1. Rheginos, my son, there are many who think they want to learn; they spend their time pursuing abstruse questions, and think very highly of themselves when they fabricate answers to them, but there is no power in their knowledge, for it does not proceed from the Word of Truth. They are trying to create their own rest, because they have not discerned the true Rest, which we have received through our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Did not our Lord say, "I am the bed; he who lies on me will enter Perpetual Rest"? We, who have found the bed Jesus, are resting in the Light of Divine Truth.

  2. I do not consider you to be one of these seekers after meaningless knowledge. The nature of your questions concerning the resurrection indicates that you are a sincere seeker of enlightenment. Consequently, I am writing to tell you that the resurrection is an essential doctrine of our faith in Christ. Most of mankind do not have faith in it, but there are a few of us who have found its reality. Let's investigate this principle to discover its inner meaning.

  3. How did the Lord Jesus reveal himself to us in this mortal realm while he taught here? He lived here as a mortal, although he revealed himself to be the Son of the Eloheim. We say he lived among us, teaching the principles of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother, but this mortal existence is more death than life. While he revealed himself as Son of the Eloheim, he also declared himself to be Son of Man, for his Father is Divine Anthropos, and the Son is preeminently human, as well as divine. He embraced both humanity and divinity within himself, so that he could die as a human, but vanquish death as a God. He came from a higher plane; he was the Son of a God. In fact, he, himself, was a God before this physical realm was organized.

  4. This seems difficult to understand to the mortal mind, but when we have put on the mind of Christ, it all becomes clear. There is nothing difficult to understand in the Word of Truth, but we must first put on the mind of Christ, the Holy Spirit, so that we no longer think as mortals, but as the children of the Eloheim.

  5. The Savior swallowed up death. He showed the illusory nature of this mortal world, and everything which is in it, including death. He transformed himself into an immortal being, through the power of his Parents, and was lifted up from mortal existence, which is lifeless death, to divine existence, which is Deathless Life. He swallowed up the illusions of mortality, to show us the hidden Way to Immortality and Eternal Lives.

  6. We, too, are part of this revelation. As the Apostle Paul says, "We suffered with him; we rose with him; we ascended to the heavenly realm with him." We manifest him in this world of darkness, just as sunbeams manifest the sun. We are embraced by him until our setting, which is our release from this mortal existence. We are drawn to the heavenly realm by him, for we cannot be separated from him, any more than the sunbeams can be separated from the sun. This is the spiritual resurrection, which elevates our minds and our bodies to a higher plane of life.


  1. If a person does not believe in the resurrection, there is no way to persuade him of its reality. Those who were dead will rise up, but becoming centered in this mystery, so that we can experience its reality, is a process of faith, not of intellect. If a person believes in the resurrection, even if he does not know our Lord Jesus Christ, his faith in the principle of resurrection will help him prepare to enter into that mystery. He will not be able to raise himself, but he will be raised by the free gift of our Lord Jesus Christ. Those of us who know our Lord and pursue his gnosis, however, will learn how to have a part in the power of our own resurrection.

  2. We know the Son of Man, and we believe that he rose from among those who had died. This faith enables us to center in his power of resurrection, so that we are led to the keys of Immortality and Eternal Lives. We are guided by him of whom we say, "He became the destruction of death; he is more powerful than all the lords of darkness; he is worthy of our faith in him." Through the power of our faith, we learn how to become powerful like our Lord.

  3. The knowledge gained by those who are saved will not perish. The minds of those who have known the Lord will not be destroyed. We, who were elected to salvation and redemption, are predestined, from the beginning of our mortal lives, not to be trapped like those who do not accept gnosis; we will gain the wisdom of those who know Truth, if we are not false to the election and calling which have been placed within us. Truth is hidden from mortal mind, but the Keys of Truth are held by the Doorkeeper, who is the Son of Man; he will teach us how to open the door, and enter into union with Truth.

