delivered their message throughout the land. Then these three men of the Eloheim were taken by the soldiers of the ruler and brought into his presence. He denounced them before all his people, for the vision of it was carried throughout his domain. He killed Abdim with his own sword and consigned Conan to be burned to death, all for the amusement of his people, but he threw Nimrod into prison, because he was his own son, and he hoped to persuade him to renounce the Mysterfiers and inherit his government.

12. That night, an angel stood by Nimrod as he prayed in the prison. "Be courageous, Nimrod, you man of the Eloheim," said the angel. "Tonight you will see the Eloheim's power to deliver, for I will lead you from this prison, and from the top of the Hill Timnor, you will watch this whole palace turn to dust as a witness against King Canaan and his detestable deeds." Then the angel, taking Nimrod by the hand, conveyed him to the top of the Hill Timnor, which overlooked the City of Haner. A bright light shone from the sky, illuminating the whole palace of King Canaan, and a loud noise shook the air. Suddenly, where the palace had been, there was only dust. "This is the way all who walk in the ways of darkness will meet their end," declared the angel. Then, taking Nimrod by the hand, he carried him to the City of Palai, where he became a disciple of Abel, learning from him the mysteries of the Ancients, so that he could enter into the Life of the Eloheim. When Abel died, Nimrod became High Priest of the Mysterfiers, showing them the Way of Life and Salvation.

13. Nevertheless, King Canaan was absent from his palace when it was destroyed, for he was in a place where he resorted to celebrate the death of the prophets. He did not regret his improprieties or change his ways, and neither did his people. Consequently, no one's life or possessions were safe. In the tenth year of Canaan’s reign, a war broke out among the people. Marauding armies devastated the land. For two years, the people suffered profound desolation, as one army, then another, gained dominion over various parts of the land. At the end of two years, there was destruction everywhere, and the people began to flee into the wilderness to escape the wrath which had fallen on them, until only a small number remained with King Canaan in the ruins of the City of Haner. The only city that remained intact was the City of Palai, for the Lord Jehovah blessed the people of Abel, so that they prospered and remained at peace.

14. From this time, the people began to count their years before and after the Great Dispersion, for then all things were changed.


1. The people of the City of Palai grew powerful, for the blessings of Jehovah filled their lives. Their pastors declared the word of the Eloheim and the disciples listened to their teachings, living according to the Holy Order of the Eloheim. Throughout Nimrod’s life, the Mysterfiers were diligent to do all that their prophets had taught them, and they spread abroad from the City of Palai, preaching the good news of salvation through the name of Jesus Christ who would come. Many of those who had been scattered in the Great Dispersion listened to the word of the Eloheim, coming down in humility and contrition to be immersed in the name of Jesus, so that they could receive the reversal of the effects of the illusion of separateness in the lives and the Gift of the Holy Spirit. This is how the Mysterfiers became great and powerful, and abundant wealth flowed into the City of Palai.

2. After Nimrod’s death, Aziz, Son of Hombre, the son of Corono of the House of Coriantumr, the son of Timnor and Ammah, became High Priest of the Mysterfiers. Aziz was a powerful preacher, who touched the hearts of mortals, but he was centered in the acquisition of power and wealth. Consequently, he led the people astray into priestcraft and idolatry. The majority of the people began to lust after mortal riches, forsaking the riches of eternity. Only a few remained humble, calling on Jehovah’s name. These began to be persecuted by the haughty among the Mysterfiers because they were mostly the poor and downtrodden. For the people of Palai had forsaken the Holy Order of the Eloheim and each possessed his own lands and goods so that there began to be poor among the people again.

3. At that time Jehovah’s Spirit fell on Zildah, Daughter of Phanuel, the daughter of Mikal of the House of Pillia, who dwelled in the City of Haner. She stood up to declare the iniquities of the people, even entering the palace of Adam, Son of Toneros, the son of Salmon, of the House of Teshuesh, the son of Timnor and Ammah who reigned in the City of Haner. There she cried to the people that they must change, but they laughed at her and scorned her plea, driving her from the palace. Then Zildah entered the marketplace each day, crying to all who would hear that they must change. There were few who listened to her words, but these few met together often to read the holy scriptures and speak to one another of the hope of salvation through the gift of the Only Begotten Son of the Eloheim.

4. When the believers were meeting together, Zildah the Prophetess stood up and addressed them. "Listen to Jehovah’s word, you who believe in his name," she exhorted them. "Salvation cannot come to you unless you are brought down in penitence, confessing your improprieties and forsaking them, so that you can enter the waters of immersion and be immersed in Fire and the Holy Spirit. I tell you the truth when I say that these immersions cannot come to you unless one among you is ordained to the power to minister salvation to mortal souls. Consequently, my daughter Zildah should go to the Land of Shulon, to the First Masters, and receive from them a Priesthood which is Eternal, entering into the Mysteries of the Ancients, so that she can be redeemed from the Fall. I tell you the truth when I say that, through the Fall, the illusion of separateness came into the world. Through the illusion of separateness comes death, but I will send my own Son, conceived according to the manner of the physical body, to be the Messiah. He will come, with healing in his wings, to overcome the power of the Fall, to offer Life to all mankind. He is the Light and Life of mankind, an Eternal God, for in him the fullness of the Godhead dwells physically on the mortal plane. Therefore, my daughter Zildah should go to the Masters to enter into the mysteries of the Messiah and receive his redeeming, saving power, says Jehovah of the Eloheim, the Almighty Creators of the heavenly plane and the physical plane. Amen."

5. Then all the disciples rejoiced in the word of the Eloheim, and they spread abroad the message of gifts and peace through Jesus Christ. Some began to hear the word and come down in the depths of humility to be immersed for the reversal of the effects of the illusion of separateness in them. Zildah chose Luia, the sister of King Adam, to be a pastor to the people, for Luia was exemplary among the believers, excelling in wisdom, compassion, and the understanding of the holy scriptures. Then Zildah departed from the land to go to the Land of Shulon, to the First Masters, to obtain a Priesthood for her people which would be pure and undefiled, a Priesthood with the power of sanctification and Eternal Lives.

