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1. A Master takes a disciple and helps him become another master like himself, but a disciple cannot make disciples of others. A Master maintains his power while extending it to others, but a disciple's efforts are all centered in maintaining and increasing his own power.

2. A slave centers all his desires in attaining freedom; the idea of inheriting his master's possessions when he dies never enters his mind. A child, on the other hand, expects to inherit his parents' property when they die. When you enter the Covenant, your awareness expands; you realize that you are slaves. You cannot hope, at that time, to inherit the possessions of the Ascended Masters, but you do yearn for freedom from the powers of darkness, and the Ascended Masters make you their freemen, so that the dark lords can no longer control you. If you continue to grow in the Covenant, you will become the Friends of the Ascended Masters, and eventually you can even become their children, with all the rights of their heirs in the Covenant.

3. Those who inherit from their mortal parents are as dead as they are. If there is no life in the parents, how can there be life in the children? Those who inherit from the Living Parents are alive, for they inherit Life, and everything belongs to them; spiritual things and physical things are all theirs because they are the heirs of the Creators of all things. It is true that we are all mortal, that we were all born dead, but if we are born again and grow up in principles of Truth, we will become alive through inheriting everything that our Divine Parents can give us. They will ascend to a higher sphere of existence, and we will inherit that sphere which they have occupied.

4. Anyone who has not entered the Covenant cannot die, for that person has never lived. When we perceive Truth, that is the moment we become alive. We call this rebirth, but it is truly just birth, for physical birth is a birth into death, but this birth is a birth into Life. When we have been born of water and the Spirit, we are in danger of dying, for then we really are alive. It is then that we must be careful to avoid the missiles of the dark lords, for they are the enemies of those who truly live. Before we discovered gnosis, we were orphans, for we did not know our Parents, but when we enter the Covenant, we have a Father and Mother; we discover our True Parents through the ministry of the Firstborn.


1. Those who sow their fields in the spring, harvest them in the autumn. This world is our springtime, but the world that is coming is our autumn. While we are in this mortal world, we should plant those things that we desire to harvest in the next world. When our prayers are centered in this life, we are like people trying to harvest their crops in the spring. They may root them out of the soil, but they will experience no harvest. We must keep our spiritual eye centered in the life which is coming, if we want to experience a true harvest. If we attempt to harvest our crops now, they will be dead long before the time of harvest arrives.

2. Christ came as Redeemer, Savior, and Teacher. He redeems us from the gods of darkness, saves us from the effects of our inappropriate choices, and teaches us the Way of Exaltation. If we accept his redemption, we cease to be slaves of darkness. If we accept his salvation, we become Eloheim. If we accept his teachings, we are exalted above every power. The Christ did not only die on this mortal plane; he is the Lamb slain before the foundations of the physical realm were laid. His true death occurred in worlds above, but was reenacted for us on the physical plane so that we could understand that no power can hold us when we have accepted redemption, salvation, and exaltation from the Son of the Eloheim.

3. Our Redeemer, our Savior, our Teacher, our Christ was not forced to die for us. He did not have to suffer the realities of mortal existence. He chose to live as a mortal in our behalf; he chose to suffer in Gethsemene in our behalf, and he chose to ascend the cross in our behalf. It was a gift, freely given, and it must be freely accepted if it is to claim us, so that we can live among the Eloheim. The gods of darkness claimed this world and all its inhabitants because of the transgression of our Primal Ancestors, but their Divine Son reclaimed this world and all its inhabitants who will accept him as their Redeemer, their Savior, their Teacher, and their Christ. We are free to choose; we can remain slaves to the dark lords, as many will, or we can become slaves of Christ, who will elevate us until we become masters through the power of gnosis, which is only available through him.


1. Light and darkness, Life and death, Right and left, Good and evil cannot be separated. It is impossible to know anything unless you know its opposite. You must be exalted above the limitations of mortal existence if you desire to perceive the reality which these represent. All That Is is One. There is Right and there is left; there is dark and there is Light, but it is all One. Only when you get beyond the opposites will you perceive the Reality, which is Truth.

2. The names applied to things on this mortal plane are extremely deceptive; they divert our minds from realities to illusions. For example, when mortals hear the word "God," they do not perceive the reality of God, but an illusion of God. It is the same with the terms Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Life, Light, Resurrection, Church, etc. When mortals hear these terms, they do not perceive their reality; they are misled by illusions unless they have been led to Ultimate Reality through principles of gnosis. Mortals have applied names under the influence of the dark lords, who have used this opportunity to deceive mankind, clouding their minds so that they will not penetrate the illusions which cover mortal existence. To the extent that mortals recover the Pure Language of the Aadamah, they will be freed from the illusions of mortal existence. In the heavenly realm, all things are known by their true names, but in the mortal realm, everything is chaos.

3. There is a name which mortals do not use unless they have been enlightened; it is the name of the Father, which the Parents have given to the Son, for the Son could not become Father unless he bears the name of the Father. Those who know this name do not use it freely, for the names of Deity are sacred, filled with power, and this name is the most sacred of all.

4. Truth has given us names for things, new names for some, and new meanings for names of others, for without a correct understanding of names, Truth cannot be revealed. Truth is one single thing, but it is revealed to us as many things. As we grow in the power of Love, we are able to take the various revelations of Truth and seal them together into a continually increasing image of the Divine.

5. The dark lords desire to deceive mortals because they know that they are the children of the Eloheim, who have the potential to become like their Divine Parents. This is the reason they have taught mankind to call good "evil," and to call evil "good." They have applied the names of those that are good to those which are not, in order to confuse mankind. For example, the word "Daeva" means "Divine Ones," but they have corrupted it to "devil," which they have applied to the gods of darkness. The title "Serpent" belongs to the Firstborn, but they have applied it to the firstborn of darkness, when it is the title of the Firstborn of Light. The City of Enoch is the City of Light, but the Children of Darkness also constructed a City of Enoch to confuse the children of the Aadamah. For everything that is true, there is a counterfeit, and for every counterfeit, there is an original that is true.


