1. The testimony of Mary, the Companion of Jesus, concerning those things which she both saw and heard after his resurrection from the tomb. It happened that the eleven who had been chosen and ordained under Jesus' own hands to be apostles of his word, with some others of the most trusted disciples, including the holy women, went apart into a mountain in Galilee, where Jesus had been accustomed to retire during his mortal ministry, for there the Lord had declared that he would meet with them and instruct them prior to their departure to preach his word. While they prayed together, Jesus came and stood among them. He greeted them with the salutation, "Peace be with you." When they saw him, they worshiped him, but some doubted whether they really saw the Lord, or whether it was only the imaginations of their hearts. Consequently, Jesus called them to come close to him. "Look, it is I, Jesus Christ, your Lord and your God, the Son of Man who descended from the Parents," he affirmed. "I came to my own people and declared to them the Word of Life, but they did not accept it, so the Son of Man was lifted up on the cross in order to draw all nations to himself. I tell you truly that all mankind, both male and female, rich and poor, imprisoned and free, must be born again to see the heavenly realm, or they cannot be saved. I tell you truly, except this be the case, and a person be born of water and the Spirit, he can never enter into the presence of the Parents."
  2. "All power has been given to me on the heavenly plane and the mortal plane. I have given you this same power so that you will be able to perform the same deeds you have seen me perform. You will even be able to perform greater deeds than those I performed because I am ascending to my Parents. I am your Advocate with the Gods, for I have given my life for your sakes, so that through my blood and the power of the Holy Spirit, you could be sanctified. Only when you are sanctified can you be where I am."
  3. Philip asked him, "Lord, where are you going? Tell us so that we can know the way to be able to come to you!"
  4. "I am telling you plainly, Philip; I am ascending to my Parents and your Parents, to my Gods and your Gods," Jesus replied. "The heavenly realm is within you, Philip; consequently, if you are seeking me and my Parents, look within yourself, for that is where we will be revealed in the Light. The Light within you is Divine, for it is the Comforter which I have promised to you; when I have ascended to my Parents, the Comforter will reveal everything to you."
  5. Nathaniel asked him, "Lord, when will you again descend to the physical plane?"
  6. "At the end of time," Jesus replied, "in the period of darkness and vengeance, I will come again, clothed in the Light of my Parents, accompanied by the saints who have been lifted up, so that I can reign on the physical plane for a thousand years. Then those who lived with propriety, died, and remain in their graves, will be raised up, and those who remain in mortality will be lifted up to meet me as I descend."
  7. James asked him, "When you descend in Light, will the earth and the planets be destroyed as the prophecies foretell?"
  8. "At the time of my coming, all mankind, except the saints who remain on the mortal plane, will be in commotion and fear at the vision of the Light of the Eloheim," Jesus replied. "Their fears will be justified, for my Light will sweep the earth, so that every corrupt element will be consumed, and the earth will have peace for a thousand years. Then the heavenly plane and the physical plane will be one, for the Eloheim will reign among their people, and every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord of All. Before that time will be days of great tribulation, however, for the satans will exercise their power throughout the mortal plane. Nevertheless, Jehovah will also pour out his Spirit on all mankind, and some will accept it; both men and women will see visions, dream dreams, and know that the coming of the Lord is near. At that time, I will do a powerful work for the redemption of Zion, for I will send my messenger before I come personally, through whom I will restore all things. Nevertheless, the power of the satans will resist him and mar him, for his blood will be shed as a testimony against the darkness of generation. They will have no power to destroy him, however, for my slave's life is in my hands. I will raise him up from the grave, just as I have been raised up by my Parents, and he will minister in Light until the consummation of his work. I will also raise up to him an heir and a branch which is centered in propriety. They will be his ministers to complete his work. His heir will be a Priest of the Highest, clothed in the power of his Priesthood, and I will reveal to him everything necessary for the restoration of that Holy Order which was in the beginning of the mortal plane. The heavenly realm will be opened to him, and from the heavenly temple sanctification will envelop him. The Parents' voice will speak to him, and the Light of the Highest will rest on him, for he will receive the Spirit of Understanding and the Power of Sanctification. He will give the mysteries of godliness to his descendants through all generations. His posterity will extend to the end of time, and through his Priesthood the knowledge of the Holy One will be spread throughout the mortal plane. In his Priesthood, the effects of the illusion of separateness will come to an end, and he will lead the saints to eat from the Tree of Life and receive the Spirit of Holiness. Through his Priesthood, the satans will be bound, and he will give his children power over the spirits of darkness. The inhabitants of Zion will certainly have cause to rejoice in his day, for the Body of the Firstborn will be among them, and they will enter heavenly places while still mortal. Those who have the ability to perceive my meaning will understand it."