6. Two years later, when King Adam died, his sister Luia and her husband Noah were appointed to rule over the people of the City of Haner. Queen Luia and King Noah were devoted to the word of the Eloheim, and they governed their people according to principles of Equity and Truth. Under their government, the land began to be reunited, and many of those who had been scattered in the Great Dispersion united again with the people of Haner. They were taught concerning all the ways of the Eloheim and became a prosperous people, centered in propriety, conscious of living their lives in the sight of the Lord Jehovah. The people of Palai, on the other hand, went on in their iniquities, seeking gain for themselves. They entered an alliance with the people of Cain. Cain, that Son of Darkness who had become Perdition, entered the temple in the City of Palai, where he ministered in the mysteries of darkness, showing himself to be a god through satanic powers. The people of Palai grew greater and greater in iniquity, uniting in secret combinations for power.

7. It happened ten years after her departure from the City of Haner, that Zildah the Prophetess returned from the Land of Shulon, bearing the Priesthood of the Masters in behalf of her people. Then the disciples were glad, for Jehovah ministered among them. They were raised up to commune with the General Assembly and Body of the Firstborn, entering into heavenly places while still in their mortal bodies. Zildah entered the temple in the City of Haner, which had been built by Palai and his disciples, and standing with Queen Luia and King Noah before all the believers, she sanctified the temple to be the House of the Eloheim, cleansing and rededicating it according to the Order of the Ancients. Then the people rejoiced in the gifts of Jehovah, who saves his people, opening before them the Way of the Eloheim.

8. The blessings of the Eloheim rested on Zildah the Prophetess and Queen Luia. They governed their people for many years, leading them in the Way of Propriety. After many years, Father Seth and Father Enos visited the people, blessing them with the blessings of the Masters, the Ancients of Days. All the people of Haner rejoiced together in the power of the Holy Spirit, increasing the Light of the Divine Name.


1. After the passage of many years, King Noah died. He passed from mortality, firm in the faith of the Son of the Only Begotten of the Father, who is full of Gifts and Truth. Consequently, we know that he entered the Paradise of the Eloheim to await that great time when those who are justified will rise to reign with them on the physical plane, according to the promises of the holy prophets. Zildah the Prophetess also died, but prior to her death, she called Nimrod, Son of Agoria, the son of Honato of the House of Samos, son of Timnor and Ammah, to preside as Patriarch among the Mysterfiers. Nimrod was a man who was centered in propriety. He loved Jehovah his Eloheim and rejoiced in the Mysteries of the Ancients, through which the power of salvation is kindled in mortal souls. Nimrod preached reformation among the people of Haner, continually calling them back to that pure order of life that had been taught by the Masters from the beginning. Canaan, Son of Seth, the son of King Adam, ruled the People of Haner with Queen Luia. Canaan, also, was a powerful preacher of propriety, leading the people in the ways of the Eloheim.

2. The people of Haner grew strong, gaining power over the forces of the earth. Consequently, they amassed great wealth, gold, silver, pearls, precious metals, and gems of every kind. Nevertheless, they did not covet wealth for their own profit, but they held all things common and used their wealth to beautify their temples in such a manner that they would manifest Divine Light to mortals. The people of Palai, on the contrary, had entered into covenant with Perdition, submitting to those oaths of secrecy through which they could murder and commit all manner of iniquity to get gain. They were desirous of obtaining the wealth of the people of Haner. Therefore, they came down in a mighty army against the city to take the people into slavery and possess the fruits of their labors. They did not understood that the Lord Jehovah would protect her people, for King Canaan, having the gift of prophecy, foresaw the iniquity of the people of Palai. Consequently, he directed his people in erecting great barriers of power around the City of Haner, so that none could pass into the city without the consent of its inhabitants. Neither could any missile penetrate the forces that surrounded the city.

3. The people of Palai were amazed when they came upon the city of Haner, for all their devices could do no harm to the inhabitants of the city, who remained secure behind their fortifications. Nevertheless, the people of Palai were expert in many devices, and there was one among them, Leboa, Daughter of Tamar, the daughter of Rachel of the House of Onesima, who devised a sword of light, which penetrated the wall of defense around the City of Haner and began to drain the power from the wall. When the people of Haner saw this, they were in great consternation, but Queen Luia stood up in the middle of the people, and notwithstanding she was bowed down with age, she exhorted them to faith in the Lord Jehovah, who would preserve her people from those who were centered in darkness. Then all the people united in fasting and prayer, and King Canaan entered with Nimrod, the High Priest, into the Holy of Holies, where they prayed to the Eloheim. For three days they were in the Holy of Holies, offering up their prayers while the people prayed outside in the temple.

4. On the third day, when they emerged from the Holy of Holies, the High Priest Nimrod stood before all the people. "Today you will see the salvation of the Eloheim!" he exclaimed. They will come forth in power against the slaves of darkness, and all people will know that Jehovah, Lord of All, is El Shaddai [meaning Almighty God], whose sword is stronger than all the weapons of mortals. Trust the Eloheim! Know that they never forsake those who walk in their Way. In every situation, the Eloheim will be with you until you rest at their breasts at the end of time." Then Nimrod, Canaan, Luia, and all the people stood with their arms raised toward the sky, and from their hands flashed streams of fire. Where the wall surrounding their city had almost disappeared, another wall rose in its place. It seemed to reach the sky, and the weapons of the children of darkness could neither penetrate it nor weaken it, for the power of the Eloheim was in it, and the power of Light is always greater than the force of darkness.

5. Then the Lord Jehovah caused a plague to fall on the people of Palai so that they were greatly discomforted, for their priests could do nothing to alleviate the plague. The army of Palai dispersed in confusion. When they returned to their city, they overthrew Coran, Son of Lamech who reigned over the secret combination, but they did not cease their inappropriate conduct. They continued to serve idol gods and powers of darkness, consorting with wicked spirits and dark lords as they sought power over Light.

6. When the people of Haner saw how the Lord Jehovah delivered them, they observed a great period of rejoicing, singing, dancing, and feasting before the Eloheim for seven days. They rejoiced in the saving power of El Shaddai, whose power is above everything. Every year the people of the Land of Haner gathered in the city to rejoice in the power of their Gods, to look at the great wall which the Eloheim had erected around their city, and to retell the tales of their deliverance.