1. The gods of darkness desire to enslave the children of the Aadamah, but the Eloheim have sent their Son to the mortal plane to free everyone who will come to him. There are powers which seek to overcome mortals and prevent their salvation, for they desire that mankind should join their miserable existence. If all mortals were saved, there would be no more animals offered as sacrifices to the dark lords, for their power would be annihilated. Animals are not sacrificed to the Gods of Light, but to the gods of darkness, although these sacrifices were necessary until the Great Sacrifice of the Lamb of the Eloheim, but since his sacrifice, they have rarely been necessary, and only on very specific and significant occasions.

2. When animals are brought to the altar to be sacrificed, they are alive, but when they have been sacrificed, they are dead. The Lamb of the Eloheim, however, although he was dead when he had been sacrificed, reversed the process so that now he is alive. The sacrificing of animals produced spiritual death, but the sacrifice of the Lamb of the Eloheim has produced Spiritual Life for everyone who comes to him to be filled with gnosis.

3. Before Christ came, there was no true bread on the mortal plane. When the Aadamah were in the Garden of Eden, they ate fruit and vegetables like the animals, for no wheat grew there from which bread could be made. When Christ, the Perfect Man, descended from the heavenly plane, he brought the True Bread, which is the appropriate food for mortals.


1. The dark lords think that they are accomplishing their desires. That is what they thought in the Garden of Eden, but their minds were warped by the intensity of their desire so that the Holy Spirit could use their desires to motivate them to act for the procreation of Truth. They did not perceive the Spirit working through them, but they did everything necessary for the perpetuation of the work of the Eloheim. This is the nature of Truth; many catch glimpses of it, but few see how it is really working on the mortal plane.

2. Some say that Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit, but that is absurd. The Holy Spirit is female; how can one female impregnate another? Mary is Jehovah’s Virgin. It is true that she was not impregnated by a mortal man or any dark lord, but she could not be impregnated by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit transformed her so that she could withstand impregnation by a God of Light, who was the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Sometimes when our Lord prayed, he used this form of address: "My Father who is on the heavenly plane." He would not have addressed his Father this way unless he acknowledged a father on another plane. A person may have a multiplicity of fathers in different capacities, or on different planes.


1. The Lord said to his disciples, "Converts should flow from every house to the House of the Parents, but be careful that you are not the cause of anyone leaving the House of the Parents to return to the house from which he came."

2. The reality of the name Jesus is hidden, but the reality of the name Christ is revealed to any seeker. This is the reason the name Jesus is essentially the same in every language, for it is not translated, but the name Christ varies from one language to another. In Greek it is Christ, but in Hebrew it is Messiah, and it varies in this way from one language to another. [In English it is Anointed.] The name Nazarene refers to him who reveals what is hidden. The True Christ embodies everything; he is mortal, angel, and God, although the reality of this remains a mystery until you are truly enlightened.

3. The orthodox say that the Lord died and then was resurrected, but this is an error. Resurrection does not follow death, but precedes it. By its very nature, this mortal plane is a realm of death. We mortals are born dead, so we can't really die. Mortal death is an illusion. Only those who have been resurrected from mortal existence, so that their life is not merely an illusion, are capable of dying. For them, physical death and resurrection are only illusions, for they continue to live unless they choose spiritual death, but for those who are not resurrected from mortal existence, physical death and resurrection are also illusions, for they were never really alive.

4. If you want to hide something valuable, to make it as inconspicuous as possible, you conceal it in the most valueless surroundings you can find. This is like your soul; your spirit is precious, but it is hidden in your body, which appears to have no true value. However, this too is an illusion, because the fact that it contains your spirit imparts inestimable value to your body, if it nurtures your spirit, rather than smothering it.

5. Some are offended when you suggest that they may rise naked from the tomb. They want to come up with their bodies clothed as though they were mortal. Were the Aadamah clothed when they lived in the full Light of the Eloheim in the Garden of Eden, or was it after they had submitted to the gods of darkness that they clothed themselves? The body is not a shameful thing to be hidden away behind layers of illusion; it is the warped mind which requires this that is shameful.

6. The apostle says that a body in which the life-force is blood will not be able to inherit the heavenly realm. What will be unable to inherit? It is the body which is enlivened by mortal blood. What will be able to inherit? It is the body which is enlivened by the blood of Jesus. The body which is enlivened by the blood of Jesus is a part of the body of Christ. This is the reason the Lord Jesus said, "The person who does not eat my body and drink my blood is not alive." Don't you realize that his body is the Word and his blood is the Holy Spirit? Blood is mortal, but Spirit is its inner reality. The body is mortal, but the Word is its inner reality. What is the Word? When you learn and internalize the Generative Word, your body will live, enlivened by the Holy Spirit, the blood of Christ. When you receive the bread and wine, the body and blood of our Lord, what are you receiving? Is it not the Generative Word and the Holy Spirit? Meditate on this concept until you perceive the realities of your own existence.

7. I am not suggesting that the physical body will not be resurrected. Would you be yourself if you did not include your physical body? When you enter the spirit world, you will not be complete, and you will know that you are not complete. Only when your spirit is reunited with your physical body will you be complete, but while they are separated, your spirit will still be able to say "I AM," while your physical body will neither know nor say anything. While neither is nonessential to you, this is the difference between the spirit and the physical body. Your spirit is your Inner Light which came from the Eloheim, but now that it has been embodied, it can never again be complete without its physical body.


