1. When I was a young child, living with my Parents in our native land, I possessed everything I could imagine wanting. I was nurtured in the House of Life until one day my Parents summoned me and sent me on a journey from our home in the East to a distant land. My Parents helped me prepare for this journey, giving me a bundle which they had put together for me. The bundle was large, but very light so that I could carry it easily without assistance. It contained many precious stones for my use along the way, as well as food for my journey and a passport affirming my citizenship in the Land of the East, the source of Light. They removed my Garment of Light, which they had woven for me through their Love, and the Red Coat, which showed my rank as a child of the Rulers, dressing me instead in a garment of crystals. The Garment of Light was woven to my exact size, so that it fit me perfectly, but the garment of crystals did not fit me as well.
  2. Then my Parents made a covenant with me, writing it in my heart so that I would not forget it. AIf you go down to Egypt and bring back the priceless pearl which is in the sea, in the home of the fire breathing serpent, you will again wear these Garments of Light covered by the Red Coat. You will find perfect peace and happiness, and you will be a joint-heir with your Elder Brother, possessing all that we have.


  1. I left on my journey, accompanied by two guides, for the way was dangerous and difficult, and I was very inexperienced. Eventually we arrived at Maishan, the place between the lands. Here my guides instructed me to dress according to the style of Egypt, so that I would not be recognized as an alien, and then they left me. I proceeded to the City of Babel in the Delta of Egypt, where I took up residence in an inn in the Labyrinth, which forms the center of the city.
  2. I immediately looked up the serpent, but I could find no way to obtain the pearl. I saw that I would have to wait for an opportunity to wrest it from him. While I was staying at the inn, lonely without my family and friends, I met a young person of noble birth from my own country who, like me, was born in the Covenant. We became close friends, and I shared with him the mission, which I had been given, warning him against the temptations and defilements of Egypt.
  3. I had followed the instructions of my guides, dressing like an Egyptian so that they would not recognize me as an alien, but they still perceived that I was not one of their countrymen. They tricked me into eating some of their food, so that I forgot who I was and where I had come from. I also forgot all about the pearl, which my Parents had sent me to obtain. I fell into a deep trance from which I could not awaken.


  1. 1. My Parents perceived everything that happened to me. They grieved for me because of the condition I was in after eating the food of the Egyptians. Gathering all their advisors, they devised a plan in my behalf, so that I would not be stranded in Egypt. Then they wrote me a letter, signed by each of their advisors. This is the text of the letter:
  2. Greetings from your Father, the Ruler of Rulers, from your Mother, the Source of Light, and from your Elder Brother, our heir. Although you are in Egypt, that is not your home. Open your mind to remember your origins. Perceive the reality of your present existence, where you are a slave to the forces of darkness. Remember the pearl for which you were sent to Egypt. Recall the Garments of Light and the Red Coat, which you will again wear when you have returned to us. Then your name will be inscribed in the Book of the Law with those who have been valiant in the service of Truth. You will again dwell in the House of Life where you will be a joint-heir with your Elder Brother, a ruler in our realm.
  3. My Parents sealed the letter with their own seal, which cannot be broken by any power. The letter assumed the form of an eagle, the ruler of all the birds, and flew off until it landed beside my bed where I was sleeping. Then it became pure sound. Hearing the sound of the letter, I awoke, picked it up, and kissed it. I began to read, and the covenant, which was sealed within me, returned to my conscious mind, for it bore the same message as the letter that I now read. I remembered that I was the child of Divine Parents, and the power of my heritage reasserted itself. I also remembered the pearl for which I had been sent to this land.
  4. Going to the fire-breathing serpent, I began to sing a song to him, naming the names of my Father, my Mother, and my Elder Brother until he fell asleep. Then I snatched the pearl from him and started for home where my Parents awaited me. Stripping off the filthy rags, which I had put on, I left them behind before crossing the border, and I headed directly toward the Light of our home in the East. On the road I met the letter which had awakened me; just as its voice had roused me from my slumber, its Light now guided me on my way. With its Light guiding me and its voice encouraging me, I hastened toward my Parents= Love until I had left the City of Babel far behind.


  1. Arriving at Maishan, the place between the lands, I met the guides who had previously led me there. They carried the Garments of Light and the Red Coat, which I had left behind when I descended to Egypt. Because I had forgotten the Garment, I was amazed to look at it, for it seemed to be a mirror of myself. It was separate from me; yet we were not two but one. The guides who brought it to me were similarly separate from me, yet they were one with me. The division between us broke down as I looked at them, and we flowed into oneness. Each of them had a name written on his forehead, and when I looked at the Garment, it had the same name written on it. Touching my own forehead, I could feel the letters spelling out the same name.
  2. One of my guides set before me the Garment of Light and the other handed me the Red Coat. Their beauty was beyond description, and I saw gnosis moving over their surface. Then they spoke to me. AAll that you have done is reflected on us. We have increased in Light as you have worked. When you acquired the pearl, we were filled with its luster, and we have come to regain our appropriate place with you. I felt compelled to reach out to them, and they flowed over me like water, fitting themselves perfectly to me until no separation could be perceived.
  3. I proceeded to the gate of my Parents= city, where I prostrated myself before them. I rejoiced with their mighty ones for I had done the work that I had been sent to do. I was received with rejoicing, and entered the city to bask in the presence of my Parents and my Elder Brother. I presented them with my pearl, but after holding it aloft for all to see, they placed it on my breast where it melded with me, my Garment, and my Coat. Then I was filled with Light, and I took my seat beside my Parents and my Elder Brother to feast with them in celebration of my return.

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