7. Shortly after the defeat of the People of Palai, Queen Luia died, rejoicing in her salvation, for she had seen her Savior and received from him the promise of Eternal Lives. King Canaan, assisted by the High Priest Nimrod, continued to lead the people in proper living. They dwelled in peace, for all the lands around them had heard how Jehovah had discomforted the army of Palai. They said one to another, "Let's not go up against the People of Haner, for the Gods of that people are mighty. They protect them against all powers which come against them." Many in the surrounding lands joined themselves to the People of Haner. The land prospered, and the people dwelled in joy, immersed in the powers of the heavenly realm. Many of the disciples journeyed up to the Land of Shulon to commune with the Ancients, entering into the mysteries of the Body of the Firstborn and returning to bless the people of Haner with the powers of the heavenly realm.


1. Ten years passed after the defeat of the armies of the Land of Palai by the force of El Shaddai. The people of the Land of Haner began to forget the salvation of their Gods, for they began to be caught up again in mortal illusions, seeking riches and gain for themselves. They did not, however, follow the ways of the evil combination, through which its followers would murder and steal to obtain for themselves the fruits of the labors of other people's hands. But the people of Haner did seek to excel in the acquisition of physical goods, each striving to possess that which was better than their neighbors. Even in the Body of Christ, which had been established throughout the land, the spirit of possessiveness and the worship of wealth took hold of the hearts and minds of the people. Many of them worshiped Jehovah of the Eloheim with their mouths, but their hearts were far from him, and they established their own ways in place of the Way of the Holy Law.

2. In the tenth year, on the first day of the Festival of the Victory, when multitudes were gathered in the City of Haner to celebrate the destruction of the armies of Palai and the salvation of the city, the High Priest Nimrod stood up in front of the people on the steps of the temple and called on them to change, returning to the ways of the Lord Jehovah. These are the words that he spoke to them.

3. "My people, you know that on this day, ten years ago, the power of the Highest Gods was manifested in the salvation of our city from the powers of darkness, which had come against it with the armies of Palai. Yes, that great city of Palai, which was built as a refuge for the believers in the True Gods and that Ancient Order that we have received from our Primal Ancestors, has become the abode of gods of darkness. Even now, the forces of darkness conspire in that city to destroy all who follow Light. But the power of El Shaddai is greater than all the cunning of the forces of darkness, so that they cannot prevail over us while we remain firmly centered in the Covenant of the Eloheim.

4. "Nevertheless, my people, a great danger lies before this community, who have been so highly favored by the Lord Jehovah. Just as that holiest of cities, Palai, has become the abode of gods of darkness, so can any and every mortal fall into the pits of darkness if they so not cleave to the word of the Eloheim. In that manner, darkness has begun to invade this land, for many of you follow the pursuit of wealth, rather than the power of Elyon El [the Highest God], the Savior of his people. You love to be seen in the assemblies of those who are centered in propriety, but your hearts are set on your wealth, and you spurn those who do not possess much. Yes, you say they are wrongdoers because Jehovah has not blessed them with the same abundance as you have. You do not see that the Eloheim have made you stewards over what has been placed in your hands, so that you can use it to bless the children of the Lords of Spirits.

5. "I ask you, my children, will the Lord Jehovah bless you in this thing? No, for you do not show that Love which is the embodiment of the Divine. Where Love is not evident, the Spirit of the Eloheim does not abide. This whole people is in jeopardy because of the darkness of love of self and worship of possessions, which has entered among you. Do you think that the power of El Shaddai could be exercised in your behalf today, as it was at the time of the Great Victory? I tell you truly that the answer is no, for the power is not in you, and the Lords of Radiant Light cannot put that power into flawed vessels.

6. "Do you think, my children, that you can go your own ways and then turn to the powers of the heavenly realm in your time of need? If you do this, do you think that they will be able to work through you? No! You must return to that Way of Life which you followed at the time of the Great Victory, or the powers of darkness will come against you again, and you shall be overcome by them because your hearts are not square with Jehovah your Eloheim. When our ancestors first came into this land, they were a lost and fallen people, for they did not regard the power of El Shaddai. They were proud of the power of their armaments, for they were strong through perversions of the Right Way. When some of their posterity changed and turned to the Lords of Salvation, however, they were accepted by them, and the Way was opened before them so that they could return to their covenant. The Lord Jehovah loves all his children, and he has prepared the Way for them to change and find salvation through the merits of his own Son, who will descend to save the people from the results of the acting according to the illusion of separateness. Consequently, through principles of change and reversal of the effects of the illusion of separateness, a people were raised up in this land, who could receive the powers of the heavenly realm so that we were saved at the time of battle, the Time of YHVH SABAOTH, Lord of Hosts.

7. "Turn yourselves, my people! Turn again to Jehovah’s ways, so that you can again be a delightful people before him. The powers of the heavenly realm have dwindled in you, until your mortal souls are in danger of perishing, your nation of being destroyed, and your spirits of suffering the fires of that hell which you have created for yourselves through your inappropriate choices. Turn to Jehovah your Eloheim and put far from you the love of wealth and the trampling of your fellowman. Renew in you that Holy Order which our Primal Ancestors established among themselves from the time when they were in the Garden until this day, that Holy Order which is followed by holy ones who walk in the Way, and will be until the end. Consecrate your substance to Jehovah, so that there will be neither rich nor poor among you. Be united with your fellow disciples, so that your hearts and minds will be one, so that they will be one with the Anointed, so that having put on his mind, you will be able to see as you are seen and know as you are known. Dwell in propriety, walking in harmony with the Holy Law, so that the Eloheim can be among you. Then you will not be destroyed at the Time of Tribulation.

8. "Yes, my people, come to Jehovah’s Feast, for he has prepared a feast of rich things for those who abide in his Covenant. Know that the Time of Judgment is at hand, when he will separate his wheat from the tares, and those whose hearts are not found in the service of the Highest Gods will be known. Change, and come to the Son, renewing in your souls the Light of his salvation, so that you will not be lost at that time. Amen."

9. The power of the High Priest Nimrod’s words pierced the hearts of many in the assembly, and there was a great reformation throughout all the Land of Haner. The word was carried throughout the land, and the priests and teachers did exhort the Body in every quarter according to the words of Nimrod, so that there would be a great renewal in the Covenant. I will show you later that all the words of Nimrod, that powerful man of the Eloheim, were fulfilled, for there soon came a great time of evaluation on the people. Those who had placed their faith in the Gods of the heavenly realm were preserved, while those who continued in the corruption of their own minds were subject to the dark forces which came against them, so that the power of the Eloheim was manifested for all to see. Amen.