1. When you are given physical Garments, you will still be greater than the Garments, but when you are given Garments of Light, they will make you greater than you are.

2. Water and fire are purifying elements in both their physical and metaphysical aspects. When we are washed, we are purified by water, but when we are anointed, we are purified by Fire.

3. Jesus accommodated himself to each one he met; he didn't show himself as he was, but in an appearance with which they could identify. To those centered in Light, he appeared in Light. To those centered in physical existence, he appeared as their fellowman. To the angels, he appeared as an angel, but to mortals, he appeared as a mortal. Those who saw him were actually seeing themselves. In this way, his reality was hidden from everyone to one degree or another, unless they were transformed into the nature of that reality. When he appeared to his disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration, he appeared in the fullness of his radiant Light, but he filled them with that Light which enabled them to perceive the Real Christ. When they had returned to their normal condition, Jesus led them in offering thanks and prayer. "You who perfect us through the ministry of the Holy Spirit so that we are filled with Light," he prayed, "unite us with the angels and Gods while we are in this mortal sphere, so that we can return to that realm from which we came."

4. Don't despise the Lamb of the Eloheim, Jehovah’s Suffering Slave, for unless you enter into his passion, you will never be able to enter the heirship of the Ruler. It is impossible to enter the Ruler's presence if you remain naked. Only if you are clothed in the Garments which have been whitened in the blood of the Lamb will you be able to join the Ruler's Family in the Divine Realm.

5. The Divine Ones have infinitely more progeny than mortals. Mortals produce a finite number of children and die, but the immortal Eloheim produce progeny forever because they never die; they are Eternally Begetting and Always Begotten. Parents produce children, but children cannot produce children. Children acquire siblings, but Parents acquire children. This is according to the Law of Relative Relationships. Birth is a physical event, but rebirth is a metaphysical event. Those who call on Divine Anthropos are born again, for they have seen his vision and believed his word. They desire to be nourished by the word flowing from the mouth of the Father and Mother, and the word of their mouth will nourish and perfect them. Those who have been perfected, conceive and give birth through a Kiss. This is the reason we kiss one another; through kissing, we may conceive from the Light which flows among us.


1. There were three who were always with the Lord: his Mother Mary, his Sister Mary, and the Mary who was called the Magdaline and known as the Lord's Companion. His Mother, his Sister, and his Companion were all Marys.

2. Father and Son are single names, but Holy Spirit is a double name. Father and Son are above, but Holy Spirit is above and below. Father and Son are personally present above, but they are present through Holy Spirit above and below.

3. The saints are served by powers of darkness, for the minds of the dark lords are warped so that they do not know what they are doing; they think they are serving darkness when they are serving Light. This is what happened in the Garden of Eden. When the gods of darkness tried to deceive the Aadamah, thinking they were increasing the power of darkness, they were actually furthering the cause of Light. Once, when a disciple asked the Lord for some physical thing, he replied, "You are approaching the wrong lord; learn to govern all the powers through proper principles, and there is nothing you cannot acquire or accomplish."

4. The apostles taught their disciples, "Every offering should be seasoned with salt." They used the term salt to refer to Sophia or Wisdom. Without Sophia, no offering is acceptable. This is the reason we salt the bread which is to become the body of our Lord to us. It reminds us that the reception of his body and blood is meaningless unless they are accompanied by Sophia. Sophia alone can produce no progeny, but the Holy Spirit, through whom Sophia flows, produces many children to enlighten those who receive her.


1. Children inherit the possessions of their Parents, but while they are young, they cannot govern their inheritance. When they have matured, their inheritance will be theirs to control. You are the heirs of the Parents, but you cannot control your inheritance until you have matured metaphysically.

2. We are regenerated through the Spirit so that we are able to perceive the realities of our existence and the Path to the Divine Realm, but those who lose their way and stray from the Path usually do so because of the same Spirit. The Spirit of the Prophets is subject to the Prophets. The Spirit teaches us, empowers us, and renews us, but it must be governed by the principles we receive from the Masters, or its Fire can consume us. When the Spirit causes our spark of Divinity to flare up, it becomes a conflagration which will consume our old personalities, but if it is not brought under control, it can consume our whole souls.

3. There is a vast difference between Ekamoth and Ekmoth. Ekamoth is gnosis or Divine knowledge, but Ekmoth is mortal knowledge. Both are knowledge, but Divine knowledge has a dimension added, as Ekamoth has a syllable added. Ekamoth is living knowledge, but Ekmoth is dead knowledge. Both are knowledge, but one remains trapped in the illusions of mortal existence, while the other ascends to Eternal Light and Lives.

4. Some animals are domesticated, while others are wild. Humans use domestic animals for plowing their fields, which produce food for themselves, their domestic animals, and the wild animals who graze in them. It is the same with Divine Anthropos. The angels of Light, which are submissive to them, assist them in cultivating the mortal realm. Through them are produced the means of sustenance for beings of Light and beings of darkness, as well as mortals. Every being of Light and darkness is dependent on the Divine Ones for sustenance. All are shepherded by the Holy Spirit, which governs all the powers, those which are "domesticated" and those which are "wild." Mortals also are governed by the Holy Spirit, although they are neither domesticated nor wild until they choose one condition or the other. It is not that we are unable to act freely, but the Holy Spirit is able to act in relation to us so that everything happens for good in the final analysis.

5. You are the descendants of the Eloheim, and their beauty radiates from you. This was not true of Cain, for his father was the serpent. The serpent adulterated the race of the Eloheim, and from his adultery proceeded murder, for the enmity of darkness versus Light was reproduced in Cain's enmity toward his brother Abel. This same enmity caused Judas, Cain's son, to betray the Son of the Eloheim. When the children of darkness engage in sexual intercourse with the children of Light, it is an adulterous act which produces death.


