Saga of Sophia and Christ


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1.  Following his resurrection, the Redeemer went to a mountain in Galilee with nineteen of his disciples, twelve men and seven women.  The Redeemer did not appear to them at this time as he had while he was mortal, but as a being of Light.  They were amazed and a little frightened, but the Redeemer laughed at them and asked, “What are you thinking about?  What are your questions with which I can assist you?”  Philip began to question him concerning the nature of the universe, the Plan of Redemption, and the meaning of the mysteries the Redeemer had shared with them in secret.


2.  The Redeemer replied, “I want you to realize that every person born onto the mortal plane since its beginning has been an animal.  Everyone begins life as an animal, but some become aware that they can be more than animals.  Only these become truly human.  Of those who become human, only a few go on to discover their innate divinity.  Those who cultivate this divinity become divine.  They are no longer just anthropos, but Divine Anthropos.  These are the ones who have discovered their origin, for I have descended from the realm of Light to reveal the Source of all things.  This is the Divine Father and Mother, which are the Source of all that exists on the mortal plane.  They have sent me, their Firstborn Son, to bestow the keys of knowing them on those whose hearts are pure.  I speak of what I know, for I have descended from the Father and Mother of Lights to make this gnosis available to mankind.


3.  “If you prepare yourself to receive, you will be not be denied.  My Parents are waiting to bestow on you the gnosis of Reality.  I stand at the door, knocking to gain admittance, and with me I bring precious gifts which all the pure in heart desire.  If you open the door, I will enter and bestow my gifts.  Then my Parents will come to you, for you will be possessors of all things.” 


4.  “Lord, no one can perceive Truth except through you,” suggested Matthew.  “Teach us of Truth so that we can know our Source.”


5.  “I descended from the Parents to tell you of these things,” replied the Redeemer.  “I came to reveal Light so that you can find that Light within yourselves, for when you have found it, you will enter into it, and you will know that your Source is within you.  Then you will know that the Father and Mother are the Man of Holiness, and I am the Son of Man.”


6.  “Lord, if you are the Son of Man, have you no Mother?” asked Matthew.


7.  “This is what I desire to show you,” replied the Redeemer.  “The Man of Holiness is the Great Androgynous Progenitor.  He is Father and Mother.  In him is no division.  In him is no lack.  He encompasses the whole.  He begot me, his Only Begotten Son, but I am not whole without my sister.  She is Sophia, my sister, my consort, my feminine half.  When we are united in one, then we are whole like our Parents, but when we are separated, we are incomplete, like the Aadamah who became separated into male and female to produce mortal children.  That which has been divided must be united into a perfect unity for the realm of the Eloheim to be established.


8.  “That which occurred among the Aadamah was a reflection of that which had occurred in the celestial realms, for just as the Eves were led to separate from the Aadamah, leaving the Adams truncated in the Garden of Eden, my consort Sophia was seduced by the reflection of her own Light to separate from me and descend into realms of darkness.  I tried to hold her, but so great was her love of herself that I could not.  Only when she had severed the cord which bound us together did she discover that she had been deceived, for she had thought she was moving deeper into Divine Light, when she was actually moving away from it toward the reflection of her own Light.  When she discovered her error, she found she was totally alone for the first time in her existence, surrounded by darkness and chaos.  Out of her fear and loneliness, she drew from her mind the image of her consort, the Christ, and in this place of darkness, this image took on a form and life of its own, a life drawn from its Mother, but it was not the Christ.  It was the projection of its Mother’s mind, originating in the darkness where she dwelled.


9.  “This Lord of Darkness proceeded to produce lesser reflections of itself, until it was surrounded by many others.  ‘I am God!’ declared the Lord of Darkness.  ‘There is no other God but me, and you are my angels.’  So caught up in his arrogance was he, that he did not even acknowledge his own Mother, but she perceived him, and she spoke through the mists surrounding him, ‘You lie, Samael (which means blind god), for there are many greater than you!’  Nevertheless, the Lord of Darkness ignored her voice, although it caused him and his angels to tremble with fear when they heard it.