1. After that, Nimrod, Son of Agoria, the High Priest according to the Holy Order of the Eloheim, grew old and died, having spent his days in Jehovah’s service, having fought a good fight against the powers of darkness, leading his people to change and renewal in Light. Indrush, Son of Nimrod, was chosen High Priest in his place, he having been a follower of propriety from his youth, and having stood against the powers of darkness, and set an example worthy of imitation. Indrush’s wife was Lytish, Daughter of Canaan the king. She, too, was a devotee of the Holy Order of the Eloheim, full of the power of the Holy Spirit, a powerful preacher of propriety.

2. Nine years after the death of Nimrod, King Canaan also passed into the world of spirits, having spent his days in the service of the Highest Gods. Prior to his death, he had installed Lytish and Indrush as the rulers of the people. Lytish and Indrush reigned according to principles of propriety in the name of Jehovah their Eloheim. Nevertheless, the majority of the people had become a hard-hearted, stiff-necked people, slow to listen to Jehovah’s word. They perverted the Way of the Eloheim, inclining to indecency and every form of vice, even erecting idol gods, the workmanship of their own hands, to justify them in their inappropriate conduct. There was no law governing what a person could believe, but Indrush and Lytish labored with their people in the power of the Eloheim, proclaiming Jehovah’s word and calling on the people to change and turn to the true Living Savior.

3. The majority of the people rejected the words of their rulers, however, and did not want them to reign over them, for they wanted to have leaders with the same degenerate values they had. Those who felt this way conspired to overthrow the government of the land. They entered a covenant with the people of the City of Palai, taking on themselves that combination which had been handed down from Cain, through which they could murder and steal and get gain. Pagag, a servant of Indrush, was privy to their plans, for his brother was a leader of the insurrection. Pagag was paid to kill the queen and king and was promised great rewards for doing so. Pagag, however, went to the king and disclosed all their secret plans as they had been made known to him. The king and queen immediately summoned their counselors and discussed with them what they should do in this matter.

4. They could see that they were in dangerous circumstances, for the majority of the people had become enemies to propriety. Therefore, Indrush, the High Priest, entered the Holy of Holies and called on the Lord Jehovah’s name, so that he could learn the desires of the Eloheim in behalf of his people. Jehovah’s voice spoke to him from between the cherubim.

5. "Listen to me Indrush!" said the voice. "Divine anger is kindled against this people, for they are lost in darkness and have sold their souls to the dark lords. Their hearts are hardened against Truth. They trample on the poor and think themselves happy because of their great riches, but all these things will be taken from them in a day, for all traces of them will be removed from the face of the earth. Take those who will stand in my Covenant, says Jehovah, and depart from this place, for not many days from now, this city will no longer encumber the earth. Gather your people, those whose hearts are pure, and go to the Land of your Primal Ancestors, where I will bless you greatly. When I shall lead you back to this land, it will again be to you a land of promise, a choice land to you and your posterity after you. In this land, the power of the sacred good news will be poured out on your posterity in powerful strength. I am Jesus Christ, your Savior and Redeemer. Follow me, my people, and you will not be destroyed, for you will inherit Eternal Joy. Amen."

6. Then Indrush, the High Priest, gathered the people of the Body of Christ, those whose hearts were firm in Jehovah’s Covenant. He instructed them to gather their families and their goods, those they could carry with them, and prepare their vehicles to depart from that cursed city. "The anger of the powers of darkness will soon fall on this place with such power that nothing will be left to bear witness that there was ever a city here." On the fifteenth day of the First Month, King Indrush and Queen Lytish led their people from the city. It was on the eve of that day which the evil combination had set for their destruction and the destruction of all those who would not join their detestable organization. When those slaves of darkness awoke to find that the people of the Eloheim had fled from among them, they pursued them, but the power of El Shaddai stopped their troops and turned back those who survived so that they returned to their city. Not many days later, the judgment of Elyon El, the Great God of All Other Gods, was poured out on the City of Haner. Where it had stood, there remained nothing to testify to its existence. This is the appropriate end of all those who enter into covenant with the powers of darkness to fight against the holy ones of the heavenly realm, for they bring on themselves their own destruction.


1. For one hundred years, the people of Indrush and Lytish dwelled in the land of the Masters, learning from them the Way of Life and Salvation. They were instructed in the mysteries of godliness and ushered into the presence of the Eloheim, so that they increased mightily in power, wisdom, and the knowledge of eternity. When a hundred years had passed, Father Yared summoned Indrush and Lytish and counseled them to return to the Land of Haner. "Those who were centered in darkness have been destroyed out of the land," he informed them. "It is appropriate that you should reclaim the land in the name of the Eloheim." Indrush and Lytish praised Jehovah for his mercy in providing for them a land of promise, and they commenced to prepare everything for the journey up to the Land of Haner.

2. When they arrived at the spot where the City of Haner had stood, they found nothing there but desolation. Consequently, they traveled a day's journey to the west where, in a beautiful and secluded valley, they built a new city, which they also called the City of Haner. There they continued to instruct their people in those principles of Propriety and Truth, which lead to peace with mortals and with the Eloheim. Nevertheless, many of the younger generations rejected their testimony, refusing to follow the Way of the Masters. Indrush and Lytish continued to testify to them, standing as witnesses of the Way until the Eloheim took them home to themselves. Queen Lytish died and went to Jehovah at the end of a holy Sabbath, and one week later, at the end of the next Sabbath, King Indrush joined her.

3. Imbal, eldest son of Indrush and Lytish, succeeded them as King and High Priest over the people, but Abel, their youngest son, who was born after their return to the Land of Haner, rose up with a band of young people who rejected the word. They killed Imbal and took control of the government and of the church. All those who would not uphold Abel and his band were slain or fled from the land, so that the reign of darkness was reestablished in all the region around the Land of Haner. Under the reign of Abel, his people committed every manner of detestable deed. They established great inequity in the land, so that there were rich and poor among them again. Instead of love for one another, greed, covetousness, and hate motivated them. Everyone's hand was against his neighbor when it was to his advantage. They set up idols to the imaginations of their minds in Jehovah’s Temple, and they justified whatever it was they desired to do by an appeal to their idol gods. In fact, they deliberately violated every teaching of Jehovah, doing in the name of their false gods everything that he had forbidden. Consequently, the land was sunken in darkness and debauchery.


