1. This is the Book of the Great Invisible Light, the Source of All that Is, the name of which is ineffable. Everything is a manifestation of that Light, everything which is on the mortal plane, everything which is above the mortal plane, and everything which is beneath the mortal plane. It is the Perfection of Perfections, the Light of Lights. It is the Ultimate Silence, the Silence of Light.

2. The Light is manifested to us in three forms, Father, Mother, and Son. The Father is Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Gnosis. The Mother is Sophia, Hope, and Peace. The Son is Unconditional Love, Faith, and Forgiveness. These manifest the perfect, silent Light in this world of constant noise.

3. The Father is Perfected Reason. The Mother is Pure Intuition. The Son is the Word of the Parents, proceeding from Perfected Reason and Pure Intuition. The Androgynous Parents are the Passive Source of Power. The Son is their masculine Active Force on the mortal plane. The Holy Spirit is the feminine aspect of the Son as the Mother is the feminine aspect of the Father. The Son reveals the Father on the mortal plane; the Spirit reveals the Mother on the mortal plane. Together, the Son and the Spirit unveil the fullness of the Androgynous Godhead to those who are able to perceive their reality.

4. The fullness of the Androgynous Godhead is brought from the Silence in perfect sound. OHM is the Great Invisible Light of which everything is a manifestation. AHMAN is the Androgynous Parents, the first emanation of the Invisible Light. IESSON is the first emanation of the Parents, for it is the Spirit of Redemption, which descended to the mortal plane as Redeemer and Comforter.

5. These sounds reveal the Silence. They name that which cannot be named. They bring to the mortal plane that which is transcendent. Their vibration fills with power. Meditating on their sound brings gnosis. Vibrating with them brings Eternal Lives.


1. The first emanation of the Godhead to descend to the mortal plane was the Parents, Father and Mother. These became the Aadamah who commenced the race of mortals. They descended from realms of Light to create a home in the paradise of Eden. They forgot their origins as they ate food, which the garden freely produced for them, but still they were surrounded by Divine Light. They breathed Light; they consumed it with their food; they moved through it like fish dwelling in water. They knew nothing but Light, for all they saw, all they felt, all they smelled, all they heard, all they tasted was Light. Although they had descended from their Origin, although they had forgotten who they were and whence they came, still they were Light; they dwelled in Light; they knew and experienced only Light. They were dwelling continually in gnosis; they experienced nothing but gnosis; yet gnosis was closed to them. They did not know that in which they dwelled; they did not understand what they experienced.

2. These were the Aadamah, the Source of everything that exists on the physical plane. All things on the physical plane center in them. They are the eye at the center of this creation, the hub around which it revolves. Everything came through them; everything came to them, for without them and apart from them nothing was produced on this physical plane. They were the Divine Parents, but they descended to the physical plane to open the Way of Salvation for their children. They sacrificed their divinity, their knowledge, their fullness of Light to establish a covenant through which their children could be saved and exalted, for no covenant can be established except through sacrifice. They reverted to a state of childlike ignorance so that their children could mature in gnosis.

3. All these things were accomplished by the power of the word. Through the word, the physical plane came into existence as order came out of chaos. Through the word, the Parents descended to the physical plane to become aadamah. Through the word, the Aadamah became mortal.


1. This is the story of how the Aadamah became mortal. As they flowed in the Light of the paradise in Eden, the serpent came to them. This serpent is the disrupter of peace, the sower of discord, the destroyer of the silence, the divider of the whole. This is the serpent of darkness, whose light is dark, whose nature is chaos, whose life is death. He is locked in Eternal enmity with the Serpent of Light, whose light is bright, whose nature is order, whose Life is Eternal. This is the divine urbanos, which is the manifestation of all existence.

2. This serpent of darkness began to sow the seeds of division among the Aadamah. "You are not all alike," he said to them. "Some of you are male, and some of you are female." In fact, although they could not remember their origin, the Aadamah were the Androgynous Godhead. They were not male; they were not female; they were whole, perfect, individuated deities. Those who listened to the serpent of darkness, however, began to change. They lost their wholeness; their perfection became marred; they became fragmented demigods. They became female. In this way, the woman was taken out of the Perfect Man, Divine Anthropos.

3. As the women mingled with the rest of the Aadamah, they confronted them with their femininity. "We are whole," they said. "We are female, but what are you? You are neither male nor female. You are nothing!" They continued to confront them in this manner until a change commenced in the rest of the Aadamah. They became male in response to the femininity of the others. In this way, the man came out of the woman as the woman had come out of the Man.

