1. Truth's good news generates joy in those who have received from the Parents the gift of knowing them. The Parents manifest Truth in this world of darkness through the power of the Logos, who descended from the heavenly plane to reveal the thoughts of Divine Mind to the children of the Parents. He is the Redeemer and Savior, for he redeems mortals from the powers of darkness and saves them from the effects of the illusion of separateness. He rescues them from their ignorance of Divine Reality by proclaiming the good news of hope, that hope which generates faith. Faith motivates those who possess it to the quest for gnosis, and gnosis restores those who find it to the Parents' presence.

2. Mortal existence is perpetually seeking its Source, for there is no Life apart from the Origin of Life. Ignorance of the Source of Life generates anguish and fear, which are like a fog clouding mortal vision so that mankind cannot perceive the realities of their existence. This is the reason Error is powerful. It has generated its own world, a world of illusions and falsehoods, in which mortal mind is trapped, unable to see the Divine Reality which is beyond those illusions. Error's illusions are often beautiful and desirable to mortal mind, but in the end they melt like the mists they are, and those who embrace them as their reality are left with only darkness in their place. The evils of mortal existence do not reflect the nature of the Parents. They take nothing from Divine perfection, for it has no part in them. The Parents are the Source of all Good, all Light, all Life. That which is not of these flows from Error's illusions.

3. Mortals are neither good nor evil, Light nor darkness, yet they are all these, for they are fallen. Their Source is Light, but they have fallen into darkness' power. The Light of Truth glows within them, but they are permeated with the mists of darkness, which obscure the Light. Light entices them to itself, while darkness enwraps them. They are pulled back and forth by the responses of their mingled natures to Light and darkness. Neither one nor the other, they flow unceasingly, their minds as stable as the water in a jar which is tipped back and forth.


1. Error did not come from the Parents. It is a part of darkness, as eternal in its nature as Light is in its. Error and Ignorance are twins, joined at the hip. They exist together or they do not exist. Although Error does not originate in the Parents, the power that will overthrow Error does flow from them. This power is Gnosis, the knowledge of the Parents, for when Gnosis if manifested, Ignorance is destroyed, and Ignorance and Error cannot be separated. From the very moment that the Parents are known, Error and Ignorance cease to exist in the knowing mind. This is the power of Gnosis, a power that is omnipotent. No power of darkness can stand against it. This is the reason darkness cannot prevail, for it has not the strength to stand before the Light of Truth.

2. This is the good news unfolded by the One who is the object of every seeker's search. He is fully revealed only to those who are perfected through the gifts of his Parents, for he is the hidden mystery, Jesus the Christ. Through his good news he enlightens those who are lost in darkness. He enlightens them so that they can perceive the Way he has provided to escape the oblivion of darkness. The Way he reveals is the Way of Eternal Truth.

3. Error hates him because he redeems those who are enmeshed in its chains. Error persecuted him but could not overcome him. It tried to destroy him, but its own state of nothingness was manifested in the attempt. He was nailed to a tree; he became a fruit of divine gnosis, but this fruit does not bring destruction on those who partake of it. It gives them a cause to be glad, for their eyes are opened to perceive Reality. They discover the Christ within themselves, as the Christ discovers them within himself. In this they reflect the substance of the Great God of All Other Gods, which discovers within itself all that exists, and all that exits knows itself only when it discovers itself in that God. Just as the Parents personalize that God on the heavenly plane, the Christ personalizes that God on the mortal plane.


1. It is said that the Divine Ones are jealous, but this is true only if we understand jealousy in a new way. The Divine Ones cannot be jealous as mortals are jealous, for such jealousy is generated by the illusion of separateness, which is entirely foreign to the nature of the Parents. The Parents are a manifestation of the Eternal Sea, in which all things exist and from which all things emanate. How can a thing be jealous of another part of itself, unless it is subject to the illusion of separateness? Light cannot even be jealous of darkness, because each is a part of All That Is. Darkness can be jealous of Light, however, for the nature of darkness is to be warped by illusion and error. If we say that the Parents of Lights are jealous, we mean that they value that which is of Light and they do not desire that it be enmeshed in darkness. Such "jealousy" is actually a manifestation of Divine Love.