1. The Eloheim are dyers. Just as good dyes merge with the items which are dyed in them, so does the Light of the Eloheim merge with those who are dyed in it. The Divine Colors become part of them, so that they become Eternal like the Light. First the Eloheim dip those who are called in water, and when they are chosen they are dyed in Divine Light. The mark of the Eloheim which is placed on them at that time can never be erased.

2. It is impossible to perceive Divine Reality unless you recognize that you are part of it. It's not like perceiving things on the physical plane. You can see the sun without being a sun. It's the same with anything else you perceive through your physical senses. It is different when you perceive Truth, for you perceive it with your metaphysical senses. When you perceive the Spirit in this manner you become a spiritual being. When you perceive Christ in this manner you become a Christ. When you perceive the Parents in this manner you become a Parent. With the physical senses you can see all kinds of things, but you can't really see yourself. When you develop your metaphysical senses, you will not only perceive your true self, but you will become the other things which you perceive.

3. Faith receives and Love gives. No one can receive without faith, and no one can give without Love. We develop faith so that we can receive, but we develop Love so that we can give what we have received through faith. If we do not develop Love so that we can give, the gifts we receive through our faith have no value.

4. There are many names for the Son of the Eloheim who descended to the mortal plane to work out our redemption. The name Jesus tell us that he is the Savior. The Nazarene tells us that he is the personification of Truth. Messiah has been translated as Christ, the Anointed One. He is that, but Messiah also means the One who has been measured. It reminds us that we must measure up to the full measure of Christ’s stature.

5. A pearl's value is not affected by its circumstances. If it is thrown into the mud, it is no less valuable. If it is anointed with precious oil, it is no more valuable. Its value is intrinsic. It is the same with the children of the Eloheim. Whatever circumstances they may be in, their value does not change in the eyes of their Divine Parents.

6. If you say, "I'm a Jew," no one will be disturbed by it. It is the same if you say "I'm a Roman, a Greek, a barbarian, a slave, a freed man, a Christian." If you say, "I'm a Gnostic," however, you create all kinds of opposition. May I be worthy of such a name; may I receive a name which the followers of darkness can't stand to even hear.


1. The Eloheim consume their children. They require that their children sacrifice their selves to them. In the past, animals were sacrificed to the gods of darkness and to the demiurge, but the Eloheim do not accept animal sacrifices. The only sacrifice they will accept is the sacrifice of their own progeny. If you desire to approach the Eloheim, be prepared to sacrifice your self, for this is the only means through which you can enter their presence.

2. Glass containers and pottery containers are both manufactured by means of fire. If glass containers are broken, they can be melted down and remade, for life was breathed into them when they were formed. If pottery containers are broken, they are destroyed, for there was no life breathed into them when they were formed. When mortals were organized, the Eloheim breathed into them the breath of life. If they are broken, they can be melted down and remade, for they are living creatures which have always existed and will always exist, in one form or another. They can never be destroyed.

3. An animal turning a millstone may walk a hundred miles, but when it has finished, it will find itself in the place it started from. All its efforts have produced no progress. Many people are like that. They keep traveling, but they make no progress toward a destination. All their efforts amount to nothing, because they are bound to the conditions of mortal existence as the beast is bound to the millstone. They do not know how to break free. They do not know the signs to direct them on their journey. They do not accept a guide to lead them to their destination.


1. The Sacrament is Jesus. His name is Pharisatha, "the One Who Is Spread Out," for he is not located in one place. On every altar he may be found; the power generated in his crucifixion is available wherever his disciples gather around his Priesthood. Mortals thought they crucified the Son of Man, but in reality he crucified mortal existence.

2. The Lord went to Levi's house. He watched Levi's employees dying yarn. Picking up a handful of threads, he dipped them into the vat and brought them out again. "The Son of Man has also come to dye everyone who desires to be pure," he explained.

3. The Master's Companion was Mary Magdaline. John was his Beloved. Jesus loved them more than any of the other disciples, and frequently kissed them on the mouth. The rest of the disciples were offended at this. "Why do you love them more than you do us?" they asked Jesus. "Why do I not love you as I love them?" Jesus replied. There is no difference between a blind person and one who can see as long as they remain in darkness, but when there is light, one will be able to see while the other remains in darkness. When you are in the presence of Divine Light, your true nature will be revealed. Gnosis is elusive, but when you find it, you will be loved as you desire to be loved.

4. The Lord said, "Those who know that they existed before descending to this mortal plane are blessed, for they know who they really are. Everyone who exists here has lived before and will live after, but the knowledge of this opens your eyes to the vision of Eternity.

5. The superiority of humans over other creatures is not obvious to the eye; it lies in metaphysical distinctions. Humans can master animals which are stronger than they are because of the greater power of their minds. This enables mankind to survive in a world which is full of stronger creatures. The same is true of the weaker animals. They survive because they attach themselves to humans who protect them through the power of their minds. Mental power is always superior to physical prowess, and will ultimately prevail.


1. If a person enters the water and emerges without receiving anything, he can call himself a Christian, but he has only borrowed the name. If he receives the Holy Spirit, however, the name Christian is his as a gift. A gift does not have to be returned, but a loan must be repaid. When you enter into a mystery, you may borrow its power or you may receive it as a gift. If you experience its spiritual reality, it is a gift to you, but if you borrow its power without experiencing that reality, you will have to repay it with interest.

2. Marriage is one of the greatest mysteries. The Patriarchal Order of Marriage is the basis of all existence. When that mystery does not exist on the mortal plane, all that is mortal begins to die. Eventually the mortal realm would cease to exist if the mystery of Patriarchal Marriage did not infuse new Life into it. Mortals practice an appearance of marriage, which reproduces their own image, but only the sanctified have the knowledge to reproduce the Divine Image on the physical plane.