1.  “Meanwhile, the Gods of the Heavenly Realm looked down into the darkness, and they spoke over the chaos until it obeyed them.  Out of the chaos of darkness, they created order, and in the order they organized a world for their children to inhabit.  When Sophia saw this order appearing out of the chaos of darkness, her heart opened with joy, so that I was able to descend to her, and together we flowed into the world which the Divine Ones had organized in the middle of the darkness.  There we remained, driving back chaos, and leading the children of the Divine Ones to the Light which is their Source.  Nevertheless, the dark lords also invaded this world of darkness, strengthening chaos and leading multitudes away from the Light.  This world became the battlefield of the Great Gods.


2.  “Then my Father and Mother summoned me to themselves.  ‘This world and our children who belong to it cannot be saved from darkness and chaos unless we provide a Savior to ransom them from the dark powers,’ they explained.  ‘We have chosen you to be the Savior of our children and their world.  Then you will be able to ascend with your consort to join us in Eternal Union.’ 


3.  “So I returned to this world of darkness, where I was born as a mortal myself, but I had within me the power to pay the price of redemption, opening the way for the children of the Divine Ones to ascend the Cross of Light to the realm of my Parents.  I ascended the cross, and through that ascent I have lifted up everyone who becomes united to me. 


4.  “Now I ascend to my Parents, who are also your Parents, where I will reign among my Gods, who are also your Gods.  My consort Sophia and I are again joined in perfect unity, but we will leave a portion of ourselves in you and in our world, for we have claimed this world for ourselves, and it will become a world of Light.  Sophia’s Spirit will permeate this world as the Earthly Mother, and my Spirit will radiate through it as the Heavenly Father.  When you have brought the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother together within yourselves, you will be redeemed from the Fall of the Aadamah, and you will ascend to the Source of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother, where you will be united with me and my consort Sophia forever.”




1.  Mary Magdaline asked him, “Master, we are your disciples.  We desire always to be where you are.  Where did we come from when we descended to this mortal plane?  Where must we go to be always with you?  What should we do while we are here?”


2.  “My desire is that you grasp the realization that my consort Sophia, the Source of the Earthly Mother, began this process of becoming on this plane,” replied the Redeemer.  “But the Eloheim took the chaos of Sophia’s creation and organized it into the world you know.  They placed a veil between the immortals and those who follow them, so that this world would be a place of growth and a place of testing for their children.  When you passed through that veil from the presence of the Eloheim, you forgot all that you knew.  You began life as a child of the Earthly Mother.  You did not know your Father, nor did you remember his Love for you.  Still, his Light is within you, and it calls you until you awaken to his Love.  Then you see that the world of the Earthly Mother, for all its beauty and desirability, is only a shadow of the world of your Heavenly Father.  You search for the gate to his world, and as you search, you encounter the Son of Man, for the Heavenly Father is the Man of Holiness and the Man of Counsel, and the gate into his presence is through the Son of Man.


3.  “When you perceive this reality, you are born from above to see the realm of Light.  You know that it is within you and around you.  You know that your origin is not in this world of darkness, that you are a stranger here, wandering in search of your home.  The Son of Man is the Way Shower.  He will point out the Path to you and lead you along that Path until you transcend this world of darkness and find yourself in the Realm of Light.  There you will be with me always.  This is the purpose of your mortal existence.  I show you the way through the veil into the presence of the Eloheim.  I will unfold to you the hidden knowledge, which will transform you into a being of Light.  It is this gnosis that I leave with you as the Angel of my Presence to guide you in your exodus to the Promised Land.”


4.  “Then gnosis is your greatest gift!” exclaimed Batholomew.  “My greatest gift is Divine Life,” replied the Master, “but gnosis is the key to Divine Life.  This key is hidden deep within you, so you must turn inward if you are to obtain it.  If you turn inward, you will find a gate blocking the path leading to gnosis.  Change of life and immersion in water opens this gate.  As you follow the path that opens before you, you will experience a reversal of the effects of the illusion of separateness through Fire and the Holy Spirit so that you are able to reach the Inner Ocean, in which the key of gnosis is hidden within a priceless pearl.  The pearl is guarded by a powerful serpent, but as you traverse the path, Sophia will teach you the song that will lull the serpent and enable you to obtain the pearl.