2. Because of the Parents' desire that no Light be lost in the error of darkness, they sent their Son to act as a guide to those mortals seeking a way out of the mists of ignorance and error. When he found people assembled to study, he went among them and spoke with the authority of a true teacher. Those who were wise in their own estimation tested him, but he confounded them by the perception inherent in his answers, so that their "wisdom" was manifested as the illusion it was. They hated him because they were not really wise.

3. After Jesus was rejected by those who were presumed to be scholars, those who were metaphysical children came to him, for the gnosis of the Parents is rightfully theirs. As they grew stronger through Sophia's ministry, they learned to recognize the Parents' voice. They were learning to know the Parents as the Parents knew them. They were growing in Light, and as they grew, they increased the Light of the Parents. In their hearts, they discovered the living Book of Life, the book written in the mind of the Parents since before the laying of the foundation of the physical plane. This is the book which no one can open except the Lamb who was killed, but he will open it for those who are his true disciples. No one finds salvation except those whose names are written in that book, for it contains the name of all those who are or who become elect. This is why Jesus patiently accepted suffering the buffetings of darkness until he was able to take that book and open it in behalf of those who come to him. In this way, his death became life to many souls.

4. Just as the fortune of the deceased is hidden in a will that has not been opened, everything that exists on the physical plane was hidden in the Eternal Sea until the time when it was manifested. In the same way, the elect are hidden until their names are revealed in the Book of Life. This is the reason Jesus ascended the cross. When he was nailed to the tree, he generated the power to open that book. The declaration of the Parents was sent out from that cross. What an awesome teaching! Although he is clothed in Eternal Life, he plunges into death. Having stripped himself of his perishable body, he put on imperishability, which no one can take away from him. Having entered the realm of death, he passed through the midst of those who were lost in ignorance to minister among those who had accepted gnosis. Wherever he ministers, he imparts gnosis, the keys to perfection, which are hidden in the heart of the Parents. He opens the mortal heart so that those who are willing to be taught can put on the mind of Christ and be deified, in order that as he is, they will be.

5. The Redeemer's teachings are for the living, those whose names are written in the Book of Life. They are the ones who will accept his teachings about who and what they really are. When they learn to know themselves, they will find they possess the key to knowing their Parents. They will perceive that when they are perfected, they will be as their Parents are. Then they will ascend beyond the illusions of mortal existence to dwell among the Eloheim. Having gained this gnosis, they are able to reach out to those who are tied to them, their progenitors and their descendants, and draw them to themselves. They become Gods to those they lead to the gnosis of salvation. They provide for them the means of transcending the illusions of mortal existence so that they can join them among the Eloheim. Thus they form an Endless chain of Divine Life. Those who are lost in ignorance do not possess the means to perfect themselves, but when gnosis is brought to them, they discover that ignorance, too, is an illusion which melts before the Light of Truth. Then they can perfect themselves, so that they can be sanctified by the Holy One until they are divine. Thus they ascend to the Parents, until every soul that has entered mortal existence has found a place in the realms of Light except those who have chosen darkness for themselves. When all have ascended to that place they have chosen, the mortal plane will cease to exist, for there will be new planets and a new earth, which will exist forever in the Light of Truth.

6. The Parents know the end from the beginning. They perceive who will transcend the limitations of mortal mind and to what degree they will transcend. They have prepared a place for each one, which will be, for that one, perfect bliss. Each one receives a name from the Parents. That name is a guide, which will lead the one who possesses it to the place of bliss. It will be a key to open every lock and a talisman insuring passage past the archons, the angels, and the gods, who guard the way, until he has found his own place. The name is written on a white stone enshrined in the heart, where none can find it but those with the gift of vision. Each one who seeks will receive the name that will enable him to find. It will come with the knowledge of where mortals have come from and where they are going. It will be a guidepost on a clearly delineated Path, clearly delineated to those whose eyes are opened by the Light of Truth. Those lost in the mists of ignorance cannot even perceive the Path, much less the guideposts that enable passage along it. The Savior is the Wayshower. He marks the Path and enables those who listen to him to follow it to the end. The end is the beginning. Our Path begins in the Parents, and it ends in the Parents.