1. In the three hundred and fiftieth year of the reign of Abel over the people of Haner, a strange man came into the land. Standing in the center of the marketplace, he shouted over the noise of the throng, denouncing the practices of the people. The crowd grew angry and attempted to kill him, but each one who tried, found that he could make no move to do him any harm. Then the man shouted, "You see that you can't harm me, for Jehovah’s power is on me so that I can deliver the message which she has given me for this people. Tomorrow, at noon, I will stand on the Hill Shelem, and I will deliver Jehovah’s word, the message that she sends to this people.

2. The next morning, a large crowd gathered at the Hill Shelem to hear what the stranger would say. Even King Abel came with his ministers to see this strange sight, for no prophet of Jehovah had spoken publicly among the people since the death of King Imbal, for fear of being destroyed; the priests of the secret combination killed anyone who was found worshiping the Lord Jehovah. Just as the sun reached its zenith overhead, the stranger was seen climbing the hill. The crowd separated in front of him, until he had reached the crest and stood with the multitude spread out before him on the sides of the hill. Then he raised his arms in prayer to Jehovah, and when he had prayed, he addressed the multitude. Although his voice was soft, it reached the ears of everyone who had come to hear him.

3. This is what he said to them: "I am Enoch, Son of Yared. I have come from the Land of the Masters to declare change and renewed life to all the children of the Aadamah. I have done this because, as I was on a journey, I heard a voice from the heavenly plane speaking to me. The voice said, ‘Enoch, my son, prophesy to this people; call on them to change their manner of life, for this is what Jehovah says, I am exasperated with this people, for they will not listen to what I say. They destroy the prophets and seers whom I send among them. Since the time their Primal Ancestors came out of the Garden in Eden, they have rejected my word and tried to destroy my ministers. They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction through their impropriety. Just as their ancestors have been destroyed each time their iniquity has become so great that I could no longer protect them from the powers of darkness, this people will soon be destroyed if they do not change their manner of life.’

4. "This is the reason I am telling you that unless you change your manner of life and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, entering into the Way of Life and walking in it to the end, you will all be destroyed when the wrath of the gods of darkness falls on you. Come to Jesus and accept his salvation. Be immersed in his name, so that you can receive a reversal of the effects of the illusion of separateness in your lives, and you will acquire the Gift of the Holy Spirit, which will teach you all things. I am setting before you Life and death, for if you listen to my words, you will live, but if you do not listen, you will all be destroyed.

5. "You know that your ancestors lived among the holy Masters and were instructed by them in all the ways of holiness, but you have departed from those ways and rejected your ancestors. This is the reason the wrath of the gods of darkness cannot be prevented from descending on you unless you change your manner of life, for whoever does not honor their progenitors will be swept off the land when the anger of the gods of darkness is released against them.

6. "When our Primal Ancestors came out of the Garden, they carried many of the mysteries of the Eloheim with them. These have been kept secret since that time, revealed only in holy places to those who are sanctifying their lives through the gifts of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eloheim. They know those hidden things which will never be revealed to mortals generally, neither can mortals learn them, except through following the Way of Truth, for even if they heard the words, the meaning would be hidden from their minds. Our Ancestors were loyal and faithful to those mysteries that they received, treasuring them in their hearts and meditating on them often in the Cave of Treasures, as you've all heard. Therefore, after many days, an angel came to them while they were offering sacrifices to the Gods, according to the instructions they had received in the Garden. The angel questioned them. ‘Why do you offer sacrifices to the Gods?’ she asked. Our Father Adam replied, ‘I don't know, except that Jehovah my God instructed me to.’ Then the angel instructed them. ‘This thing is a similitude of the sacrifice of the Only Begotten of the Father, who is full of Gifts and Truth,’ she explained. ‘Therefore, you should do all that you do in the name of the Son, and you should change your manner of life, calling on the Eloheim, in the name of the Son forever.’

7. "This is the message which I declare to you. The wrath of the gods of darkness will fall on you if you do not forsake your impropriety, through which you are alienated from the Eloheim. Change your manner of life and call on the mercies of the Son of the Eloheim, so that you can be saved from the justified anger of the Gods. Come down in humility and be immersed in the name of Jesus Christ for the reversal of the effects of the illusion of separateness in your lives, following the example of our First Parents, for whoever believes in the name of the Son of the Eloheim, and is immersed in that name, will receive renewed life.

8. "Be immersed and put away the divisions which afflict you. Become one Body in the sight of the Eloheim, uniting on principles of propriety, so that you can possess one heart and one mind. Then there will be no poor among you, but you will all be rich, heirs to the wealth of Eternal life. Unite in that Holy Order which has been lived by our Primal Ancestors from the time they were in the Garden, for in it you will be shaped until you become heirs of salvation. Whoever is prepared to perceive the meaning of Jehovah’s word will understand what I am saying."

9. When Enoch the Seer had declared these words, he descended from the hill. A profound silence rested on all those who had been listening. One by one, they began to follow him to Lake Shinehah [meaning Lake of the Sun], where he entered the water, calling on all who had forsaken their improprieties to follow him into the lake and be immersed. Multitudes came to him in the water, giving their lives to the Eloheim. Even King Abel, and many of his ministers, came weeping and lamenting their wrongs. They were immersed by the Seer in the Waters of Shinehah, and they left that place rejoicing.

10. For a year, the Seer remained in the land, preaching the good news of redemption and organizing the people according to the Holy Order of the Eloheim, so that they could have the power not to be centered in darkness. Then he departed from them, but he consecrated priests and teachers to minister to the people, and he ordained King Abel to the High Priesthood, so that he could lead his people in the Way of Life. With words of encouragement and many tears, the Seer left the people of Haner, so that he could preach the good news in other parts of the land. The people remained loyal and faithful to him, looking to him as the supreme head of their Church as long as he remained in the mortal sphere.

11. Eventually the Seer established a city, which he called the City of Zion. King Abel went to the City of Zion each year, with the elders of other lands, to be instructed by the Seer in the manner of ministering to their people. After many years, rumors reached the people of Haner that strange things were happening in the City of Zion. Consequently, King Abel, with other rulers of the neighboring lands, went to Zion to counsel with the Seer. He ministered to them, offering many words of encouragement. Then the Seer, with his chief ministers, mounted horses and left the city. Fearful that they were leaving them forever, the rulers followed to see where they would go. When they had traveled a considerable distance from the city, there was a great snowstorm, a thing that they had never before experienced. Entering the storm, they found Methuselah, Son of Enoch, standing in the middle of the snow, but Enoch the Seer, and all his ministers, were gone, and were never seen by them again. When they returned with Methuselah to the place of the City of Zion, the city too was gone. All the rulers returned to their own lands, lamenting the loss of their Seer, but Methuselah reigned over the believers in all lands, in place of his Father Enoch.