4. This is how otherness came to the mortal plane. This is how the Androgynous Godhead became male and female. This is the reason mortals are drawn to "the other"; they are seeking that part of themselves which was lost in the paradise of Eden. It is not just that male desires female and female desires male, but mortals find otherness fascinating in all its forms, for they know deep within themselves that they are incomplete. Conversely, they are also drawn to those like themselves, for with them they feel the greatest potential for unity, since they perceive fewer differences to reconcile. Mortals are constantly trying to overcome the illusion of separateness at the same time they cling to it tenaciously.

5. Those who had become male were now called Adam (meaning mortal), while those who had become female were now called Eve (meaning living). The serpent of darkness talked with Adam. "Come with me to the Tree of Gnosis," he invited. "Partake of its fruit. Eat all you want, for it will lead you to Gnosis and Sophia, the Father and Mother of All." "We cannot partake of that fruit," responded Adam, "for the Parents instructed us not to. We will not violate their instructions." "You may not choose to violate their instructions," exclaimed the serpent, "but you can’t avoid it, no matter how hard you try. You will partake of that fruit, and when you do, you will be able to see for the first time. You will perceive Light and darkness, good and evil. Now you are blind, but then you will have sight." "We will not eat that fruit," insisted Adam. "Leave us alone!" So the serpent went to Eve.

6. "Come with me to the Tree of Gnosis," invited the serpent. "You will love its fruit. It’s delicious to eat, and it will lead you to Gnosis and Sophia from whom you came. Look at the fruit of the tree. Isn’t it the most beautiful and desirable thing you have ever seen? Go ahead and eat some. Eat all you want; there’s nothing to stop you." The serpent continued to address Eve in this manner until they began to reach out and pluck the fruit from the tree. At first they just held it, soaking in its warmth, basking in the pleasure of it, but then, one by one, they lifted the fruit to their mouths and tasted it. After just a taste, their bodies were convulsed with ecstasy, so that the women consumed more and more of the fruit, absorbed in an orgy of ecstatic pleasure in the middle of the grove.

7. Then Eve went to Adam, taking some of the fruit. "We have eaten this fruit," said Eve. "We have been filled with the power of Gnosis, intoxicated with the pleasure of Sophia. Join us in eating the fruit. You will experience pleasure which is beyond your ability to imagine." "We can’t eat that fruit," replied Adam. "The Parents instructed us not to partake of it. How could you do what they told us not to?"

8. Eve looked at Adam and saw a group of young boys. "Grow up!" said Eve. "Will you be children forever? It’s time to start making your own decisions. When the Parents put us in this garden, we were not separated into male and female. Now they will drive us from the garden for eating this fruit. If you do not join us in eating the fruit, you will remain in the garden, but you will never be whole again, for you will be irreversibly separated from your feminine side. Without us, you will never find your way back to wholeness."

9. Adam listened carefully. They felt the voice of Truth in what Eve said. "We will partake of the fruit," said Adam, "not because we choose to violate the instructions of the Parents, but because we feel Truth speaking in what you say, and we desire to become whole even more than we desire to remain in this garden." Then Adam partook of the fruit also.

10. This is how the Aadamah lost their paradise in Eden. This is how they became mortal, descending to the mortal plane to commence the race of mankind. This is how the illusion of separateness entered the mortal plane, where it has reigned over the minds of mortals ever since. This was the beginning of Adam and Eve’s pursuit of gnosis and sophia.


1. Why did the Parents, who possessed everything, in whom the fullness of the Godhead was embodied, who had risen to a fullness of Divine Light, descend to the physical plane and fall to mortality, forsaking all that was theirs for the pain of mortal existence? They did this because they are the embodiment of pure, unadulterated, Unconditional Love. It would be inconsistent with their Divine Nature not to descend in the name of Love. Through their Love, they fell, sacrificing their divinity so that through their Love they could produce mortals. Every mortal is produced through an act of intercourse, but those who are perfect in their generation are generated through an act of Love. When the illusion of separateness is transcended so that what is not becomes what is, perfect generation becomes a reality.


1. Just as their Love led the Parents to descend to mortality for the generation of mankind, Divine Love led the Father to descend again to generate through a Virgin a divinely mortal Son. This Son was Jesus Christ, Son of the Eloheim, who put on mortality like a garment so that as a mortal he could offer a divine sacrifice. He descended to the mortal plane to reveal Truth, to strip away the curtain which veils the face of Truth from mortal vision. Those who come to the Son will be carried through the veil into the Inner Vision.