  9. Peter said to him, "Lord, you have told us many things, but answer this one question for me. What is the origin of wrongness?" Jesus said to him, "Wrongness does not come to the mortal plane from the Gods of the Heavenly Realm, but it is the gods of this world, the gods of darkness, who are the authors of wrongness. Sin is the transgression of the Law, for the Law is God, manifested to us from above through the Parents of Lights. If you can accept it, I will tell you that I am the Law your God, and I have come among you to restore to you the true Law of my Parents. The true Law comes from the heavenly plane, but mortals create their own laws, and through them corrupt the Perfect Law of the Parents. Do not be like them, but preserve the Perfect Law in purity, neither adding to it nor subtracting from it, so that you may live according to the Holy Order of the Eloheim, so that where I am, you may be also. Then will sin be dead to you, and you will be alive in Christ, and I will lead you to my Parents. He who has ears to hear, let him hear what I am saying."
  10. When he had said these things, Jesus raised his hands toward them, and said to them, "Peace be with you. My peace I give to you. Beware that no one leads you astray, saying, `Look, here is the Son of Man,' or `Look, there he is,' for the Son of Man is within you, and he will not dwell again on the earth until he comes in his glory. I shall send to you the Comforter; what he says to you is what you should do, and through your hands will I bestow that Spirit on all who are born again and enter the waters of baptism, so that they may receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit after the remission of their sins. Go, then, teaching all nations, wherever I shall lead you by the Comforter, baptizing them in the name of the Parents and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to act in all things according to what I have commanded you, and on whomever you shall lay your hands, who has been born again and entered the waters of baptism, on all those will I confer the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Create not for yourselves other laws, separate from that perfect Law which I have given you, and take not from that perfect Law even the least commandment, for I am your Lawgiver, and the perfect Law is given to lead you to the Parents. Look, I will be with you always, even until the end of the world, when I shall come again in glory." So saying, Jesus departed out of their midst, and they saw him no more.


  1. Then the Twelve were so distressed that tears came to their eyes. "How can we preach the good news of the divine realm to the nations of the mankind?" they asked. "If they crucified the Lord of Light, what will they do to us?"
  2. When Mary heard what they were saying, she stood up in the middle of them and said, "May the Angel of Peace be with you, brothers. Don't be grieved at the mission the Lord has given you. Don't hesitate to perform it, for you can be sure that his gifts will be with you, and he will protect you until you have finished your missions in this valley of tears. Then you will be received with honor into the presence of the Parents. The Lord has manifested to me that each of you will give his life for the testimony of Jesus, but you will be going into Light, and only when your testimony is complete. Let's praise his Light, and the magnitude of his blessings, for has he not made us male, and prepared us to be his ministers through the reception of his holy Priesthood? In the power of that Priesthood, we can do anything!"
  3. Mary's words penetrated their hearts so that they released their doubts and fears. Then they were strengthened in the Lord, and began to speak to one another of his teachings. Peter said to Mary, "Sister, we know that the Lord loved you above all others. Teach us some sacred truth to strengthen us, something Jesus shared with you, but did not give to us." "I will tell you a precious mystery which my Lord gave me," Mary replied. "One day, I was meditating on the word of Jehovah, when the eyes of my understanding were opened, and I saw Jesus revealed as he appears in Light. I trembled at the sight, but I basked in the warmth of the vision and tasted his Excellent Eternal Love, until the vision was taken from me, and I found myself again sitting on the side of the hill.
  4. "When Jesus came to visit me that night, I told him about the vision. `It's a good thing you didn't waver at the sight of me, Mary" he replied. "If your faith had wavered, you would have been consumed by the brightness of the vision, but because you have seen and endured, I will be able to reveal even greater things to you.' Then the Lord began to speak to me of his mysteries, and as he spoke, the vision of my mind was opened to see the things he was talking about.
  5. "This is what the Lord said to me: `When a person is born onto this mortal plane, he is born blind, for the mists of darkness, ignorance, and false traditions cover his eyes, so that he cannot perceive Light. Only if a person is born again, can he see the heavenly plane, and when he can see, he will perceive that he is covered by darkness, so that he cannot enter that plane of existence. To such people I will send the Angel of my Presence, to inspire them to be immersed in water for the reversal of the effects of the illusions of separateness and to be immersed in Fire and the Holy Spirit for the sanctification of their souls. To such I will give an opportunity to read in the Book of the Law of the Eloheim Which Leads to Eternal Life. These are the revelations and ordinances which prepare a soul to enter the Mansions of Light. Yes, that soul who lives by the revelations and ordinances of the Aaronic Priesthood will pass through the gate of the celestial world. These are the angels of the Eloheim, who are redeemed from the power of darkness forever, and in their saved condition minister before the Lord of Spirits, from world to world, endlessly. These have received a resurrection to Light, but they remain without increase forever. These are permitted to partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Resurrection, which is the Tree of Immortality. Those who partake of this fruit will live forever; they will never die. It pertains to the Court of the Priests after the Order of Aaron, and all those who rise to immortality can partake of it. Its roots extend down to all other worlds of Light, from which spring similar trees, but of a lower order, of which all the redeemed can partake.