12. Three years after the ascension of Father Enoch, King Abel died, joining his Ancestors, and Lorena, his daughter, reigned in his place. Lorena served Jehovah properly all her days, for she was a mighty high priestess, who preached the word with power and administered the ordinances of salvation, leading many souls to Jehovah's seat of power. Eventually Lorena also died, having lived a full life for many years. All her people mourned her loss because she had been a fountain of Life to them.


1. When Queen Lorena had been gathered to her Ancestors, her son Teshuesh was elevated over the people. When Teshuesh had acquired the throne, he turned his back on the Way of the Eloheim, for he began to persecute those who walked in that Way. He even caused Alia, the High Priestess over the people of the Eloheim, to be taken and cast into prison. Eventually he killed her for her dedication to Truth. After Alia’s death, the Eloheim raised up Morian, Son of Lorena, to preside over those who followed Jehovah, but his brother took him and cast him into prison, feeding him no food until he had died. Other prophets were also raised up, filled with Jehovah’s Spirit, but King Teshuesh sought them out and destroyed them until there were no prophets left in the land. Those believers in Jehovah’s word who were not killed, fled from the land to escape the wrath of Teshuesh.

2. My father was among those who fled from that land with his family, coming into this land where I was born. I am Corint, Son of Selah, the Son of Arphaxad, the Son of Gorun of the Family of Lukas, the Son of Timnor and Ammah. Although my father and his family had suffered for the testimony of Jehovah, I did not follow the Way, but went after the ways of mortals until I heard Noah’s preaching. Called by Jehovah, Noah came out to warn the people of the Great Flood which will come on the earth, destroying all life except those whom the Eloheim will spare in the ark which Noah has been instructed to build. When I heard Noah's preaching, my heart was pricked, and I became his disciple, moving into his community and living according to the Ancient Order.

3. Now Father Noah says that the coming of the Great Flood is near. All who walk in the Way will die or be lifted up to the Heavenly City; therefore, I must assume that I will not be much longer in this sphere of existence. So now I am finishing my record; I will give it to Shem, Son of Noah, who will remain with his Father aboard the ark during the Great Flood. I have written this record so that the memory of my ancestors will not be lost when the flood has destroyed everything. May those who read it be encouraged by their fidelity and warned by the consequences of their inappropriate choices to walk in the Way of the Eloheim, for it is the only way that leads to true and abiding happiness. Amen.


1. A homily delivered by Father Seth on the morning after he was ordained a Patriarch in the Priesthood of the Masters.

2. "My beloved ones, since I was a child, I have thought often of my brother Abel who was slain for his testimony of Jehovah. I have dreamed of carrying on his work of establishing the Order of the Ancients among their children and perpetuating their Priesthood among their posterity. My Mother and Father have encouraged me in this desire and taught me from the time that I was very young to pray to my brother Abel, asking his help in preparing to perpetuate his dream of establishing a people who would follow the Way of the Eloheim. Frequently I have felt his presence near me, warning me of dangers and temptations, so that I would be persevered in a state of purity before the Eloheim.

3. "Last night, after I was ordained a Patriarch, I remained in the Holy of Holies, praying for power in the Priesthood to accomplish Jehovah’s work, when my brother Abel came to me. He was radiant beyond description, and his words pierced my soul to the very center. With great love and compassion he said to me, ‘Seth, my brother, you and I have been chosen to jointly carry on the work of our Father and Mother, I in the world of spirits and you among their mortal posterity. Their keys will fall on you, and you will establish the Body of the Son of the Eloheim among their descendants. Know, my brother, that I will always be with you to strengthen you and to bless your work, whatever trials may come upon you. The war with darkness is hard, and the failures appear to be many, but in the end, Light will triumph. Some, like Cain, will sell their souls to the dark powers, and many others, like Timnor and Ammah, will follow the false gods of materialism and hedonism, but there will always be a handful who will uphold the Covenant, whatever may transpire. Never lose hope, for despair originates in darkness, but hope is the Eternal gift of the Eloheim to those who trust them, and it will never fail in the end.’

4. "Before my eyes appeared a vision of such magnitude that I could not comprehend it, for I saw the future history of mankind down through the ages until the coming of the Son of Man. Vistas that I could never have imagined unfolded before me, and I was caught up in the flow of time until it merged again with eternity. My soul was filled with compassion for mankind, for their pitiable state, so weak and vulnerable, yet so confident in their presumed power. I cried out to my Gods in behalf of my fellowmen, ‘Gods of my Father and Mother, Omnipotent Jehovah, Creators and Sustainers of all things, look with mercy on the children of Adam and Eve. Save them from the powers of darkness and let them find rest during their mortal probation.’

5. "Then the meaning of the Atonement was unfolded before me in terms that I had never understood before. I saw the depth and breadth of the Love of the Eloheim; my soul marveled, and I was led to exclaim, ‘My Gods, is there nothing you would not do for the salvation of one of your children?’ Then a voice answered me, ‘Nothing except take away their agency. Now pay attention! The powers of darkness desire to save mankind, but to do so they would reduce them to mindless slaves who could not choose destruction. We desire to save all our children, but only as free slaves, freely choosing their servitude. Nevertheless, our Love is over every child who has been born to us, and we will reach out to each one in whatever way is necessary to bring them home to our presence. Do you know the condescension of the Eloheim? There is no depth to which we will not descend to find our lost ones and redeem them from darkness. Only those who refuse to be saved in the face of Infinite Love will not be redeemed, and even they will find peace.’

6. "Then I saw the ministry of the Son of the Eloheim in the Meridian of Time, and I marveled that he could love us so much that he would endure that which no mortal could endure unless he were of the nature of the Eloheim. How exquisite was his suffering, beyond that which a mortal could experience, for it was a spiritual suffering known only to the Gods. My soul cried out in agony when I felt the smallest part of what he felt. Never again will I attend the sacrifice offered to foreshadow his suffering without feeling the depths of my soul torn in anguish.