5.  “If you desire to learn the song that will lull the serpent, you must allow me to perfect you.  Reject that in yourself which comes of darkness and embrace that which comes of Light.  Then the power of Light will perfect you so that the Christ nature in you becomes your own nature.  Then Divine power will fill you, for you will be divine.  Then you will be sanctified, for you will be deified.  Then you will be pure, holy, and spotless, for you will stand at the foot of the cross until my blood has washed you clean, utterly reversing the effects of the illusion of separateness in you.”


6.  “How is it that we are sanctified, Master?” asked James. “As you become one with me through the power of my atonement, you will be changed.  Fire and the Spirit will consume your old nature and create a new divine nature in you.  The power that enables this to happen is generated by my blood, which was shed for you on the cross and by my blood which you receive when you consume me on the altar.  I am Light, and I am Life.  Your new Life, in which you are born of Light and live in Light, is generated in me.


7.  “You should ordain priests to whom I will give power to break bread, bless it, and give it to the members of my Body, to all those who will believe and be immersed in my name.  You should always observe this ritual, doing as I have done when I broke the bread, blessed it, and gave it to you.  You should do this in remembrance of my body, which I have shown you.  In the same manner, they should bless wine and give it to the members of my Body.  The wine is offered in remembrance of my blood, which is Spirit.  When you do this, it will be a testimony to the Parents that you always remember me, for if you always remember me, my Spirit will increase in you until you are sanctified, for I will be in you, and you will be in me, so that you will be deified with me.”





1.  Then Anna asked him, “Master, mortal existence is spent in the middle of darkness, and then it ends in death.  It’s difficult for me to understand our purpose in being here.”  The Master replied, “This time of approaching death which you call mortal existence is an essential part of the great Plan of Happiness.  It is true that the Fall of the Aadamah plunged all their posterity into a condition of spiritual death as well as predestining them to physical death, but it was the plan of my Parents from the beginning that mankind should be reclaimed from this spiritual death and raised from physical death.  Spiritual death is separation from spiritual existence, just as physical death is separation from physical existence.  Mortal nature is centered in the physical body, so that mortals perceive only what their physical senses relay to them.  This condition of spiritual blindness subjects them to the blind god, Samael, and they wander in blindness in his realm, feeling for the wall of Reality, but unable to find it without a guide.


2.  “In their natural state, mortals are alienated from the Eloheim.  Mortal nature is diametrically opposed to the Divine nature.  This results from the Fall of the Aadamah, and there is no way to change it except by yielding to the enticing of Sophia, who leads mortals to release themselves to the Holy Spirit so that she can transform them, changing their nature so that they become saints through the atonement which I generated for them on the cross.  Only by releasing themselves to the Holy Spirit can mortals transcend the limitations of mortal existence so that they are perfected in me.  Then they will be sanctified through my blood so that they will become as I AM.


3.  “Mortal existence provides a space during which mortals can change their nature.  The power of Sophia working in them can open their eyes, enabling them to perceive the realities of their existence and change their manner of life to conform with Divine Reality.  Thus they prepare for entering Eternal Life.  They put on the Divine nature in place of their mortal nature as they prepare to join the Eloheim.  This is a process that commences when you have been born from above and entered my mystical Body, but you must continue to evaluate yourself to be sure that you have not become comfortable where you are.  If you are not committed to perpetual change, you will stagnate and fall short of your goal of becoming one with the Parents.  Ask yourself these questions, ‘Is it evident that I have been spiritually born to my Divine Parents?  Is their image etched on my face.  Has my mind been transformed so that they are its center?  Have I been converted so that I embody Divine Light in this world of darkness?’ 


4.  “When the Logos is planted in you, it is a seed which produces shoots and blossoms as it is fed on the Holy Spirit.  It is the root of the new birth into Divine Reality.  Those who continue through this birth taste the fruits of Eternal Life.  They see the Eloheim face to face, just as I have seen them.  They are filled with gnosis and wisdom, so that they have the keys to transcend all darkness and become beings of pure Light.  They are deified as I am deified, for they become as I AM.