1. Mortals do not destroy Error; they transcend it. The Redeemer descended to unfold the Way of Power. He taught those who followed him the means of overcoming. Through his gnosis, they overcame death, they overcame gods of darkness, they overcame the illusion of separateness. They perceived the insubstantiality of Error. The Redeemer preceded his disciples to their destination. Our destination and our origin are the same. We came from Light, and we return to Light. We have descended into darkness, but even here we are surrounded by Light, although we do not perceive it until our eyes have been opened. We live, move, and exist immersed in the Great God of All Other Gods, the Source of All that Is, and when our eyes are opened to perceive the Way of Truth, we transcend the illusions of darkness to live in that Pure Light, which always was our Reality. When we were in darkness, we could not perceive that Reality, but it was never far from us.

2. The Redeemer unfolds the Greater Reality to us. He leads us deeper and deeper into it, as we walk its Path on two legs. One is the leg of experience. We must experience the Greater Reality if we are to know it. The other leg is language. We must have a language that conveys the Greater Reality if our mortal minds are to retain what we experience. This is the reason the Redeemer teaches us the Pure Language of the Aadamah. We learn from him the pure vibrations that truly convey what we have experienced. This anchors our mortal minds in that Reality so that we do not return to the darkness like a dog returning to consume its vomit or a pig returning to wallowing in the mud.

3. The Parents descend to the mortal plane in the persons of the Logos, who is their Son, and Sophia, who is their daughter. In them, Father and Mother are perfectly revealed. They are the physical manifestation of the Invisible Godhead. They renew and purify everyone who comes to them, so that they are lifted above the darkness of mortal existence to live in radiant Light. Darkness can tug at those who are enlightened, but it cannot overcome them. The Logos took upon himself the form of humanity. He became mortal, so that he could live as a mortal and die as a mortal. He did not come alone, for his consort accompanied him. She was his Companion, whom he often kissed on the mouth so that their essences mingled. In this way, that which was incomplete became complete. That which was fractured became whole. That which was separated became united. That which was mortal became divine, for as the apostle says, "Neither the male without the female, nor the female without the male, is divine." The Lord said to his disciples, "I have come so that you can live life to its fullest." This is impossible in the mortal condition, where the illusion of separateness permeates mortal nature. Only when you ascend beyond the limitations of mortal nature will you find abundant life, and you can only ascend by uniting the opposites, transcending separateness. Then the male is no longer male, and the female is no longer female, for they flow together into a single wholeness. Then there is neither male nor female, slave nor free, old nor young, black nor white, but everything is One, complete in the Divine.

4. The incompleteness of mortals' nature results from their not knowing the Parents. They may perceive "Father" or "Mother" but these are incomplete, as mortal nature is incomplete. They are the manifestation of Error posing as the Divine. Only when they encounter the Living Parents will their own incompleteness disappear. As ignorance disappears when we gain knowledge, and darkness disappears when we encounter light, incompleteness is eliminated when we discover wholeness. Our separate existences are swallowed up in unity. Unity fills in the spaces so that we become one pattern of existence. Only when we are fused into the One God will we know ourselves. Then we will know as we are known. This knowledge, gnosis, will consume everything within us that is not Light, so that we will be pure, just as our Redeemer is pure.


1. As Christ's gnosis transforms us, it is appropriate that we should reach out to those other souls who are lost in the darkness of mortal existence, wandering aimlessly because they do not have a guide. We reach out to them with the good news that Truth is knowable, that it is only hidden by illusions that can be penetrated by the Light of Truth responding to the power of faith. When our minds probe the illusions, searching for Reality, Truth slices through Error's curtain with a double-edged sword, opening to us the vision of the Divine.

2. The Master told this parable. "The divine realm is like a person who is moving from one house to another. She examines all her dishes for chips and cracks. Some are beyond repair, so she breaks them and leaves the pieces behind. Some will be serviceable if they are repaired. These she sets aside to work on at her leisure. Others are unmarred. The broken dishes she will replace with perfect new ones, and the slightly damaged ones she will repair, so that she has a perfect set. Then she will rejoice, inviting all her neighbors to feast from her perfect dishes. It is the same with mortals. Some are so damaged that they must be broken up and returned to the mill. Others are damaged but can be repaired. Some perfect themselves through the power of gnosis so that they are flawless containers of the food of Life. The Divine Parents rejoice over those that are perfected and invite all their Friends to partake of their fruits."