3. Spirits of Light and darkness are male and female. When they relate to a man, they do so as females, but when they relate to a woman, they do so as males. Those who bear the Priesthood are spiritually male, but those who do not bear it are spiritually female. However, those who have mastered Life, who are perfected and sanctified, are male and female. They receive the spirits in both kinds, but the spirits have no power over them, for their feminine side can master the female spirits and their masculine side can master the male spirits. Only in this condition can you be spiritually and physically complete.

4. Those who have ascended, so that they live in the Realm of Light, wherever they may dwell, are not subject to the forces which surround them; they are independent of every power beneath the celestial worlds. Neither desire nor fear controls their decisions. They have mastered existence through the acquisition of gnosis. They are not subject to envy or jealousy. They neither fear nor are addicted to their physical desires. They are at peace with themselves and the realities of their existence. Only these can claim the title Eloheim.

5. There are three good places to dwell. One is the heaven we can create from mortal existence. One is the heaven we can enter in the spirit world, which we call Paradise. One is the heaven of heavens, where those who are resurrected in a fullness of Light dwell. These are called the Ophanim; they are the One God. There are three parts of the world of spirits. There is the realm of Light, which we call Paradise. There is the mortal condition, which we call Prison. There is the realm of darkness, which we call hell. There are also those in outer darkness, which we call Perdition, but the saddest of all are those who remain on the physical plane after they have lost their bodies. These are consumed by a constant desire for that which they can never again possess. Make peace with yourself and the realities of your existence so that you will not be left floating on a physical plane with no physical body through which to enjoy it. Best of all is to be resurrected to Light while on the physical plane, for then your place in Paradise and the Celestial Worlds will be assured.

6. Some do not desire to do wrong, while some others would like to but cannot. Those who do not commit wrongs because they cannot, are no better off than if they had committed the wrongs. It is what is in our hearts, our desires, that reveal what we are. When we desire to commit a wrong, it is already a spiritual reality. A person is not better for abstaining from what he cannot do.

7. An apostle had a vision in which he saw people imprisoned in a building of fire, bound with flaming chains, and immersed in boiling oil. "Why can't they be saved?" he asked his guide. "They could be saved," was the reply, "but they refuse the salvation which is offered them. Everyone receives what he truly desires; these have desired the annihilation of outer darkness, so they must inevitably be thrown into it."


1. A sanctified soul has emerged from Water, Fire, and Light. Water washes away the past. Fire consumes mortal nature. Light builds a new, radiant nature. Those who are sanctified are the children of the Bridal Chamber, where the mysteries of the Divine Nature are experienced. Those who ascend to these mysteries have left their mortal nature behind on the mortal plane, for it cannot ascend with them. Only those who follow the path of the Redeemer, ascending the cross and transcending mortality through the resurrection, can learn the reality of these things.

2. Truth cannot descend to the mortal plane in its true form. Truth is manifested to mortals in their natural state in many forms, but none of them are pure Truth. Only those who ascend beyond the limitations of mortal mind can perceive Truth in its fullness. Every principle of Truth has its counterfeit on the mortal plane, and every counterfeit has a principle of Truth which it reveals. There is rebirth and there is the appearance of rebirth. There is immersion and there is the appearance of immersion. There is crucifixion and there is the appearance of crucifixion. There is resurrection and there is the appearance of resurrection. It is not sufficient to receive the appearance of rebirth, immersion, crucifixion, and resurrection. A person who receives these may be called Christian, but it is only the appearance of entering into Christ. One who receives the reality of these principles is not only a Christian, but a Christ. A person who is truly crucified and resurrected will receive the Anointing so that he is called Christ.

3. The Redeemer unfolded many mysteries to those disciples who entered the Inner Vision. They received an immersion, a sacrament, and an anointing through which they were redeemed and brought into the Bridal Chamber. In that sacred place, there was nothing they could not learn.

4. The Redeemer said, "I descended to lift you out of darkness. I will make you whole beings, for now you are fragmented, but on the heavenly plane there is perfect unity. I cannot reveal myself here as I truly am, for you see only a derivative of my Divine Nature. If you follow me, you will also be transformed into the Divine Nature, and you will join me among the Eloheim. Then you will see as clearly as you are now seen, and you will know as clearly as you are now known.

5. Before Christ came, many descended from the heavenly plane, but they could not return there, for the power of resurrection had not yet been generated. After Christ generated that power, those who descended could also ascend.


1. When Adam and Eve had not been separated, death did not exist. When they were separated, death commenced among them. When they regain their primal unity, death itself will die.

2. On the cross, Jesus cried, "My Gods! My Gods, why have you left me?" He said this because on the cross he was divided. For the first time, his immortal nature was not sustaining his mortal nature; he was truly alone.

3. We can be the children of the Eloheim or the children of the satans, but we cannot be both. We may avoid the choice for awhile, but eventually we must choose Light or darkness. We have descended from realms of Light, but we are still on our journey. Only we can choose our own destination.

4. The Redeemer rose from among those who had died. He received his body back, but now it was perfected. His resurrected body was physical, but it was the true physical, not the appearance of being physical. While we are mortal, our bodies appear to be real, but they only take on genuine reality when we are resurrected to Light.


1. The bridal chamber is not for those who have not transcended their animal nature. It is not for those who remain slaves of darkness. The bridal chamber is for those who are redeemed, those who are holy, those who have entered into the mystery of Divine Matrimony.