5.  “Those who are not born from above cannot inherit the heavenly realm.  Mortal nature must be changed, for it is incompatible with divine life.  Mortals must be born from above to even perceive the Greater Reality, and to enter that Reality they must be born through water and the Spirit.  Only immersion in water and the Spirit can transform them from slaves of darkness to ministers of Light.  Those who enter the water because they have faith in the power of my name will begin a transformation that will not end until they are deified, for my name is powerful to save and cleanse from everything that is inappropriate, and those who are saved will continue to change eternally.”




1.  “Master, you have said that we come from the Divine and that we return to the Divine, but what does this mean?” Matthew asked him.  The Master replied, “The basis of all existence is the Eternal Sea.  It is the Great God of All Other Gods, for it is the Source of Gods and mortals, of the spiritual realm and the physical realm.  It is the Law, for everything exists and moves in it according to the principles that operate within it.  It is Reality, for anything that is not a manifestation of it is illusion.  I have come to unfold this Reality to you.  I have come to show you how to live in harmony with the principles of the Law.  You perceive that I AM the Law, because I personify its reality.  I convey its nature to you.  I radiate its Light in this world of darkness and illusion.


2.  “Laws that are given to mortals are statements of the principles of the Eternal Law.  They distinguish what is appropriate and inappropriate.  If there were no Law given, it would mean that there was no right or wrong, but this would mean that there could be no basis for happiness or misery.  If happiness and misery did not exist, there could be no Gods, neither Gods of Light nor Gods of darkness.  Light and darkness are both aspects of the Eternal Sea.  They comprise the Eternal Law.”


3.  “Lord, how can we live in that Reality?” asked Mary.


4.  “Mary, you come from that Reality,” replied the Master.  “You come from it; yet, you have never left it.  It is all that is.  When you know yourself, you will be living in that Reality.


5.  “Mortals create their own gods.  They worship the demiurge, calling him Lord, and truly he is their Lord, but he has only the power they give him, for he is the projection of their own minds.  The true Lords of Spirits are not projections of mortal mind but the Source of mortal mind.  It is from them that you receive life, a life that grows increasingly more abundant as you become like them.


6. “Master, how does the demiurge differ from the Perfect Ones?” asked Philip.  The Perfect Savior replied, “Every mortal who is perfected through gnosis becomes divine.  These are Divine Anthropos.  They are the manifestation of Divine Mind.  They are the manifestation of Thought, Consideration, Reflection, Rationality, and Power.  They encompass all things, but nothing encompasses them.  The demiurge is the manifestation of mortal mind.  He is the manifestation of Instinct, Reaction, Emotion, Error, and Ignorance.  He encompasses illusion, and darkness encompasses him.  The Perfect Ones are Eternal.  They are progressing eternally in every dimension of Light and Truth.  The demiurge is a nonentity, moving toward the realization of its nothingness.”


7.  “Lord, if we are progressing eternally in every dimension of Light and Truth, where did we come from?” Tomas asked him.  The Lord replied, “I came from the Infinite to give you the keys by which you can know everything.  We are all manifestations of the Eternal Sea, which is infinite and formless, but within it exist finitude and forms.  We gained form when we were born to our Divine Parents, They Who Have Life In Themselves and increase that Life through producing spirit children.  They give form to the Light so that the great wealth that is hidden in it can be revealed.  Because they are Love, they produce the fruits of Love, which are their spirit children. 


8.  “These spirits have form, but it is still not of the same nature as the form of their Parents.  Without their Parents’ intervention, they could never become like them.  So the Parents descend.  They fall.  They become anthropos, mortal in their nature, so that they can produce physical bodies for their children to inherit.  This is their second act of Divine Love.  Through these two acts of Love, we have come from formlessness to form, so that we can assist in the sacrificial act of Divine Love, converting darkness into Light and increasing the power of Truth.  Whoever is able to understand the nature of the Infinite will understand what I am saying.  I am speaking to those who are awake, but most mortals are asleep to Reality, drifting in the illusions created by mortal mind.  Everything that has its origin in mortality will perish for, like its source, it is perishable, but everything that has its Source in the Eternal is imperishable for, like its Source, it is imperishable.  Those who do not learn the nature of Truth will suffer the second death.