  4. The illusions of mortal existence are strong. They make us feel insignificant and transient, but we have come from Divine Light. We are the offspring of Gods. We have the potential to enter into the Highest. When the reality of this has become alive in us, when we have put on the mind of the Anointed, then we will know that the resurrection is the only possible step to take after leaving this mortal existence. Then we will begin to know that we have always existed, and we must always exist, unless we choose the annihilation of the sons of Perdition, who permeate their souls with darkness, until there is no existence left in them.


  1. Never doubt the reality of the resurrection, Rheginos. You didn't have a physical body before you entered this plane of existence, my son, but you received one at the time of your mortal birth. Why, then, should it be difficult to believe that you will receive a physical body when you enter the heavenly realm? Your spiritual self rises from world to world; do you think it will be any more difficult for the Eloheim to clothe it with a physical body when you enter the heavenly plane, than it was when you entered this mortal plane? That which is essentially you, will always be essentially you. You are not complete in this mortal existence, but what you lack will be supplied as you draw gnosis to yourself.

  2. The afterbirth of the physical body is old age. You exist in a degenerating state from the time of your birth into mortality. When you leave this mortal plane, you will not lose anything which is worth having. Every essential part of you is eternally linked in your soul, and everything else is easily provided. It is all a gift from the Eternal; will those who are Eternal take back what they have given, or will they preserve it for you forever, if you learn how to receive it from them as an Eternal inheritance?

  3. No power can redeem us from the mortal condition except that generated by our Lord on the cross of Calvary. We are saved and redeemed by that power. When we receive the Holy Anointing, we are saved, completely and totally, once and for all. We need to learn to think this way! We need to learn to comprehend Divine Power this way! When we recognize it for what it is, there is nothing that can separate us from the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ, except our own desires for darkness, and these cannot overcome us if we love Light and Truth.


  1. Some have questioned whether salvation requires leaving the body behind. The body is a shell. It has been compared to a tent. It is not the body that is saved, for salvation is a spiritual gift, which is received by the spirit, but the body is renewed by the spirit, and carried with it into the Eternal worlds.

  2. What then is the reality of the resurrection? It is always the disclosure of those who have risen. We rise when we fulfil the new life which we have entered through Christ Jesus. When we are sanctified through the Baptism of Fire and the Holy Spirit, the resurrection becomes a reality in us. It is not made more real by its subsequent manifestation after we lay down our physical bodies. Do not think that the resurrection is an illusion; it is more real than most of what you experience in the mortal realm. It would be more appropriate to say that the mortal realm itself is an illusion, than to say that the power of resurrection, which has been generated by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is an illusion.

  3. Those whose existence is mortal will die. When I say that their existence is an illusion, I mean that it is subject to change. The life they are living now, may change at any moment, and the greatest change is death, but those who have been spiritually resurrected, cannot die. When they leave the mortal realm, it is not through death, but through ascension, whatever the illusions of their departure appear to be, and they will claim their physical bodies again, but they will then be filled with Light.

  4. The resurrection is not transitory, like everything in the mortal realm. It is the revelation of the reality of human existence. We are the children of Divine Anthropos; the resurrection is a transition into a new order of life, like that of our Divine Parents.

  5. Do not be deceived, Rheginos, by the illusions of mortal existence. When you cut through those illusions to the Reality behind them, you have inherited the resurrection. If you live life as though you were going to die, in a sense you have died already, but if you pass through mortal existence knowing that death is an illusion, you will never die, despite the illusion of death. Each of us must delve into the True Reality, until he perceives the meaning of these words. Only then will we be what we were sent to the mortal realm to become

  6. I am telling you what I have received from my Lord Jesus Christ. He has given me these mysteries to pass on to my disciples. I have tried to present them plainly to you, but if there is anything obscure in what I have said, question me, and I will clarify it for you. Do not be afraid to share with one another your insights, so that you will be the means of edification to your fellow disciples.

  7. Share what I have written with your fellow disciples. I love you all, and I am waiting for the opportunity to be with you, to share these mysteries with you personally. I pray for the elevation of all those who are seeking gnosis from our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  8. This epistle was written by Andrew, Brother of Simon Peter, to his disciple Rheginos, for the edification of the disciples.

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