3. Those who are perfected in Christ become christs themselves. Their mouths are filled with the Spirit of Truth. Those who are seeking Truth drink from their mouths so that they can imbibe that Spirit. Their tongues convey Sophia, Christ's consort, to all who receive them into themselves. When the Logos appeared on the mortal plane, it was not just a vibration of sound, but a physical vibration producing a physical body. The tongue of the Father entered Mary, leaving the vibration of the Logos within her. He filled her with Life so that the vibration took a form, becoming the Son of the Only Begotten of the Father. His substance was the Divine Logos, but his appearance was that of a mortal man. He lived his life in a mortal body, but the Divine vibration never ceased to resonate within him. Only at the end did the Divine separate from the mortal, standing above his cross so that his mortal nature could suffer and die for those he loved.

4. Thus we see that the power of death is the power of separation, but the power of uniting is the power of resurrection. Just as the mortal and Divine were separated on the cross, they were reunited in the resurrection. Each of us must also ascend the cross. We must perceive the separation of mortal and divine in us so that we can be united through resurrection in the image of Christ. Then we are deified, for we have risen above all things, we comprehend all things, and we have put on all things. No longer are we separate, for we have found our place in the Divine Wholeness. All division in us has ceased, for all things in us are swallowed up in the christ we have become.

5. When Error encounters this resurrected christ, it is troubled. It doesn't know what to do in the face of this manifestation of Reality. It weeps and moans in fear, for it has no power over that which has divine substance. Error is shown for the empty vessel which is its reality. When it encounters the solid substance of the resurrected christ, it crumbles like a fragile dish that hits a solid wall. By its very nature, Error can only endure for a little while, but the nature of Christ is to endure forever. It is the same with their emanations on the mortal plane. The emanations of Error soon disappear, but the emanations of Christ, those who are perfected and sanctified in him, continue forever. They have entered that place where nothing corrodes, nothing destroys, nothing removes.


1. Everything that exists is an emanation of the Eternal Sea through the Parents. Even the Parents themselves are an emanation of the Eternal Sea through the Parents. In the same manner, the Only Begotten Son is the Son of the Only Begotten of the Father. So, also, the Father is the Mother, and the Mother is the Father; the Father and Mother are One. The Master, himself, said, "I am in the Parents, and the Parents are in me; the Parents and I are one." This is a mystery which mortal mind cannot absorb, but when we have put on the mind of Christ, it is perfectly comprehensible to us. Then we perceive the Reality of all things, and the illusion of separateness ceases to exist in us. This is the reason the Redeemer said, "When you know Truth, you will be freed from the illusion of separateness, for the power of that illusion is ignorance of Reality. Never fear Truth, for the knowledge of Truth has only the power to free, never to enslave."

2. Everything that exists existed first in the mind of the Parents. When they speak the word, that which was in their mind takes on its own existence, but it is not a separate existence, although it may appear to be. That which they give a name becomes a reality within them, so everything is a manifestation of the Logos. When they gave a name to their Redemptive Power, it was the Logos that could save all the manifestations of Logos. Thus we are all manifestations of the Divine, and we all live within the Divine, for "we live, we move, we exist in the Divine." Apart from the Divine, there is no existence, for there is no "apart from the Divine."

3. Those who are trapped in mortal mind are asleep. Error has thrown a blanket over their minds so that they do not perceive the Reality in which they live. They experience only the dreams and illusions created in their own minds. When morning comes, dreamers perceive that their fears were unreal. They were running from illusions created by their own minds. The sleepers of mortal existence are in the same condition. When they awaken to the Reality of their Parents, they will perceive that the terrors of mortal existence were as unreal as their dreams. The Reality is that which the Parents represent. It is that in which "we live, we move, we exist." The nightmares of mortal existence appear real, and they are experienced as real, but when we awaken from those nightmares, we renounce them for the insubstantial illusions that they are. Gnosis appears, enlightening our minds with the dawn of understanding. Every mortal has passed through the time of sleep when we were trapped in ignorance of our Source, but those who awaken to perceive who they really are and where they really exist find themselves immersed in the joy of Divine Life. The Redeemer and his Consort descended to open the eyes of those who were born blind. Every mortal was born blind, but only those who refuse to see remain blind when the Light of the Redeemer begins to penetrate their darkness.