9.  Mary asked him, “Lord, how can we learn the nature of Truth?”  The Master replied, “You come from a plane that you cannot perceive with your physical senses, but you can perceive the things that pertain to this physical plane of existence.  All these things are an emanation of that hidden plane.  Study the world around you, and you will discover the world that you cannot perceive.  If you meditate on this, you will discern the Reality that is hidden from you, and that Reality is Truth.


10. “The Lords of the Universe are not merely Parents, for they are the Primal Progenitors.  They are the Source of all that you are, physically and spiritually, although they, too, have a Source.  Wherever there is an emanation, there is a Source, and wherever there is a Source, it is an emanation, until you arrive at the Great God of All Other Gods, which is the Eternal Sea.  The Primal Progenitors descended to the physical plane and begot all that is.  This is a great mystery to mortal mind, for it perceives its own projection as the supreme god, but mortal mind is not omnipotent, and its projection is no more powerful than itself.  Can a thing which is created be greater than that which created it?”


11. Matthew asked him, “Lord, how was Anthropos revealed to be Divine?”  The Master replied, “Divine Anthropos is found by going within yourself, but when you go within yourself, what do you find but your Self?  This is true because you are the emanation of the Divine, so that when you go inward far enough to arrive at your Source, it is that Divinity of which you are an emanation.  Then you will see that your Reality is Immortal Androgynous Anthropos.  When you know yourself, your True Self, not just as an idea or a belief, but as a reality within you, then you will know that you are immortal, that you are androgynous, and that you are anthropos, not just anthropos, but Divine Anthropos.  Perceive me, for I reveal your Reality.”




1.  “Even when we have discovered the Divine within us, it is difficult to stay on the Path of Life,” suggested Salome.  “Sometimes we waver, and sometimes we just lose our way.  How can we walk more faithfully in the Way you have shown us?”


2.  “You cannot escape your mortal nature, Salome,” Jesus replied.  “You can only transform it, and this process of transformation is not accomplished in a moment.  You are part of my Body because you have been spiritually born of the Eloheim.  Through water and the Spirit you have come to transformation, washed in my blood and renewed in Sophia’s Light.  You are transformed so that the image of the Eloheim is etched on your souls.  You are being changed  through the power of renewal generated for you on the cross.  Look inward, through the eye of faith, and you will see that change has become a part of your very nature. 


3.  “You have been transformed so that you can sing the Song of Redeeming Love.  That Song vibrates through your soul.  When you waver or lose your way, listen for the Song within you, for it will renew you firmly in the Path of Life.  Return to the waters of immersion, for in the womb you will be reoriented and renewed, so that you can hear the Divine Voice more clearly, see the Vision of Reality more completely, and through these gifts pursue the Way more fully.  Never be discouraged, for discouragement is a tool of the dark ones for causing you to remain in darkness.  Constant renewal and constant rededication will lift you above all the powers of darkness so that you can walk your path in Endless Light.”


 4.  “Master, you have said that Divine Anthropos is our Source and our Destiny,” suggested Matthew.  The Redeemer replied, “Matthew, I have told you that everything is a manifestation of the Eternal Sea, but that which embodies the greatest potential to manifest the Divine Light of that Sea is anthropos.  This is because anthropos are in the image of the Only Begotten of the Father with the potential to be One with him.  As they become one with Christ and Sophia, the divisions of mortality cease to exist in them, so that they become identical with the Androgynous Parents, manifesting the fullness of the Eternal Godhead, just as they do.  The Parents reveal the full potential of androgynous Anthropos.  This fullness is manifested through their Son as Christ-Sophia.  Only humans are capable of putting on the mind of Christ so that they can become christs themselves and grow into the image of their Divine Parents.  All the attributes of the Divine exist in humans in an imperfect state.  As they grow in gnosis, they are able to perfect these attributes until they become as I AM, and whoever becomes as I AM, is one with the Parents who sent me.