2. When we are born again through the Holy Spirit so that we can see the heavenly realm, we are still divided. Just as we cannot see our bodies in a mirror without light, we cannot see our souls in the Divine mirror without Divine Light to give us vision. We perceive our Divine potential, but our bodies remain estranged from our spirits. When we are immersed in water and the Spirit, our union begins to grow. When it is complete, we are anointed so that we become Eloheim. Then we are truly united into one soul through the sealing power of the Holy Spirit, for the true anointing is not the unction with oil, but the unction of the Spirit.

3. The temple contains the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies, but the Holy of Holies is only the gateway to still holier places. When we follow gnosis, our progression is Endless. When the Redeemer offered himself on the cross, the veil of the temple was torn in half from top to bottom. Prior to that time, only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies, but after that, anyone could enter who would learn the keys for admission. The veil was parted so that every follower of gnosis could become a high priest and enter the Holy of Holies, through which they could ascend to holier places.

4. The dark lords cannot see those who wear a Garment of Light, so they cannot control them. They are free to go wherever they choose to perform the good deeds of their Divine Parents. You receive the image of the Garment of Light to help you prepare to enter the Holy of Holies, but when you enter that sacred place, you will receive the true Garment of Light.


1. The separation of male and female generated death. The Redeemer came to reunite male and female so that death could be conquered. When male and female are reunited in the bridal chamber, the foundations of darkness are shaken, for the restoration of the Primal Unity will destroy darkness' dominion.

2. The Aadamah became living souls when the breath of life was blown into their nostrils. Breath is a synonym for spirit, for when they breathed in the breath of life, they breathed in their spirits. The soul is body and spirit; it is unity that creates the soul. The spirit is male; the body is female. When they are united in the Divine image, we become living souls. If they are not united, we have the appearance of life, but true life is not ours.

3. Jesus' Divine nature was revealed at the Jordan River when the Father announced, "This is my Beloved Son with whom I am very pleased. Listen to him." In this way the Father declared himself to be the True Father and his Son to be the True Son. Then the Father was no longer the Son, and the Son was no longer the Testator. As the Son had been anointed to become the Redeemer before the foundations of the physical plane were laid, now he was anointed again to be the Redeemer, as the Holy Spirit descended on him with a holy unction. This was the beginning of his mortal ministry, which ended on the cross of Calvary. From the cross he commenced his ministry in the world of spirits, and with his resurrection and ascension, he began his ministry in Light, which will never cease.

4. The conception of the Son of the Eloheim is a great mystery. The Father descended to the Holy of Holies at that time to mingle with a pure Virgin. From their mingled substance proceeded the Divine Redeemer. It is this event that is reenacted in the bridal chamber; the Divine nature overshadows the mortal, filling it with the Divine substance. From this mingled substance emerges the Christ nature in the sanctified ones. In this manner, the Divine Redeemer continually descends to renew the mortal plane.

5. The Fall of mankind was reversed in the Christ. In the beginning of this physical plane, the Divine Ones fell to produce mankind. In the Meridian of Time, mortality was lifted up in the Virgin Mary to produce a Divine Son. The Incarnation was the beginning of redemption from the Fall.

6. There were two trees growing in the Garden in Eden. The Tree of Gnosis produces animals, for only by becoming animals could the children of the Eloheim learn to transcend darkness. The Tree of Life produces anthropos, which is divine. If they had continued eating the Tree of Life, the Aadamah would have remained divine, but their children would have been spirits, unable to realize their divine potential. By eating the Tree of Gnosis, the Aadamah became animals, producing children who were animals, but these children had the potential to become Gods.

7. In the beginning of this physical plane, the Gods produced mortals, but now mortals produce their own gods. We call the god produced by mortal mind the demiurge. It is the demiurge that most mortals worship, but the demiurge should worship mortals, for they are his creators. Mortals say that their gods created them, but in reality, they created their gods.


1. Mortal slaves serve those who are free, but on the heavenly plane, those who are free serve those who remain slaves. The children of the bridal chamber are free, but their nature is to serve those who are not free. The children of the bridal chamber are united in one. They share a single name. They need no other, for they have been freed from the illusion of separateness. They perceive the Reality which manifests all things, and they are at peace in that Reality. Those who remain slaves think they are separate and independent, but they never find peace, for they are continually living in an illusion.

2. We descend into the water to be immersed, but Christ raises us from the water to be immersed in Spirit. The Immersion in Fire and the Holy Spirit perfects us, until we become Eloheim, but these immersions are impossible without the immersion in water. This is the reason that the Master said that immersion in water allows us to accomplish everything good.

3. Those who believe they will first die and then be resurrected are in error. If we are not resurrected before we die, it will be much harder to be resurrected after we die. The time to ascend is now. Everything connected to salvation and exaltation is easier to accomplish on the mortal plane.

4. Philip the Apostle said, "Joseph the Carpenter planted a garden because he needed wood for building. It was from one of these trees that the cross was made on which his son was hung. The gods of darkness often warp the good things we do so that they produce evil fruit. The final result is not with darkness, however. The dark lords thought they were producing evil when they crucified the Redeemer, but they were his instruments, enabling him to generate the power of salvation in behalf of all mankind."

5. Life on the mortal plane is sustained by death. Everything here maintains life by consuming that which has died. Eternal Life is sustained by Life. Those who are nourished by Truth will never die, for Truth does not die in order to impart Life to us. It was Truth that Jesus brought from the heavenly plane to nourish us. He feeds those who desire Life on the elements of Truth, and they never die.

6. The Eloheim placed mankind in a Garden. They said, "Eat all these fruits, but don't eat the fruit of the Tree of Gnosis, or you will die." The Aadamah ate the fruit of the Tree of Gnosis, and death was introduced to mankind. This was the beginning of the mortal plane. When we enter Jehovah's Garden as seekers of gnosis, we are again presented with the Tree of Gnosis, but now the Eloheim say, "Eat the fruit of this tree and you will live." The same tree brings Life and death, for the knowledge of good and evil puts us in a position to choose darkness and death, but it also enables us to transcend darkness and death to grasp Eternal Life.