  6. "`That soul who lives by the revelations and ordinances of the Melchizedek Priesthood will pass through the gate of the Mansion of the Gods. These are the Gods, they who have built up for themselves family realms. These will eventually have their children sent to worlds which others have created, for they have tried to build up for themselves, but have not perfected becoming part of the One God; consequently, they don't have the power to lay down their lives and take them up again. These are permitted to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Life, which pertains to salvation in the Mansion of the Gods, or the Holy Place. Those who partake of it are privileged to sit among the Gods and will have increasing posterity forever.
  7. "`That soul who lives by the revelations and ordinances of the Patriarchal Priesthood, will pass through the gate of the Mansion of the Parents. These are the One God, who are permitted to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Lives, which pertains to exaltation in the Mansion of the Parents, or the Holy of Holies. Only those who dwell with the Parents, and are one with them in all things, partake of that fruit. These are the ones who have come up to the General Assembly and Body of the Firstborn, and to the Eloheim, the Holiest of All, who have been washed clean in the blood of the Lamb, and have pressed forward in the Path of Truth without wavering. These are the ones who have taken the Holy Spirit as their guide, and have lived by every word which has come from the mouth of the Eloheim in their behalf. These are not only angels or Gods, but the One God, one with the Parents and the Son in all things, heir to all the Parents possess. Those who partake of the fruit of this tree will never die, but will have the continuation of posterity forever, from world to world, endlessly. These will sit on the seat of power of the Eloheim, using instruments of power, and they will be the Fathers and Mothers of worlds through all generations.
  8. "`Here is a great mystery, Mary, for in the beginning, my Father descended to the physical plane and lived on it as the first man, Adam. His wife, Eve, was the Mother of our Spirits. In the same way, you are called to be a Mother of All Living, to bear the souls of mankind, for the Eloheim, themselves, male and female, must fall on every world, so that the posterity of the Gods can be perpetuated through all generations, endlessly.'"
  9. "I, Mary, inquired of the Lord, `What is the tree of which Adam and Eve partook, which brought about the Fall of mortals?'
  10. "The Lord replied, `I tell you the truth when I say that this is a great mystery to mortals, but it is evident to those who have eyes with which to see Reality. Jehovah of the Eloheim planted two trees in the middle of the Garden, the Tree of Lives, the fruit of which has the appearance of a grape, and the Tree of Death, or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the fruit of which has the appearance of a raisin. You can perceive from this that death is life which has withered; whoever seeks knowledge other than from Jehovah, will wither and die in the spirit, for the word of the Eloheim is Life, but he who seeks to receive that word by stealth, or deception, or other than through the Priesthood of the Almighty, will inherit death. This is on the one hand, but on the other hand, whoever partakes of the juice of the grape, the Water of Life, which is my blood, will drink Life to his soul. Thus, Life and death come from me, life to him who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, and death to him who calls on my name, but seeks to enter in by some other way.'"
  11. "Then I rejoiced in the Lord, who had unfolded these mysteries before me. I tasted his Love, and was lifted up to commune in heavenly places."


  1. When Mary had said these things, she fell silent, but Andrew retorted "Some of you may believe these things, but I cannot accept them, for the Lord never spoke of such things to us."
  2. Peter, also, asked them, "Would the Savior really reveal these precious things to a woman, and not to the Twelve, whom he called and ordained under his own hands? Are we to have a woman to instruct us? No, I will only believe what I heard from Jesus' lips with my own ears."
  3. "My brother Peter!" Mary exclaimed. "Do you think that I imagined these things in my own heart, or that I am lying about my Lord? What I have told you is what he said to me." Then Mary wept.
  4. John said to Peter, "Peter, you have always been quick to judge, and your judgment isn't always appropriate. Evaluate by correct principle, for didn't Jesus tell us that we will be evaluated with that same type of evaluation with which we evaluate? It is the satans who lead you to contend against the woman Mary, for if Jesus has raised her above you, who are you, really, to reject her? Surely the Lord knows her and the strength that is in her. That is why the Lord loved her more than all of you. Humble yourself, therefore, and rise up to be the perfect man you are capable of being, so that you can go out with power on that mission which the Lord has given you. Seek Truth wherever it can be found, but do not accept meaningless fables. If you will test every doctrine by the word of the Eloheim and the Light of Truth, listening to the guidance of those who preside over you appropritely, you will not be deceived." Then all the disciples resolved to live by every word of the Eloheim, instead of following mortal precepts, and they left that place rejoicing.
  5. This is a true account of what I have heard and seen. I am writing it with my own hand, through the gifts of the Eloheim and my Lord Jesus Christ, to whom all praise should be given, now and forever. I, Mary, who was called the Lord's Companion, am writing this record. I will seal it up to Jehovah, to be preserved in holiness. This is the Truth. Amen.

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