5.  “I have descended to ignite a Fire in this world, a Fire that will consume mortal nature and transform humanity into Divinity.  Whoever is near to me is near to the Fire, but whoever is far from me, is far from the realm of my Parents.  Only I can lead you to the Fire, and only I can lead you through the Fire until you are sanctified, so that you can be One with me and my Parents.  Then you will no longer be anthropos, for you will have become Divine Anthropos, whole and androgynous like your Parents who are in the heavenly realm.


6.  “Is it because the Divine is called Anthropos [Man] that the Son of the Divine is called the Son of Man?  Are you that Son of Man?” asked Bartholomew.  “The Son of Man is in each of you,” replied the Redeemer.  “I am that Son of Man when I am alive in you, leading you to your Divine destiny.  The archons are also within you, binding your mortal nature so that it cannot soar, but the Son of Man comes with his angels, who bind those archons so that you are set free.  Then you, too, become Sons of Man, emanations of the Divine who are becoming what your Parents became before you.”


7.  “Tell us about Divine Anthropos,” requested Bartholomew.  “Tell us of the Source of the Son of Man.  Help us understand the nature of his Light.”  “This is not an easy thing to explain,” replied the Redeemer.  “You must listen carefully and open your minds so that you can understand.  The Father of All is Adam, and Eve is our common Mother.  They descended from realms of Light with their companions to commence the race of mankind.  They entered the Garden in Eden, and there they fell in behalf of their posterity.  In you are going to ascend, you must reenter that Garden and partake of the fruit of the Tree of Lives so that you can add Life to Gnosis and thereby become whole.  Then the Son of Man will minister in you, transforming you so that you become Divine Anthropos as your Parents were before you.  Then you will experience transcendent joy.  You will be filled with Light.  You will have become Sources of Light, producing sparks which will grow into flames like yourselves.”


8.  “Are you saying that the Immortal Ones descended from realms of Light and took death upon themselves so that they could produce mankind?” asked Mary of Bethany.  “That is exactly what I am saying,” replied the Redeemer.  “This mortal plane began because the Androgynous Parents descended into the darkness to become male and female.  They were the Lords of this creation, so when they fell, everything fell with them.  Thus division entered the physical plane, and with division came death.  This realm was produced from the division that occurred between Sophia and myself, and it remains a realm of division, but we have come to you to heal that division so that the way is open for you to become whole.  You are the children of the Immortal Ones.  You are the Lords of this creation.  When mankind becomes whole, everything will become whole with you.  Then, as the prophet has said, ‘The wolf and the lamb will sleep together.  The leopard will sleep with the young goat.  The calf and the young lion will grow up together; they will be playmates, and a small child will lead them.  The cow and the bear will eat together.  Their young will sleep collectively, and the lions will eat hay like cattle.  Nursing infants will safely play with poisonous snakes and insects.  They will not hurt or destroy one another anywhere on the physical plane, for they will be filled with the gnosis of the whole.’


9.  “Each of you who has descended to the mortal plane has came like a drop of Light from the Eternal Sea.  This drop of Light was extracted and given form by the Parents, but its form was incomplete.  To be complete, it must pass through the realm of the demiurge, becoming separated from itself, just as Sophia and I became separated from each other, for we are dual manifestations of a single Self.  In this state of separation, the soul must experience the archons of the demiurge, the powers of darkness, and the illusions of separateness.  Only when you have encountered each of these and made them an appropriate part of yourself can you acquire the pearl of gnosis and again ascend to our Parents’ realm.  We do not vanquish darkness; we absorb it and convert it to Light.  In this way we grow until we encompass all things as our Parents do. 