2. When the Son came to mortals, he did not speak plainly of Truth, for they could not have understood him if he had, but he revealed Truth through parables so that those who were able to see might perceive that Reality. The gods of darkness trembled in fear and rage as he led his disciples out from under the illusions of darkness until they could perceive the hidden mysteries, those revelations which lift mortals above the mists of darkness into the beatific vision. For this they killed him, calling him unclean, blasphemer, violator of the Mosaic Law. They killed him, but on the third day he rose from among those who had died. For forty days, he taught his holiest disciples the mysteries of godliness, now clearly revealing to them those principles which exalt mortals to a place among the Eloheim, but he placed them under a covenant of secrecy to the effect that they would never reveal these principles except to those who were prepared to receive them according to the conditions which he gave them. So these holy disciples received the message which imparts life to that living death which is mortality.


1. Not all of Jesus’disciples understood his teachings. Some, who had not been brought into these mysteries, taught in his name that the parables constituted his entire message. These mistook the container for the message, for while it is true that the parables contained the message, it is not true that the parables were the message.

2. Others misunderstood Jesus’ teachings on illusion so that they made his life an illusion. These declared him to be unbegotten, although he was begotten in a mystery, perfect in his generation. They said that he neither ate nor drank, when in fact he both ate and drank freely with his disciples. They said that he never laughed, but his disciples were often sustained by his laughter. They said that he did not really suffer, die, and rise from among those who had died, but there was no illusion in his suffering and death, any more than there was in his resurrection. He did not come to reveal an illusion, but to reveal Reality to mankind. Illusions do not unfold gnosis; Truth unfolds gnosis.


1. The first emanation of the Godhead to the mortal plane was the Parents. The second emanation was the Son. The third emanation is the Spirit. The Parents descended to commence mankind and then ascended back to their place. The Son descended to redeem mankind and then ascended back to the Parents. The Spirit descended to enlighten mankind, but she has not ascended. She animates the Body of Christ on the mortal plane, lifting the members of the Body through gnosis to a place among the Eloheim.

2. It is the Spirit that ministers in the Body through it various members. It is through the Spirit that the prophets minister the word, through the Spirit that the seers perceive Reality, through the Spirit that the revelators hear the declarations of Truth.

3. The prophets do not declare concepts that originate in their own minds, but as the Spirit leads them, they minister principles of Truth to guide those who listen toward enlightenment. All the prophets, before and after the descent of the Redeemer, have testified of him, that he is the power of redemption and the source of salvation. This testimony of the Son comes from the Spirit to lead their children back to the Parents. Through the power of the Son and the ministry of the Spirit, the elect are called and chosen to a place among the Eloheim. They become joint-heirs with the Son.

4. Those who do not come to the Son wander in darkness. Jesus said, "I descended to the mortal plane; I became a mortal. When I began to minister, I found that all mankind are intoxicated, but few of them are thirsty. I grieve for mortals because they are blind; they cannot see the Reality in which they live. They come into this world without knowledge, and most of them leave this world without knowledge. While they are here, they are intoxicated by the illusions of mortality. They are engorged with the stimuli of their physical senses. They are dozing in a stupor of over-indulgence. Only when they awaken from their drunken sleep will they be able to change and follow me."

5. It is the Spirit that calls mortals to awaken from their drunken sleep. It is the Spirit that washes away the effects of the illusion of separateness when they are immersed in water. It is the Spirit which converts them into Children of Light through immersion in Fire and the Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit that enlightens them with gnosis when they have received the keys of knowledge in the Temple of the Eloheim. It is the Spirit that endows them with regal and priestly power when they are anointed with the oil of holiness. It is the Spirit that leads them to a place among the Eloheim.

6. The Spirit is the fulfillment of the cross. Jesus said, "No one can be saved who does not accept the power of my cross. Those who accept the power of my cross will inherit the divine realm. You must seek death as the entrance to Life, for only those who die from the mortal condition can be born again in me. No one who fears the death of the old personality can be saved, for their fear will cause them to cling tenaciously to the mortal condition so that they cannot be lifted to a higher life. When the Holy Spirit shows you the reality of death, you will see it as the gate to Life."


1. The Path to the Eternal Godhead begins with the word. You must plant the word in your heart through studying the scriptures which have been given, as well as those which will be given. When the seed is planted, you must nourish it through the teachings of the prophets and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. If you do this, the word will sprout within you. It will continue to grow, expanding your soul, until you expand as wide as eternity. Then you will be divine like your Parents. Then you will know as you are now known. Then you will transcend the limitations of mortality to dwell in perpetual Light.

2. This is the vision given to us by our Savior. I, John, am sharing with you what I heard from his own lips. These teachings will lead you to the vision I saw when I ascended the mountain with my Lord. They will lift you up to perceive Reality from a new perspective, and you will enter into that new Reality to live forever in worlds of Endless Light.

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