1. The spirits of those who are trapped in mortal mind lie paralyzed on the Ground of Being. As the Light of the Redeemer begins to penetrate their darkness, they stir in response. As soon as they begin to respond, Sophia rushes to them and lifts them up. She takes them by the hand in a grip of power and lifts them up in the commencement of their resurrection. She kisses them on the mouth, breathing her own breath, the Breath of Life, into them so that for the first time they become truly alive. She kisses their eyes and they open. For the first time they see the glimmer of the Parents' gnosis and the presence of their Son, who has generated the power of this redemption. They inhale, smelling the Son's goodness. They listen to him; they taste him; they grasp him to themselves. They are filled by the Son; they are immersed in his Consort.

2. The Son appeared on the mortal plane to manifest the Parents. He was in the exact image of the Parents. He manifested their substance on the physical plane. He released the bondage of mortal mind so that it could soar to the presence of the Parents. Many opened to his Light and turned to him for salvation, but those who were physically minded were alien to him. They could not perceive his substance. They could not perceive the Light he embodied. They could not recognize who he really was, for he appeared like any other mortal. He ate; he laughed; he loved, but he was not limited by the mortal condition. He turned water into wine. He banished sickness, and he laughed at death. He danced upon the illusions of mortality. No chains forged by darkness could hold him down, for he lived in the Reality of Divine Light, and he taught his disciples to live there also. He taught his disciples those principles that are hidden in the heart of the Parents. He introduced them into Divine Mind. Light spoke through his mouth; Life was produced by his voice. He taught them to think new thoughts. He showed them how to gain understanding. He brought them into Wisdom, his Consort, and he penetrated them with his knowledge. They became one in gnosis and one through gnosis. He released them from the horrific dreams of mortal existence, showing them how to soar on wings of Light. He became a Path for those who wandered in darkness, a Light for those who could not see their way, a Library for those who perceived their ignorance, a Discovery for those who were seeking Truth, a Support for those who were weak, and a Purification for those who were lost in the false beliefs of guilt.

3. He is the Shepherd who left behind the ninety-nine sheep that had not strayed to look for the one that was lost. He rejoiced when he had found it, for 99 is an incomplete number. It is a number of the beast, for those who lack wholeness still have the beast as an active force within them, but those who are whole have become like their Parents. The Redeemer even labored on the sabbath to save the sheep that had fallen into a pit. He brought it out of the pit to help you, who are growing in gnosis, understand that the sabbath is not a time for salvation to be put on hold so that you can contemplate future perfection. It is a time to work out your perfection and recognize the perfection that already dwells in you. It is not a time of looking at the future, but a time of knowing that the future is now.


1. Speak concerning Truth to those who seek it. Guide those who are lost in the illusion of separateness to gnosis when they are ready to rebel against Error's chains. Help those who stumble regain their footing on the Path of Life. Lay hands on those who are sick so that they can draw Light from you to be healed. Nourish those who are hungry on the Bread of Life. Help those who are troubled find peace. Teach seekers the meaning of True Love. Prod those who are asleep in the mortal condition so that they will awaken to the Reality from which they have come.

2. You are the embodiment of Divine Truth. So is everyone and everything, but while they are asleep, they cannot perceive who or what they are. You disciples of gnosis are the keys that can unlock the hearts of those who are asleep so that they can awaken to their own reality. The more souls you help awaken to Reality, the stronger you become. Proclaim Truth with the voice of a shofar resounding from the place of Light within you, so that mortals can hear the sound and awaken from the sleep of death which they call life.

3. Examine yourself constantly. Do not be concerned with examining others, but know yourself and in that knowledge you will know all others, whether they be mortals or gods, archons or angels, demons or saints. The mirror that reflects Reality in all its forms is within you. Do not look back to that which you have left behind. If you are on the Path of Divine Progression, you will continually be leaving things behind. These things may have once been valuable to you, but if you leave them it is because they have lost their value in your life. Those things which retain their value are never lost. To turn back to those things you have left behind is to be like a dog that eats its own vomit. There is only the illusion of nourishment in these things. Do not be moth eaten, for those things whose substance is mortal will be consumed by moths and rust, but those things whose substance is Divine can only be consumed by the Divine as they grow from gift to gift and from exaltation to exaltation.