10. “I have descended from realms of Light to show you the way to accomplish all these things.  I unfold the Way of Wholeness.  Those who walk in it are restored to that wholeness which characterized the Aadamah when they entered the Paradise in Eden.  They are not restored to the wholeness they had before descending to this mortal sphere, for that was incomplete, but then their wholeness will be complete like the wholeness of our Parents who are in the heavenly realm.  The archons of the demiurge try to steal this wholeness from you, destroying it before it can grow to maturity, for they are thieves and murderers by nature, but you are greater than they are.  If you reject them, you will learn the Words and Signs of Power that will bind them so that you can pass by them as though you were invisible, until you have passed through every gate and stand before the seat of power of the Divine.  Then you will be received as one of the Divine Ones.  You will ascend their seat of power.  You will be crowned with Light, and you will govern all things.”


11. Then Tomas asked him, “Lord, how many of these archons must we pass by before we can ascend the seat of power?”  “This is a good question, Tomas, but not one that provokes an answer that you can easily understand.  There is no end to the archons.  If you try to defeat them one by one, there will always be another one waiting just beyond the one you have defeated.  The archons cannot be overcome individually.  You must reject the entire realm of the demiurge, who is their source, and you must learn the powers for destroying his realm.  When his realm is destroyed in you, their will be no more archons, for they cannot exist without their mini-creator.  When you encounter an archon, it is appropriate to drive it back into the chaos from which it has come, but know that more will come until the realm of the demiurge has no place in you.”


12.  “How do we reject the realm of the demiurge so that it has no place in us, Master?” asked Yohanna.  “This is what I want to show you, Yohanna,” he replied.  “The realm of the demiurge is chaos and darkness.  It consists entirely of illusions, but those illusions appear absolutely real to mortal mind.  Only when you perceive the illusions as illusions, with no substance to them, will the realm of the demiurge be destroyed in you, for it cannot exist where its true nature is perceived.  You must develop the vision to perceive Reality.  Then you will see right through the illusions of the demiurge.  They will become invisible to you, and you will become invisible to them.  Then the archons will be unable to see you because you will have become real, just as you will be unable to see them because they will have become unreal.  I place in your breasts a white stone.  Look into it and you will perceive the realities that are above this plane of existence.  What you cannot perceive in the white stone does not truly exist.


13. “I have taught you about Divine Anthropos.  I have showed you how to be freed from the power of the archons.  I have empowered you so that you can pass by the archons of the demiurge to ascend the seat of power of the Eloheim.  I have shown you the illusion of separateness so that you can transcend it and become whole like your Divine Parents.  Then you can return to your Parents with the priceless pearl they sent you here to find.


14. “It is gnosis that enables you to transcend the illusions of mortal existence.  It is gnosis that guides you back to your Parent Gods.  Those who worship the demiurge can only ascend to the demiurge.  Since mortal existence is the projection of the demiurge, those who worship him cannot rise above mortal existence.  When they move on, they are still trapped in the existence of mortal mind.  Only by gaining the gnosis of Divine Light and changing so that you become one with Truth can you ascend from the chaos of mortal existence to dwell with Peace, Harmony, and all the holy angels on the seat of power of the Parents. 


15.  “I have come to show you the Son of Man.  When you find him in yourself, he will enable you to acquire gnosis.  Gnosis leads to perfected Unconditional Love, and whoever possesses this Love fully has become divine, just as your Parents in the heavenly realm have become divine.  When you perceive the Sign of the Son of Man descending to you, you will rise to embrace that Sign.  Then you will know the name of the Parents, which none but Christ and Sophia know, for it will be written in your foreheads.  Then you will inherit the riches of divinity.  Then you will perceive only what is Real.  Then you will be healed of all blindness, all deafness, and all arrogance.  I have given you authority over all things because you are children of Light.  There is no power than can overcome you if you are determined to follow the Path of Truth to its end in the realm of my Parents.  Every archon of the demiurge, every power of darkness, will be ashes under your feet.  You will be pure Fire, and you will dwell in Fire forever.


16. Then the Redeemer blessed them and disappeared from their view in a blaze of Fire.  All the disciples were filled with ineffable joy as Sophia penetrated them with rays of Light.  They went out to share that Light, testifying everywhere to the renewing power of gnosis, the transforming power of Love, immersing all who came to them so that they were born from above to commence their journey past all the archons and dark lords to the realms of Divine bliss.  Amen.

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