1. The Anointing, or Chrism, is superior to immersion. After all, it is from the word "chrism" that we derive the name "Christian"; the name is certainly not derived from the word "immersion" or it's Greek form "baptism." It is because he was the Anointed One or Chrismated One that the Redeemer was called the Christ. The Parents anointed the Son, the Son anointed his disciples, and the Anointed Disciples anoint us. Those who have been anointed are joint-heirs with the Anointed One; they too are Jehovah's Anointed, and they possess everything, including the knowledge to anoint others. They possess the power of resurrection, the ability to impart Light, the mystery of the cross, and the fullness of the Gift of the Holy Spirit. The Parents give them these gifts in the Holy of Holies to prepare them for the Bridal Chamber. Just as the Parents were in the Son and the Son was in the Parents, the Parents and Son are in their Anointed Ones and their Anointed Ones are in them. This is the nature of existence on the heavenly plane.

2. The Lord said, "Some have entered the divine realm joyfully, but have not remained there." Some do not remain there because their motives were not sincere, and others because they later regret their decision to enter. Although they were immersed and confirmed, they were not truly Christians.

3. When Jesus was immersed, he came out of the water laughing at the mortal condition. It was not because he found it amusing, but because he despised it. The mortal condition is weighty when you are trapped in it, but when you have risen above it, it is laughable, even contemptible. Anyone who desires to enter the heavenly realm must perceive the insignificance of the mortal condition. Then you will enter the heavenly realm laughing.

4. To receive the bread and wine which are the body and blood of the Redeemer is an awesome experience, but it shrinks by comparison when you have received the Holy Anointing. Yet, incredible as that Anointing is, there are other ordinances which cause it to shrink by comparison. This is the nature of Eternal Progression.

5. We live in a world of darkness. It was not a world of darkness when it was organized, but a world of Light. It was through the Fall of mankind that this world became subject to the gods of darkness. This was the price mankind paid for the opportunity to pursue gnosis, for they could partake of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge only through transgression, and transgression gave power to the gods of darkness. However, this same act of transgression opened the Way to Gnosis, which brings freedom from darkness. Enslavement and freedom are two sides of the same coin; they are the two halves of duality. Neither can exist without the other. To be redeemed, we must first be enslaved, for when we are enslaved we have the potential to discover the power of redemption. The person who is free will never discover the power of redemption. If our Primal Ancestors had remained in the Garden, they would be free to this day, but they would never have been redeemed. They would have remained in their unchanged condition forever.


1. Jesus said, "You must give as freely as you have received." If a person does not learn how to receive, how can he learn to give. It is impossible to give what you have not received. Pride keeps mortals from receiving, but it also makes it impossible for them to give. It is essential to learn to give freely, but first you must learn to receive without reservation.

2. The Cup of Thanksgiving contains wine which becomes the blood of the Redeemer. This is the blood through which we are saved, so it is the blood through which we offer thanks. It is full of the Holy Spirit because it is the blood of the Perfected One. When we drink this blood, the Perfected One enters us; he merges with us so that we become one person. We cannot be perfected unless we become one with the Perfected One.

3. When we are immersed into the Parents, we must lay aside the clothing acquired in this world so that we can put on clothing of Light. We cannot carry our mortal possessions to the heavenly plane.

4. Every animal produces its own kind. Humans produce humans. Gods produce Gods. Our bodies are the children of mortals, so they are mortal, but our spirits are the children of Gods. We will grow up to be Gods like our Divine Parents unless our growth is stunted. Our growth will be stunted if we are not properly nourished. We must drink from the Breast of the Divine while we need milk to drink, and when we are ready for solid food, we must feast at the Table of the Divine if our food is going to nourish us. Only if we are fed thoroughly on milk and then the solid food of the Holy Spirit will we grow into Divine Anthropos like our Exalted Parents.

5. In the Bridal Chamber we learn the mystery of total union with the Divine. We must become one with all who have preceded us into the Divine. Division is a product of darkness; union is a product of Light.

6. Mortal marriage is a marriage of division. Each side, by nature, is led to try to dominate the other. Spiritual marriage is a marriage of unity. All sides are strong in the power of the Holy Spirit. There is no domination, but only pure Love. The ones in the marriage who are more powerful lift up the others to be equal with them. These are the mysteries of the Bridal Chamber.


1. To gain an inheritance in the heavenly realm, you must know yourself. The gate to the heavenly realm is within you. When you know yourself, you will know the Path that leads to that gate, and you will understand how to open the gate when you arrive at it. Then you will possess all things, and you will be able to enjoy your possessions. Those who try to acquire possessions without knowing themselves will lose what they thought they possessed. They will find that they have lost the ability to enjoy.

2. Spirits of darkness cannot hinder those who have been perfected, for they cannot even see them. The Perfected Ones are clothed in Garments of Light which hide them from those who do not have clear sight. You cannot enter the heavenly realm without perfecting yourself, for only those who are perfected can be sanctified, and only the sanctified can enter the heavenly realm. Others may enter other realms, but only the Lord knows what will become of them.

3. Holiness is essential to the Priesthood. How can a priest sanctify the bread and wine or the water of immersion if he is not holy himself. Only those who have mastered gnosis can be completely holy, but every priest has mastered enough gnosis to have acquired a degree of holiness through which to sanctify the elements of the ordinances. We must become holy in body and spirit, for both body and spirit minister the elements of holiness. This is why Jesus said, "You must become as perfect as your Divine Parents are."