4. Do not allow darkness to enter you. You rejected darkness when you were reborn through immersion into the Realm of Light. Darkness can have no place in you unless you give it a place. Do not acknowledge obstacles in your path, for you will encounter no obstacles in the Path of Gnosis that you have not placed there yourself. The Path of Gnosis is as easy as you make it and as hard as you make it.

5. Do not violate the Law, for the Law is Reality, and those who violate the Law violate themselves and all that is. Learn to flow with Reality, and the Law will be dead to you, for you will become the Law. Then you need only be true to yourself, and you will always be true to the Law. Follow the example of your Divine Parents, for they are the personification of the Law. They have sent you their Son and his Consort to show you the Way of Life. When you follow their example, you follow the example of the Parents, and when you follow the example of the Parents, you will always live in harmony with the Holy Law.

6. The Parents taste sweet to those who consume them. That which you consume becomes a part of you. The Parents have a sweet aroma to those who inhale them. That which you inhale becomes a part of you. If you have consumed the Parents and inhaled their aroma, they will permeate you so that when you pass the archons on your way back to the realm of the Parents, they will turn from you, seeing the Light and smelling the aroma of the Parents radiating from you. You partake of the Parents when you partake of their Son. You inhale the Parents when you inhale their daughter. The Son and Daughter transform you until you are indistinguishable from the Parents.

7. Mortal mind perceives the physical form and mistakes this for the reality. Your physical form is real, but it is not really you. You are the Light within that physical form. It is the Light that enlivens the soul. You will take your whole soul home to the Parents, but it is only the Light that returns to them, for the rest of your soul has grown while you have been separated from them. You must bring together all these accretions which the Light has acquired and bond them one soul, for it is the Light that has descended from the Parents but it is the soul that must ascend to them. The Light can descend, but only the soul can ascend.


1. Those who are enmeshed in the mortal condition are sick, and they soon die. They continue to walk, talk, and think with the physical mind, but they are dead to true Life. They cannot ascend, for that which is alive in them is smothered by the darkness of mortal existence. They think the physical is reality because they can perceive nothing else. Because they are not aware of the realms of Light, they cannot move toward them. Sophia is calling them, but they do not hear her because their ears are plugged. Only when the pressure of mortal existence becomes sufficiently heavy to force their ears open do they hear Sophia's voice. Then they are reborn, for they have begun to hear. They begin to see the Reality in which they are not living. Their desire to enter that Reality grows in them until it leads them to the water from which they are born from above and to the Spirit which they inhale, breathing the breath of Life. This is the beginning of their walk in the Path of Gnosis, a path that ends in the Realm of the Parents.

2. The Logos descended to the mortal plane to minister as the Christ. He found his Consort, and they became whole when he had ascended from the water. They call out to us, guiding us along the Path of Gnosis until we arrive at the Anointing. The birth is water but the anointing is Light. We are born of water and we are born of Light. When we reach our maturity, we are anointed into the realm of Light. Then we are Gods, for we are children of Gods. Then our divine nature will be complete, and it will lift our souls up to the presence of the Parents. Then we are no longer human, for we have become whole. We have become divine. We have ascended from the water, and we have become Light. When we have perfected the potentials born in us as children of Divine Parents, this anointing will come to us, lifting us from darkness to Light.

3. The Father is the Only Begotten of the Father. The name of the Father is the Son. The name of the Son is the Father. The name of the Mother is the Daughter, and the name of the Daughter is the Mother. So the Son is the Heavenly Father and the Daughter is the Earthly Mother. Even among mortals, don't sons become fathers and daughters become mothers. This is an image of Divine Reality. If we are children of Divine Parents, we must become Divine Parents ourselves, so that all things move forward in a Divine Spiral.

4. It is this that the Redeemer descended to unfold to us. All the hidden knowledge depends on the fact of Divine Progression. The Redeemer showed us that the Parents are within us, and we are within the Parents. He called them his Parents and our Parents, as he called them his Gods and our Gods. If they are our Parents, then we will become as they are. If we are their children, we will grow to become like them. This is the great mystery. We are anthropos, children of Divine Anthropos. The potential of divinity is born in the elect, and it can be acquired by everyone else, for we are all children of the same Divine Parents. Sophia is calling. Listen to her call. Follow her voice, and she will lead you unerringly through the Christ to the Source from which you came. Amen.

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