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Meditation is a tool for accessing the unconscious, so that parts of it can be brought to consciousness, where it can be effectively utilized in enhancing your life. The unconscious part of your psyche is much more extensive and complex than the conscious part, which we call the ego. One significant part of the unconscious is the hyperconscious, that spark of Divine Light, which animates all living things, and which has access to Ultimate Reality, or Divine Truth. In meditation, we work particularly with this Inner Light, learning how to access it, and use its abilities to uncover other parts of the unconscious, as well as drawing knowledge from the repository of Divine Truth. In this way, you are able to integrate the various parts of the subconscious, such as the shadow, the animus/anima, and archetypes with the ego, so that you become a more whole person. You are also able to experience the Reality underlying mortal existence, so that you can live in that Reality, instead of living in the illusions perpetrated by your physical senses or the ego's misreading of data supplied by those physical senses.

Commencing even before your birth on the mortal plane, you have learned to think in certain patterns. This is called the channeling of the brain. Some channeling is genetic, much of it happens while the foetus is still in the womb, and the process continues throughout your mortal life. Thinking which violates these patterns is very difficult, which explains why there are so few original thinkers among mankind. Meditation is part of a process of rechanneling your brain, so that you can think in new, revelatory ways.

Your brain is also divided into two hemispheres, the "left-brain" which is the primary source of rational thought, and the "right-brain" which is the primary source of conceptualization and flashes of insight and creativity. The average person in our culture is left-brain oriented, to the detriment of creativity and insight. Meditation is part of a program for developing the minor hemisphere of your brain, so that you can be more creative and insightful, or if you happen to be in the minority of right-brained people, so that you can be more rational.

It is obvious that meditation is a useful tool in personal development, but like all tools, it can be ineffective, or even dangerous, to undertake its use without guidance from someone who is adroit in its use. This is the reason we learn to meditate under the guidance of a Gnostic Master. A master has mastered techniques of meditation, as well as other tools that will help in your psychic and metaphysical development. A master will not take over your development, nor take responsibility for it, as this is yours alone, but he or she will assist you in gaining the tools for effective integration and development.


Divine Knowledge, one of the things acquired through meditation, is called gnosis. Unlike other forms of knowledge, gnosis cannot be acquired through study or listening to someone talk about it. It is experiential knowledge, meaning that it can be acquired only through experiencing it. Most of this experience does not come during the course of your daily life, but through metaphysical exercises like meditation.

The process of acquiring gnosis begins in guided meditation, but if you want to follow through on the knowledge gained there, you must advance to more intensive training in the pursuit of gnosis. Gnosis, itself, comes through your Inner Light, your hyperconscious, but your ego is unable to absorb it until your brain has been rechanneled to think in broader and deeper perspectives. This is a process that takes place over a long period of time, under the instruction and direction of a Gnostic Master. Again, the master cannot make anything happen in you, nor will he tell you what to do, but he can, and will, help you acquire the necessary keys for rechanneling your brain, and allowing your ego to interface with your hyperconscious so that gnosis can begin to flow into your conscious mind.

Actively entering into the pursuit of gnosis is a new stage of life, and as with all new stages of life, there are rites of passage into this one. In fact, there are a whole series of rites of passage at significant points in your pursuit of gnosis, but the first one with which you must concern yourself is baptism. Baptism is a gate into a new level in the pursuit of gnosis. Entering the water is like reentering the womb so that you can be reborn onto a new plane of existence. When you have been baptized, gnostic teachers and masters will help you prepare for the reception of gnosis through teaching, and through administering gnostic rites which have been used for millennia in the process of integration and psychic-metaphysical expansion.

Baptism is available to anyone who desires to step forward in the pursuit of gnosis. You just need to tell one of the masters or teachers, who are working with you in meditation, that you want to be baptized and begin an accelerated program of gnostic preparation. They will make arrangements with you to commence the most exciting and fulfilling course of growth and expansion that you will ever undertake. The timing of this event should be governed by your desires and sense of propriety. We are here to assist you, when you know the time is right.

The gnostic Book of Covenants says, "Look up, my children. There are worlds of knowledge which do not even glimmer on your horizon. Universes are unfolding beyond your perception. Worlds being born, dying, being renewed in glorious Light are your heritage. Come, my children; take your place among the stars. Let the Deity within you blaze forth. Become in reality the Children of Light. Your beginning was in glorious Light; your end no mortal knows, but the Path lies before you, for I, myself, have walked it as a mortal, and if you follow me, your Way will flow eternally through Endless Light and Truth. My Peace I give to you. Let it grow in you until you possess all things, says your Lord and your God, your Redeemer and your Savior, Ahman Christ. Amen."

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