4. Jesus sanctified water for washing away the effects of darkness. Sanctified water is not only water; it is also Light. Our Primal Parents were immersed in water, but to them the water was a Sea of Light. Just as bread and wine become the body and blood of the Redeemer when they are sanctified, the water becomes a Sea of Light when it is consecrated. We are immersed in Light, and Light burns the effects of darkness out of us so that we are clean.

5. Gnosis frees us from darkness, but if we are truly free, we will no longer do what is inappropriate. Jesus said, "Those who do what is inappropriate are the slaves of darkness." When we are born into the mortal condition, we are already slaves of darkness, but when we are redeemed, we are reborn through the gnosis of Truth so that we are truly free. Then we no longer want to do what is inappropriate. Our nature is changed, consumed in Divine Fire and recreated through Divine Spirit. We are freed from our fallen nature, which means that we are also freed from darkness.

6. Those who are freed through gnosis remain as though they were slaves because of Love. Their Love for others binds them to the mortal plane so that they can help them ascend to freedom. Their essence is freedom but their appearance is slavery. They have ceased to be slaves of darkness, but they make themselves slaves in Light. They are redeemed, so they become redeemers of others. They are anointed, so they minister as christs on the mortal plane.


1. Children are generated from both their parents. They are the summation of their parents with something extra, which is their spirits. When you share the testimony of Truth, you are impregnating mankind. Those who are born again because of that impregnation are your children. They are the summation of you and mankind with something extra, which is the Spirit of Truth. They have not lost their mortal nature, but they are growing into the Divine nature which you have shared with them. When they are fully grown, they will leave their mother, which is mankind, to join you, their father, on the heavenly plane. The Psalmist says, "Children are like arrows. You are blessed when your quiver is full." He is speaking of the children born to you from among mankind as you share the testimony of Truth.

2. Those things which are alike are drawn to one another. If you live your life as an animal, animals will be drawn to you. If you live your life as a good person, good people will be drawn to you. If you become like the Eloheim, the Eloheim will be drawn to you.

3. As long as you do not accept the limitations of the mortal condition, you will be able to rise above them. As long as you accept those conditions as your own, you will never be more than you are now.

4. A farmer must have four elements working with him to produce a successful harvest. These are water, soil, air, and light. Those who farm with the Eloheim must also have four elements working with them if they are to produce a successful harvest among mankind. These are faith, hope, love, and gnosis. Faith is our soil in which those who are planted take root. Hope is the water which irrigates the soil, causing the seeds to sprout. Love is the air through which the sprouts grow as they mature. Gnosis is the light which nourishes them until they produce fruit. Without all four, no one can become prepared for the harvest.


1. There is one who descended to the mortal plane, lived here, and ascended again without causing distress in anyone. That person is Jesus Christ. He never burdened anyone to please himself. Those who perfect the integrity of their lives so that they can live as Jesus did, causing distress to none, placing burdens on none, will be the means of enlightening mankind. This is the good news of Christ, that we can perfect our lives so that we are sources of good among all the evils of mortal existence. A true disciple relieves the stress of others; he does not add to it. It is not only those in the Covenant he assists, but everyone, of every degree, whose life he touches. He always tries to increase the power of Good on the mortal plane. Sometimes people are distressed at him, but it is their own inappropriate desires that cause their distress, not his efforts. It may seem impossible to live this way, but the Eloheim empower their disciples to live beyond the limitations of the mortal condition.

2. The Lord Jesus told this parable. "The mistress of a large household had many people and animals in her care. She had abundant resources of every kind of food for feeding them, and because she was wise, she gave each the kind of food appropriate to its nature. She did not feed people on pigs' food, nor pigs on dogs' food, but all those in her care received what they needed." Those disciples of the Eloheim who teach mankind must do the same thing. Many people live on an animal level. The disciple should discern the nature of each and share that level of instruction which is appropriate for him. Those who have risen above the animal level also vary greatly in their progression. The disciple must be careful to give each only what he is prepared to receive. Then his whole stewardship will prosper and grow appropriately toward the realm of the Eloheim.

3. The Son of Man has children who are sealed to him. The creating of children is not a public act, but a secret act of the Bridal Chamber. This is the way it is with the Son of Man. In the Bridal Chamber, we learn the real process of our generation as children of the Divine. We learn how to become united in body, mind, and spirit. We learn to perceive the illusions of separateness and to transcend those illusions. Then the Son of Man is in us, and we are in the Son of Man. Then we learn to erase the divisions between us so that we are all in one another. This is the purpose of our immersion, to wash away the illusions of separateness. Only in the Bridal Chamber is the reality of our immersion revealed.

4. As long as we do not perceive the darkness within us, it is powerful, but when it is exposed, it is weakened. As long as it can work secretly, it can govern us, but when it is uncovered, so that Light shines on it, it becomes insubstantial, unable to exercise its power. You must penetrate your deepest, darkest recesses to uncover the darkness which lurks there. Then darkness will flee from you, and you will be powerful in Light.

5. When the Son of the Eloheim was crucified, the veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom. This was to show us that through the power generated on his cross, the way has been opened for us to pass through the veil to the Holy of Holies, and beyond it to the Bridal Chamber. The veil was torn completely so that we could know that everyone who gets as far as the veil can enter. Beyond the veil are the rooms of power. When you have entered them, you will begin to learn the true nature of power, and you will grow in that nature. Then you will become divine, for you will ascend in gnosis endlessly, becoming continually more integrated into that Reality which is your true nature. Your progression will be endless as you rise from world to world through Eternal Light. This is your potential because of the descent and death of the Redeemer. Because he descended, he has risen. Because he died, he has Eternal Life. Because you have descended with him, you will rise with him, and your name, too, will be Eternal. Amen.

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