7. "We offer this sacrifice this morning, looking forward to the Great Sacrifice of the Son of the Eloheim, which will take away the effects of the inappropriate choices of all mankind, those choices that are based on the illusion of separateness, as soon as they come to him in contrition and humility. Let’s give ourselves to him as living sacrifices and consecrate ourselves to the establishment of his Holy Order so that we can build up the Realm of Light and banish darkness from among us. Then we will be able to raise up a generation conceived and developed in Light and Truth. Amen."


1.I am Enos, Son of Seth. I am going to add a few words to the Book of Remembrance commenced by our Father Adam, according to the instructions that I received from my Father Seth prior to his death. My father instructed me that each generation should add some record of those things that transpire in their time, so that the workings of the Eloheim among the children of Adam and Eve can be manifested.

2. Consequently, I, Enos, will tell you about the affairs of my time. After Adam’s death, the people of the Land of Shulon began to increase in impropriety, forsaking the Way of the Ancients to walk in the paths of darkness. My Father Seth labored for the remainder of his life to reclaim them in the name of the Son of the Eloheim, but they had become a stubborn people, not easily entreated by the call to lives of power. Seth was able to maintain order in the land, however, and to lead some to Light.

3. After Seth’s death, the people increased in darkness. Robbery and murder became daily occurrences, and deceit and unkindness became the way of life among the people. Those who remained in the Body of the Eloheim, trying to live by those principles which had been revealed through our Progenitors in the Faith, were constantly imposed on, and persecution began to rear its ugly head in the land. At first we were mocked and ridiculed, but then physical harassment, and sometimes even death, became the lot of the faithful. Unable to stem the tide of darkness, I gathered together those who remained loyal to the teachings of the Masters, and we departed from the land. Traveling many days in the wilderness, we passed by the inhabited regions of the land, until we came to a place of surpassing beauty, where we stopped to worship the Eloheim and rest our souls.

4. That night, while I slept, an angel messenger of Jehovah came to me in a dream. "Enos," he said, "I have appointed this land as a gathering place for your people. Settle here, for in this place you will be blessed with great blessings from the Eloheim, and here you will dwell in peace."

5. The next morning, we built an altar on the spot where I slept when the angel messenger visited me, and we all worshiped the Eloheim with thanksgiving for having brought us to this good land. Then we set to work, and soon a city was growing up out of the wilderness, surrounded by farmlands on which we grew crops for our food.

6. I called the land Cainan, after the land where our Ancestors settled when they first left the Garden of Eden. "This name reminds us that Jehovah has given us this land also as a refuge from the powers of darkness," I told my people.

7. Now I'm old, so I'm going to instruct my son Cainan to carry on the tradition of keeping this record of the blessings of the Eloheim among us. I named him Cainan after the land where our Ancestors first lived in this fallen world, so that he would remember to look to them as an example and live according to the traditions which they brought out of the Garden. I end my account, praying that my people will be preserved, and that the Holy Order of the Eloheim will prevail on the mortal plane until the end of time, so that this world can be received into realms of Light with all its inhabitants. Amen.


1. The account of a mission led by Cainan, Son of Enos, during which we traveled through all the surrounding regions, unfolding the Way of the Eloheim to the people, encouraging them to seek after Jehovah’s mysteries and find salvation through the merits of her Son.

2. On this journey, I took with me my son Mahalaleel, my brother Seth, King Indrush of the Land of Haner and his wife Queen Lytish, Hanbal, Son of Mura, the son of Roko, the son of Astram of the Aadamah, and Selendra, Daughter of Sanah, the daughter of Andrah, the wife of my Father Enos.

3. Departing from the Land of Cainan, we journeyed first to the Land of Shulon, from which my Father Enos had come with his people. We found the land to be prosperous in material things, but the people were spiritually dead. Although we tried many ways to reach them with the message of salvation, they would not accept it. They did not even contend against what we said, for they were so dull spiritually, that they could not be aroused either for or against Truth. Finally, after having tried at great length, without success, to deliver our message, we washed our feet as a testimony that we had done all we could for them, and resumed our journey.


1. We proceeded to the Land of Cainan, from which the Aadamah had come when they settled the Land of Shulon. The inhabitants of the land are a mixture of the children of the Aadamah who did not follow them to the Land of Shulon and colonists from the Land of Haner who overran the land after the departure of the Aadamah. There are also some settlements of the descendants of Cain along the southeastern border of the Plain of Olaha Shinehah, where the Land of Cainan is located.

2. We were welcomed there because of the emotional ties of the ruling class to the Land of Haner, since the King and Queen of Haner were among our number. Their influence gained us a hearing with many influential people, and some were touched to accept our message, so that a revival was commenced in the Land of Cainan. While most of the people did not embrace the Covenant, there were some who did, and we were able to establish a small branch of the Body of Christ in that land.

3. My brother Seth, who was still a youth, was asked by Adah, one of the young women who entered the Covenant, to accept her as his wife, which he did. Seth desired to remain in the Land of Cainan to work among his wife's people. He was set apart as High Priest over that land, and we departed, leaving our blessings with him.


1. We proceeded to the City of Palai, which was built in the heart of a large mountain on the edge of the Land of Haner. Here the evil combination governed, and wickedness was the way of life. The people worshiped Jehovah in the name of Satan, as well as many idol gods, but their first allegiance was to the evil combination, which administered to them the ordinances of darkness.

2. When we began to preach Jehovah’s word among them, we were immediately seized and imprisoned for the word's sake. When we were brought before their judges, Hanbal stepped forward and plainly declared the power of salvation through Jesus Christ, denouncing the evil combination that reigned among them and the idol gods that they served. The power of his testimony pierced them, but it filled them with anger against him because he so clearly laid open their improprieties. Nevertheless, they were powerless to stop him until Hanbal had delivered his message.

3. When Hanbal had finished declaring their improprieties to them, they seized him and condemned him to be killed for the testimony of Jesus, but Selendra stood up and commanded them, in Jehovah’s name, to release him.

4. When Selendra's words rang out, the guards stood as though they had turned to stone, and the judges could utter no word against her. Hanbal walked to her side, and together they raised their voices in a hymn of praise to the Eloheim. The sound of it was a beauty beyond the ability of mortal tongue to describe. Then they knelt together in each other's arms, and each offered up a prayer in power against the darkness of that place, calling for the downfall of the darkness and its destruction from the face of the earth.

5. Then a voice was heard, which caused the very walls to quake. "Not many years from now, all darkness will be swept from the earth," declared the voice, "for the waters of the Flood will come in upon mankind, and all that is unholy will perish beneath the waves."

6. When these words had ended, the people in the courtroom appeared to awaken, as from a deep sleep, but when they had recovered, the judges were even angrier and condemned Hanbal and Selendra to death. Then the guards turned their rays on them, and they perished from the mortal plane, but their spirits were received into the Paradise of the Eloheim to wait for that time when their bodies will be reconstituted, and they will walk among the Gods in Light.

7. Then Mahalaleel, Indrush, Lytish, and I were returned to the prison, the judges apparently being satiated by the destruction of life for that day. While we prayed in the prison that night, an angel messenger from the Eloheim came to us. "It is not the time for your lives to end," said the messenger. "Consequently, I will take you from this place, for there are none in this city who will accept Jehovah’s word. All are lost in darkness, having sold their souls to the satans in exchange for the desires of mortal existence, and they are not willing to be redeemed."

8. Then the doors of the prison opened of their own accord until we had passed through them, when they closed and locked behind us. We passed quickly through the city with our angel guide, until we stood outside the main gates into the mountain. Then she departed from us, and we resumed our journey, going toward the Land of Nod.


1. Colonists from the Land of Haner settled the Land of Nod after they had driven the descendants of Cain out of the land. Here also we received a hearing through the influence of King Indrush and Queen Lytish. We spent three years ministering to the people, gathering many into the Covenant where they could receive the saving power of Jesus Christ.

2. This is a sermon which my son Mahalaleel preached to a large body of people in the Land of Nod who had gathered to hear our message.

3. "I have been asked to address you this morning concerning the principles which we have learned from our progenitors, principles that they received from our Primal Ancestors, who came out from the Garden of Eden. We have not come here to trifle with your attention nor to entertain you, but to lay before you the state of mankind and your own need for salvation, which can be found only in and through the name of Christ, the Son of the Eloheim.

4. "Our Primal Ancestors were driven from the Garden of Eden because of transgression, for the Eloheim had instructed them in these words: ‘Do not eat any of the fruit of the tree which is the middle of the Garden, lest you die.’ A satan was also in the Garden, and this satan enticed them to eat. They partook and for doing so were driven from the Garden.

5. "Because of this transgression in eating that which was forbidden because of the effect it would have on them, death entered the world. None of the posterity of our Primal Ancestors can escape the death of the physical body, when the spirit returns to the spiritual realm from which it came, and the body returns to the elements from which it was formed. Neither can they escape spiritual death, or alienation from the Eloheim, for Jehovah told our Father Adam, ‘Since your children are conceived in a world of darkness, as they grow, darkness conceives in their hearts, for they must taste the bitter so that they can know to prize the good.’

6. "Every descendant of our Primal Ancestors, who arrives at the age of accountability, will act according to the illusion of separateness, and in consequence of being subject to that illusion will be unable to return to the presence of the Eloheim. Were they to remain in this state, they would endure spiritual death for all eternity. This is the state of those sons of Perdition who follow the evil combination of Cain, who first settled this land.

7. "But the Eloheim love their children, and they have prepared a way that all who will turn to them can be saved from spiritual death through the merits of their Son. In the Meridian of Time, the Son of the Eloheim will descend to the mortal plane to take on himself the improprieties of all mankind, so that everyone who will turn to him and follow the Path which he will establish can be saved. Not only those who live at the time of his descent, but you, who live in this age of mankind, can also be saved through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who will come, just as well as those who will live after the time of his descent.

8. "While the Aadamah were still in the Garden, they were instructed in the hidden knowledge, those principles which would reunite them with the Eloheim and enable them to establish a perfect society among their children. Because of their fallen nature, most of their children have rejected this Holy Order, which was established by the Aadamah, choosing to live according to their own desires. But the Way of Life is to follow the principles embedded in the hidden knowledge, for those principles will lift you above the fallen nature of mortals, enabling you to live with perfect integrity while you are immersed in this world of darkness, and to sanctify your lives through the blood of Christ and immersion in Fire and the Holy Spirit, so that you can be pure, holy, and spotless.

9. "Then you will join the Aadamah in partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Life, so that you can live forever among the Eloheim. Then you will be Gods, for you will have no end. You will become Infinite and Eternal through the gifts of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eloheim.

10. "Come, my beloved brothers and sisters, and enter the New and Everlasting Covenant of the Eloheim, pledging your lives, in the waters of immersion, to follow their Way and to establish their Holy Order on the physical plane. Sit at the feet of the Masters, where you will be instructed in the hidden knowledge, so that you can become masters of the secrets of Eternal life. Then your souls will be filled with Joy and Peace, and you will walk with the angels in the Light of the Highest Gods. The darkness of this world will have no place in you, for you will have the knowledge to conquer all the enemies of mankind, and you will be lights shining in the darkness, which the darkness cannot swallow up.

11. "Come to Jesus Christ, beloved! Give yourselves to him and be saved through his Love. Amen."


1. I sit down now to add to the record of my ancestors. I am Yared, Son of Mahalaleel. I do not have the skill in writing that my ancestors had, but I love the Lord Jehovah, and I desire to increase the Light of her name.

2. In my days, there has been great darkness among the children of the Aadamah, for the powers of darkness enticed many to forsake the Covenant and follow evil ways. Even in the Land of Cainan, where the Masters dwell, many turned from the Light, and we labored incessantly to reclaim those who were lost, striving to awaken them to their true condition and call them to change and embrace renewed life.

3. There were times of renewal, but I saw that the inclination of mortals is to act according to the illusion of separateness. I have seen much sorrow in my days, and I welcome the time when I will go to the Paradise of the Eloheim, where I will remain until the time when I will be called out to dwell with them in Light.

4. Despite all this darkness, I believe in the power of my Savior, and I know that he will bring this earth to salvation, for the Eloheim have power over all things, and whatever they set their hands to do, that thing will be accomplished. Consequently, I look forward in hope to the Time of Redemption, when the earth will be cleansed and renewed, and all who will accept Light will be lifted up to enter into the Life of the Eloheim and progress with them forever. Amen.

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